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This Flag and this Country will NEVER give in to terrorism.

"I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (after Pearl Harbor)




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February 9, 2002

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December 28, 2001

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For your information, on February 9, 2002, this site went over 4900 excellent educational links

On February 9, 2002 two new sections were added:

Holidays and Special September 11th Coverage

On August 28, 2001 three new sections were added:

Hobbies & Do-It_Yourself / Law and Politics

On December 26, 2000 two new sections were added:

Anthropology / Archaeology and Calculators
On Ocober 9, 2000 two new sections were added:

Philosophy and Special Education
On July 28, 2000 two new sections added:

Men's Health and Women's Health
On June 15, 2000 three new sections were added:

Astronomy ::::: Free Stuff ::::: Weather
The total number of excellent educational links on this site is a whopping 4936 ***

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