On this page I will put info on Robert Smith and a lot of photos.

Mindy and Robert

Robert being interviewed by Mtv
Robert Kiss Contest
Robert and Mary :)
Robert and Simon
Robert in concert
a fan with Robert
Robert in concert
Rob and Mary 1989
Rob reading Beano
Robert and Lol
Robert tongue
Robert laying down
The Cure Frankenstein
a great live photo of Robert

The Cure
The CUre

Mary and Erika

A little info on Robert according to the Swing tour book
NAME: Robert James Smith
BIRTHDAY: 21st april 1959
COLOR: blue screen blue and crimson and twilight
PHRASE: "shocked" "you've got no birds... you've got no trees!" "just say you're insane..." "if you like-make it!" "aaah...the incredible lightness of beer" "oh...go on then" "what next?"
FOOD: prawn phall, green apples, rice krispies, almonds, cheese on toast
DRINK: box milk, lemon juice, homemade lager, elderflower champagne, earl grey tea
PLACE: snow bed; in front of fire; on the beach
MOMENT: quiet...
SOUND: m's laugh and the ice cream van
TASTE: honey, parma violets, snow, twiglets, cocunut
LOOK: tousled, dreamy, tsp
DREAM: home
MUSIC: beethoven[1-9]. mahler[1-9]. tchaikovsky[ballets]. allegri. prokofiev. khachaturian. elgar. mozart [just about everything]. satie. verdi...and too much more to even think about...indian, south american, ambient dub, irish...
MATERIAL white cotton, black velvet, fur, grass, skin
WORD: yes. whisper. dream. smile. scream
BOOK: "les enfants terribles"-cocteau/ "nausea"-sartre/"the fall"-camus/"gormenhaust trilogy"-peake/"the trial"-kafka/"catcher in the rye"-salinger/narnia chronicles"-c.s.lewis/"the aunt's story"-white/"the bell jar"-path/"lolita"-nabokov/"darkness at noon"-koestler/"posession"-byatt/"lanark"-gray/"the owl service"-garner/"the divine comedy"-dante...and lots more!
ANIMAL: wolf.rabbit.elephant.tiger.meerkat
INSECT: ladybird
FISH: perch. flying. octopus [i know, i know...]
BIRD: owl.falcon.robin.swift.penguin
TREE: weeping willow.yew.monkey puzzle.chesnut.redwood
FLOWER: forget-me-not.honeysuckle.wisteria.daisy.rose
THING: the sky
SMELL: vanilla, musk, the sea
FILM: /eraserhead/taxi driver/the tenant/performance/jacob's ladder/brazil//2001/aguirre wrath of god/blade runner/alice in wonderland/the deer hunter/who's afraid of virginia woolf?/mary poppins...and lots more!
SPORT: football, tennis, pool, table tennis, basketball
PICTURE: "madonna"(1805) "the scream"(1893) "kiss"(1897)-munch/"the clown and the acrobat"-peake/"the garden of earthly delights"-bosch/"d'anseuses derrie're le portant"-degas/"bedroom in arles"-van gogh/"the fallen angel"-chagall/"silver favourites"-alma tadema/"concetto spaziale"-fontana
PROGRAMME: alan partridge/the simpsons/sean's show/the man from unclevideo nation/the critic/the clangers/oranges are not the only fruit/the prisoner/discovery channel
GROUP: radiohead,cranes, smashing pumpkins, manic street preachers, sleeper, heather nova, mbv, nirvana, jhe
NUMBER: 1,2,3,6,7,13 ummm...
PASTIME: hot air ballooning, deepsea diving, and staring into space
PERSON: spike miligan, steffi graf, paul gascoigne[?]. nicholas cage, dennis rodman, judy davis, catwoman...
AND HATE: unhappily sometimes yes...but not as much
DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 13 WORDS" puzzled.greedy.sure.unsure.sometimes not quite here.sometimes too much here. hmmm...
DESRIBE THE OTHERS IN 13 WORDS: funny.loud.quiet.happy.bright.perceptive.bumb.moody.slow.quick.foolish.clever...indescribable!
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