Willow Creek

Whoosh! The strong autumn wind pushes you back right back onto your rump as you walk slowly through a forest of rusted trees and flaming leaves. The entire area of Mossflower Woods looks like one great big fire. The leaves are multi-coloured from red, to yellow to even a dark crimson-purple colour. Leaves pile up to your ankles, but you continue to trudge on.Your stomach rumbles, but you stop that by rubbing it with your calloused paw. Your lift the light haversack onto your shoulder, and march briskly to beat, as your walking stick hits the soft loamish ground rythmically. Another blast of wind hits you in the face, but this time it is so strong it knocks you on your back. Everything seems to blur in front of you, and leaves fall gradually on your face as you black out, the sun shining in your black eyes.

"Seems like the creature is dead. Whaddya think Lytning?" a light voice wakes you up and brings you back to reality.

"Dead? You've got to be kidding mate! Come 'ere and check its pulse. This blighter's 'eart is beatin' like a drum, it is!" a male voice penetrated the sharp, chilly air.

A warm, fuzzy, brown paw touches your neck and feels for your pulse. She notices your eyes flicker and open you face a pair of very green eyes staring at your nosehairs. You try to scramble up, but a spear holds you down in the same position.

"Well, well, looks like the creature is alive and seemingly well, except for a few cuts and scrapes. This 'un will be a'right,"

The spear's hold is lightened from your bulging throat. You scamble into a sitting position and look around to see two creatures both with walking staffs. One approaches you and reaches her hand towards you.

"Ahoy there. Me name's Willowwake, and this 'ere is Lytning. We're both members o' Willow Creek." the young, female otter introduces herself as you shake her hand with a bewildered look upon your face.

"Well, Willowwake, we best be gettin' this creature back home. Whaddya think? Rab's gonna want to see this 'un," Lytning spoke up, turning on his heel and marching southeast. Willowwake helps you to rise, and together you march briskly until you reach a large valley, cut into the ground.

You walk down a ladder, and as you admire your surrounding, Lytning and Willowwake make a quick report to a very large otter standing in front of you.

"Willowwake 'ere Rab! Just wantin' t'report that we found this 'ere creature out in the forest, marm!" Willowwake saluted smartly along with Lytning.

"Well well, looks like we 'ave a new creature with us today. Welcome to Willow Creek mate. M'names Rabtrail and this is my 'ome. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Lytning here can show you around the valley. We are a peaceful society living in harmony. If you choose to stay, follow this path to the sandstone building over there," Rabtrail points to an immense building by a small waterfall, "if you want to leave, one of the beasts here will gladly assist you to Redwall Abbey, where you will be further assisted," Rabtrail pats you on the head and saunters off towards a distant pond where the shrieking of Dibbuns can be heard. Lytning approaches you and shakes your hand,

"Welcome friend. Rabtrail proclaims it...

Autumn of the Two-Tailed Comet.