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The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

 Description: The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the largest and most prestigious arts recognition program in the United States. For over 76 years, the program has identified and encouraged emerging generations of young artists. Program alumni include Truman Capote, Sylvia Plath, Richard Avedon, Phillip Pearlstein, Joyce Carol Oates and Andy Warhol.

Application deadline: Varies depending upon location. Please see program website.

Eligibility: All students in grades 7-12 currently enrolled in a public or non-public school in the United States, Canada, the U.S. territories, or U.S.-sponsored schools abroad.

Awards: In 1999, the program awarded more than $1,000,000 in prize money and scholarships. Awards are available in 10 writing categories and 16 art categories. Publishing opportunities may be available for winning students in both art and writing categories.

Participation: In 1999, the program received over 250,000 entries.

Entry forms: Entry materials will be available on the program website.

Additional program information, including a selection of winning entries from 1999, is available on the Web at

Contact: please contact the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers at

212/343-6493 or email: A&

Name: American Museum of Natural History Young Naturalist Awards

Description: The Young Naturalists Awards program is designed to encourage participation and communication in science. The program focuses on finding and rewarding excellence in Biology, Earth science, Astronomy and Cultural Studies. Students are encouraged to perform observation-based projects that require creativity, inquiry and critical analysis. Projects must include visual aids designed by the author. A national panel including distinguished Museum scientists, science writers and science educators will select the winning entries. Judges will look for evidence of observation, research, analysis and interpretation. Judges will also look for accuracy in addressing the questions, clarity and the presence of a personal voice.

Application deadline: January 3, 2000

Eligibility: All students in grades 7-12 currently enrolled in a public or non-public school in the United States, Canada, the U.S. territories, or U.S.-sponsored schools abroad.

Awards: 48 cash awards ranging up to $2,500. In addition to a cash award, authors of the top 12 winning entries will receive a free trip to New York City, a tour of the American Museum of Natural History, publishing opportunities and a chance to meet with scientists from the Museum. (Please note that the entries are judged by grade level.)

Entry forms: Entry forms and compilations of past winning entries are available on the Web at


Mike Johnson,Program Manager

Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, Inc.

212/343-6582 or 212/343-4885 fax


Sponsored by Toyota Motor Sales and administered by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), this program awards grants to innovative projects that enhance science education. Teachers can write proposals for environmental or physical science projects that further students' understanding and interest in science. Environmental science projects should emphasize efficient use of natural resources and protection of the environment. Physical science projects should relate the laws, principles, and concepts of science to phenomena and events in students' lives.

Guidelines and examples of previous TAPESTRY projects can be found at

Duracell/NSTA Invention Challenge

This program, from Duracell and NSTA, is designed to encourage students to think creatively and invent and build devices that run off Duracell batteries. Students in grades 6-12 in the United States are eligible to enter, individually or in teams of two. Students are required to draw a schematic and write a two-page description of their device. Awards given to the top 100 entries are U.S. Savings Bonds ranging in value from $500 to $20,000.

For an entry form and rules, visit: .

GTE Foundation GIFT Grant Program

The GTE Growth Initiative for Teachers (GIFT) Grant Program offers grants for innovative science and math teaching. Grants are awarded to outstanding teachers (grades 7-12) for professional development activities and hands-on class projects. The program includes a week-long seminar for award winners to learn about new technology and to share ideas and teaching techniques.

Applications are available online at