Strange....as in rare, unusual, noteworthy and thought provoking:


I think the kind of experimentation that resulted in these "Strange Watercraft" is really a wonderful thing. Each new invention pushes the frontiers of the known universe a little further out. Ideas that originally seem strange often become wonderful improvements; like fiberglass hulls and/or the Corsair F-27 Trimaran for example.



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ARTIC ANT Don't let the Arctic conditions stop you from doing what the Titanic couldn't There are no weather conditions unaccessible for the Arctic Ant. Suitable for a wide range of very demanding weather conditions Swift-moving vehicle with good steerability and controllability. Steady, well-balanced and comfortable ride. Cabin compartment with low noise level Easy to maintain and service Readily adapted and modified for various transport needs Durable epoxy laminated chassis
The BFD Building Page BLUE FOAM DINK - constructed by Todd Dunn from extruded polystyrene foam board and epoxy fiberglass.
BOOTIFUL: "Bootiful" is a massive 72ft high, 60ft long state-of-the-art catamaran. Unlimited Sailing Company has created this vessel in an attempt to break the world speed record for a sailing craft on the water. The current record was set by Australians in 1993 with a speed of 46.52-knots in 1993.
CORSAIR F-27 This vessel has proven itself to be a wonderful contribution to the sailing universe.
Chinese BoatThis link takes you to two short quicktime movie of this boat moving down river.
Dutch Boter Yacht
Fales Navigator...reported to be a "well built/good motorsailor"...she looks a wee bit top heavy to me.
Ferris Wheel Boat: The Amara Z, from Kingston, Ontario. They tie up and put on shows dockside. The structure in deck really is a ferris wheel.
FLARECRAFT - a new kind of vehicle that redefines commuting. It combines the speed of an airplane with the characteristics of a boat, and it only uses about as much fuel as your car. "Pilots will look at it and think of it as an airplane, boaters will look at it and think of it as a boat -- both looking at it from their perspective as something a little bit peculiar," says Bill Russell, president of FlareCraft Corporation. One of many "ground effect" vessels, you can see many more at http://home.mira.net/~radacorp/what_else.html#botec
Halfmoon (or a replica thereof) Henry Hudson explored the Great North River, subsequently named after him, in the early 1600's, for the Dutch East India Company. His ship, the Halfmoon, carried him and his intrepid crew across the Atlantic looking for the elusive Northwest Passage. His explorations carried him up the Hudson River 150 miles, until he ran into falls at Albany/Troy, where a trading post was established. The Picture is of the replica Halfmoon alongside at Scarano Boat Building in Albany, NY, having her Poop and Transom rebuilt. She normally tours the Hudson River as a historical classroom, and is used in reenactments and as an historical film prop.
HOUSEBOAT: Leathem Mehaffey writes - Here's one that we ran into (well, not literally) on Long Island Sound last summer. Never could figure it out! Note the trees in the yard, nice touch.
DECAVITATOR This website has examples of many interesting human powered hydrofoil and similar watercraft. This photo and the two charming examples below are from the same website.
FIBERGLASSIC'S MUSEUM A wonderfully entertaining collection of classic finned fiberglass boats from the 50's and 60's.
FIBERGLASSIC'S STRANGE BOATS If the finned boats aren't unusual enough, the FiberGlassic's website has its own collection of even more strange watercraft.
ICE BOATS This site has a great collection of photographs. To those folks who live up North these Iceboats may not seem so unusual, but we never see them down south here.
Klem Flying Boats another ground effect vehicle.
LANCER 27 - TL wrote: One of my personal "favorites", so to speak, is the Lancer 27--a very ugly and slab-sided sailboat featuring a 150 HP outboard bolted to the transom for powering speeds of 12-15 kt. I've attached a couple of pictures... This is definitely one of the dumber boats I've seen, and completely ridiculous. We are graced here in Falmouth, ME to have one of these beauts to gaze upon with our own eyes (the first picture, actually, is the one that is in Falmouth...). I like to point it out to guests for a good laugh.
Lancer 27 another view
LEGOCRAFT - Andrew Bebbington wrote: Here is my youngest's dreamboat. (Created with a little help from her engineering PhD brother). RD: Who knows this could be the beginning of a budding new yacht designer
Log Canoes - can you put up any more sail?
LOVE BOAT Definitely a strange watercraft. But what i s even more strange is that this website indicates this strange show had and still has lots of fans!
NAUTICRAFT pedal powered water craft
Nine Foot/25 HP Whaler - A Whaler converted into a JetSki, notice the saddle style seating. Don Thomas, the creator, writes: Hey, you forgot to mention that my 25 hp 9 foot Whaler was electric start and had integral navigation lights and a (lighted) compass!
NOAH'S ARK This could be the original "Strange Watercraft".
No information except, Photo by Paul Hurst
Prison Ship - on New York's East River
Procyon: This experimental luxury yacht boosted a bi-pod mast with furling main and jib, a canting wing keel, self vanging boom, and pushbuttom sailing controls just to name a few features. Somewhere in my files I have a photo of Procyon taken in the BVI's shortly after it lost its mast. I will post the photo as soon as I figure out which box it is in. One of the crew members told me that a hardware fitting broke hear the mast head and it went over the side breaking both pods in the bi-pod mast. Meanwhile, they said they were hiding out pretending to be a powerboat, hoping no-one noticed that it was THE PROCYON.
SAILLOON: How about a balloon sail, or is that a wing?
SEA EAGLE SAILBOAT: This is my personal contribution to "Strange Watercraft", a home made sailing kit with tripod mast and leeboards on a Sea Eagle inflatable.
SAILSKATING reported to hit 75 to 100 mph! Anders Ansar writes: (Here I sail one of my wings. It hangs on my shoulders and I wear ice skates. Wind is very light, you can hardly feel it in your face, still speed is some 40 km/h, 25 MPH, or some 6 times faster than the wind).
SKY SKI This hydrofoil ski seat can luanch you into the air!
SLINGSHOT: a sailing proa.
TRUSS BOAT - WOW! Duel mainsails! What an idea!
PROPELLOR SAIL - image scanned out of an old National Geographic magazine. The wind turning the large prop "SAIL" drives a smaller prop under the boat. Not what we usually think of as "sailing" but still a wind powered vessel.
WYLIE WILDCAT 40+Sportboat of the Future The same development team that created the Ocean Planet Open 60 has designed a new 40 foot sportboat with an innovative rig. The most striking feature of the boat is the rig: a self-tuning, rotating carbon cat rig (no jibs) with asymmetrical spinnakers.
WINDCAT: How about a catamaran with two wing sails?
WINDROCKET: A wingsail on a... what is that (?)... a trimaran hull?
WindRider Rave - It's the world's first hydrofoil trimaran designed for fast recreational sailing and racing.
WINGSAILS: Stuart writes: Here is sailing taken to one extreme. This is a picture of the Walker Wingsail's Planesail a 54 footer and a Zefyr a 43 footer. I bet they go fast.
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