at California State University, Los Angeles 
               TESL 560: Theories of teaching and Learning
             Second Languages
         TESL 562: Methods for Teaching Second Languages
           A Five Day Lesson Plan
 (Not posted yet)
TESL 563: Methods for Teaching Second Languages 11
                          Computer Assisted Language Learning Curriculum
                                                                   The computerized TOEFL.
                        TESL 567A: Language Testing
                    English Achievent Test For Korean Middle School Students
                      English Entry Test For Undergraduate Students 
             TESL 570: Sociolinguistics
                       Korean Acculturation
            (Not posted yet)
TESL 573A: Issues In the Lang. Class room (Reading)
                          A Reading Curriculum
                 (Not posted yet)
               Masters Degree Comprehensive Exam
                            Comprehensive Exam
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