Spiral Lights: Static Version
I would walk a thousand miles...
Brandishing weapons
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    if i could fall into the sky
    do think time would pass me by?
    because you know i'd walk a thousand miles
    if i could just see you tonight [Vanessa Carlton]

  • Spiral Lights: Static Version

    Welcome to Spiral Lights! It's gone static, but that's really not much different from what I've been doing. Founded: 11-24-98

    Updates 9-18-02:
    Added a few more links. More updates to come real soon before we shut down for good, I promise!

    Updated all the links on the links page (weeded broken ones out, added new ones, updated moved URLs, etc...). If your page used to be linked here but isn't anymore, email me the URL... chances are you moved your site and I don't know where you ran off to!! Also uploaded some buttons and banners to link this site with, finally. Those are also in the links section.

    Rewrote the reviews section because I was sick and tired of them sounding idiotic. Like I used to be. ;)

    More updates to come before Spiral Lights really goes static. I just wanted to make everything neat and pretty and go out with a bang, what can I say?