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Cheers - these are the current links. You can send me your links - as well your button if you have one - by clicking on the 'Add Your Link' words to your left - duhhhhhhhhh. Enjoy :).

Et Voila!

  • Classmates or Old Classmates :( - mochochocolatayaya
    • Jonas - Calvin's Creek (the Creek of Creeks). Yes! It's here! Aggressive skating, Ola, Hana - it's all here.
    • Meik - Incredibly Updated Page. He changes things every hour! That's really cooooool. Evyerthing changes. In fact, if you bookmark his page and then click reload everything will change including the layout...this happens EVERYTIME.
    • Arnav - Take a wiiiilld guess. This guy is all personality. The most funniest Wing Commander player on the planet (when he's not doing Fattypuff, his cat).
    • OSC Links - a list of homepages made by people from OSC.
  • Blizzard! - Starcraft, War2, and where I stole my CSS's
    • Blizzard - The Official Homepage of the greatest game manufacturer the world has ever seen (take that you Quake freaks)
    • Starcraft Legacy - Probably the place to go for anything SC, but lost in their own world.
    • Starcraft Millenium - Another SC site, but with a better layout. It's dying nowadays.
    • Starcraft.Org - The original place to go for SC. Lots of content, but nothing really big.
    • Simple.Craft - Very funky "humourous' place to go for SC. Think of 'degrading women' then think 'Lockeye.' Habib owns yer bones.
    • I Can't Win! - Agent's very developed page in which he makes fun of everybody except his shrink-wrapped - "Dick! Oh my god that looks like a..." "Willy, look at that, it looks just like a..." "Penis! The name of the male sex organ. Also known as..."
  • Attempted Humour - and other weird side effects
    • Frustrated - she tries *very hard* and sometimes makes me laugh...make sure you comment on ALL of her posts!
    • The Toilet - Blaahh, he thinks Natalie Portman is a babe (okay okay, I give up).
    • Losers, Freaks, and Fruits - Yes! It's here! The ONLY place to go for an incredible laugh.
  • Unsortable Pages - meeeeeehahahahaha
    • PlanetMaven - Very funky = Host of Frustrated and the Toilet. Woooo.
    • ICQ - Icq kicks Aol, Ms and Yahoo Pager's asses so badly, they can only dream.
    • WinAmp - A kickass SOLID Mp3 player, make sure you get the BeatForge2 skin.
And if you ever feel the urge to link me because I've been so good by linking you ultrafast, I'd appreciate it if you did the same (kinda like a two way thing). Cut and paste the following HTML into your page...anywhere on your page.

Thanks for actually squinting here.
Special thanks to Sher, for without her, AHoT could never be and I'm sorry for that night.
This small space is not enough to thank everyone.
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