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Welcome to DPanzee's Fae adoption page.  I thought I would have a go at making some Fae of my own and with the help of the  The Palace, I came up with the DPanzeeFae fairies.   After saving the doll avatar props from the Palace to my computer, I used Paint Shop Pro 6 to add different components and a little drawing to customize them.  I must say they become very addictive and after making a few I just could not stop, so I have decided to put them up for adoption.  Please do not take the samples below but e-mail me and I will send her to you.  The only thing I ask is that you follow the Rules of adoption, which are:

1. Please give credit where credit is due and place a link back to my page so that others may enjoy my work too.  I will send you her adoption certificate  below to link to DPanzee's Fae at this address  http://www.reocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/8966/spiritfae.html.

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2. Do not in any way alter the the Fae or add to any graphic collections or use for signing guestbooks. 

3. You must have a web page so that you can upload your adopted Fae to your own server.  Write to me and send your URL so that I may visit your page and see where my Fae are living.

4. The DPanzeefae are copyrighted by me and remain the property of Graphics by Pam and are not to be used in any graphics collection.

With all these rules out of the way and if you wish to adopt one of these fairies, please write to me at Pam's Place.  

**I will not be taking any more requests for the One-of-a-Kind fae**

Click on FairyOwlfae to
see the One-of-a-Kind DPanzeefae

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Here is an example of One-of-a-Kind 
Special Edition DPanzeefae.


*Important Notice*
The "Fae" have a shadow, they may look better on a lighter background.


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