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Click your perverse mouse on the pictures for a *blow-up*.

See! Our class picture at an angle! Former classmates as you remember them! Hairstyles from Hell!
See! Juliet! Meik!
See! Hesham without the square/circle style! Hong Koo! Seung Chang! Isabel!!!!! Rachel! Zoe (yes, I got a picture of you and I put it up)!
See! Emal da man! Arnav! Hay Jung!
See! Phillip! Vaihere with long hair! Narae with thin frames!
See! Me with glasses! A pimpleless photo (alright sam)! Tobias without braces!
See! Jonas (no more comments... ahahahhahaha)!
See! Bjorn without gel! Savan with an alien-hair fashion statement!
See! The only photo of Sander on record! Aids! Romeo! Ifraz (with the same hair)!
See! Roxanne SMILE!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for actually squinting here.
Special thanks to Sher, for without her, AHoT could never be and I'm sorry for that night.
This small space is not enough to thank everyone.
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