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WELCOME! Yeeehah! Now we're going to have a really funky time because I've gone crazy with my camera and it's all here. Always updated whenever I have a chance.

Interactives - Fully Fledged Themed Pages Featuring Cool People.

Be Afraid - be very afraid. I have old yearbooks. Presenting Grade 7 - in Black and White (as I've lost the colour photo). A look back at life when we didn't have Mr. Gittins or Hadley. Why we all smiling so much? Did we have no worries at that time (I'm too stressed out to remember)? Who's been rotting in Sri Lanka since 1997? All these questions answered and more - check out the hairdos man.

More Interactives to come soon - "My Room - Choas' Realm." "Grade 8 - yes, I remember." "Grade 9 - Us a year ago." "A Day in the Life of Samantha Marygold Digger." As you can see, I'll be busy for the rest of my life - so why don't you come back tomorrow to see what's here?

Photos - In Many Catergories

As always, this page is being updated - as you look at it. So reload and see what else is new!

Thanks for actually squinting here.
Special thanks to Sher, for without her, AHoT could never be and I'm sorry for that night.
This small space is not enough to thank everyone.
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