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Athletes.....and *others

*Guys that don't fit into Athletes, Models or Actors.

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Kelly, click my pic, DUDE!
Kelly is a hard guy, to categorize, he's a 6 time world champion surfer, a model for Quiksilver, an actor, and now, he's the star of this web site.


Wrestlers, High School and Collegiate, not the flabby old guys from TV.
Come see pics of my pecs.

Swimmers, they don't all have to be the skinny wimps from the olympics, do they?
Gee this water's cold, look what it did to my nipples, remember the shrinkage factor when you judge me.

Various players, various teams. Sports Teams have the best members.
Come! and see who you know here, this guy is Ben Cousins.

Idvividual Sports Stars. Come and see OUR members!

Individual athletes, some are pretty good looking. The rest are gorgeous.

BURN! The Magazine
The best men's magazine today, more than a fitness magazine, BURN! has it all. Heart stopping models. Fantastic photography. BURN! knows what we want and BURN! knows how to give it.

Others, Military Men, Cowboys, Firemen and Such



 Just a few of the guy's I've come across.....over and over and over again.


If you absolutly have to, you may email Surferider by clicking this. Don't be surprised if the reply I send is a little wet, I read my email while surfing (gotta have something to do while I wait for the next set). Later dude!