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Hi my name is Katelyn and I am 11 years old and this is my very first web page I have ever done.   I love all animals especially cats and horses.  I am going to put animals, fairies, poems and other marvelous things on my page.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

I made these fairies with help from my Nana using Paint Shop Pro 6.
Click here to adopt one of my Nana's DPanzee Fae.

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This is a picture I drew when I was 8 and my Nana scanned it for me
and I coloured it on the computer.

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These are stories, pictures and poems I did when I was 8 years old.


Shadows can be tall,
Shadows can be small.
Shadows can be sad,
Shadows can be mad.

Shadows can go to school,
Shadows can be cool.
You can see your shadow in the light,
But not at night.

by Katelyn

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Pioneers lived long long ago.
They had to move they had to go.
They sailed down rivers.
They got shivers.

They had to build a home.
They didn't have a phone.
They cooked in a fireplace.
Their house didn't have a lot of space.

by Katelyn Grade 3, 1999
Written after a trip to Pioneer Village

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I love Sunflowers

Sunflowers brighten my day,
because they're so beautiful.
Sunflowers make me feel colourful,
Sunflowers are terrific flowers.
They make me feel terrific.

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My Christmas tree is really bright,
I hope Santa comes tonight.
There are 2 presents that will appear.
There are 5 presents very near.
I love Santa he's the best,
The real Santa is better than the rest!

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My moms in Halifax,
I can't get her off my mind.
She's living at her grandmother's
until she can get her web page
on line.

by Katelyn

(This is not a real story)

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