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Way to go Team! From 51st Position to 31st Position in just three days!

Greetings All!

This is Tyrfang's Team Canada Page.

Are you a crunchaholic? Do you enjoy Distributed Computing projects the way other people enjoy golf?

Do you head to Statsman every morning to see where you've placed during the night?

Distributed Computing is a low-cost way for Universities and Research labs to have the resources of a large computer made available to them. But instead of a large computer, they take their research, break it up into smaller peices and run it on many smaller yours! On my machines I run the Distributed Folding client. I have been involved with many projects over the last three years and this is the one I've settled on. My public Username on this project is Tyrfang.

Distributed Folding has many things going for it.

  • Ease of installation

  • Ease of Operation

  • Options for running as a Screen Saver or as a Text client

  • Really good Message board hosted by the Free DC people

Being Canadian I was very happy to find a project run out of the University of Toronto. Canadian content in the DC community! Yeah!

When I found out there was a Canada team for DF I joined right away. It has been fun, but I noticed like most teams there is only partial activity. Some people have joined over the last while, and then either stopped producing or moved on to other projects I guess. There are also many teams with either Canadian members, or other teams from Canadian Universities and companies. I decided to put up this page as a plea for people to unite under one Canadian team...not to compete with the "Big Dogs" like Ars Technica, Free DC and Dutch Power Cows, just to have a more definitive Canadian presence within this project.

Come on people! Show your Maple Leaf! Hell...Show your Beaver!

I'm in the process of figuring out what the total number of units for producing Canadians on this project is. I'm trying to come up with a list of Canadian based teams and users. Quite a task! I'm also fairly certain that if a load of us united under one team we would be in the top ten for you competitive folks out there.

Can we do this? Can we pump up the volume of units under one team? I hope so. I'm willing to try anyway.

e-mail me

I'd like to offer a big Welcome to FrancoisR who has come over to Team Canada from Alliance Francophone and brought his 23 million plus strutures with him! That moved us up in position from 51 to 44 in the teams. Welcome and way to go FrancoisR!

Welcome to Brian The Roman who has come over from Ars Technica Team Stir Fry with his 21 Million structures. This has pushed us up to 41st place on the list!

Welcome to our two newest members, Dale who has come over from Team MacNN with his 3.3 million structures, and Dano who has come to us from Team linux with over 35 million strutures!

Team Canada True North Strong and Free

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Page last edited on Wednesday November 13, 2002