Men in Pantyhose              


Now that ive received more than 1000 mails to our survey and in times, where the first pantyhose-manufacturers start to create male-pantyhoses, its time for me to stop this survey.

Thanks to all who participated on it have sent me useful answers.

To find out, how high the percentage of men who are (secretly) wearing pantyhose is nowadays, im performing a survey on this page.

When ive contained enough statistical informations from you, im planning to work them out and present them to one ore more pantyhose-manufacturers, so that they will see quickly, that there is a real big market for male-pantyhose.
Because of the country i live in, this will naturally be first a german company, but if one company creates a male-pantyhose and has success with it, manufacturers in other countries will follow immediately.

I know that there have been other tries to convince pantyhose-manufacturers to create a male-pantyhose collection, but im seriuos, that the time is right for a real chance.

Sex mnnlich    weiblich
Year of birth
Sexual tendency Hetero        Bi          Homo
What do you think abot men in pantyhose ?
Do you wear or wish to wear pantyhose at home ?
Do you wear or wish to wear pantyhose in public ?
What is the meaning of pantyhose to you?
(Are they a fetish-think, a normal clothing, etc.)
Do you also like other non-cotton underwear and dessous ?
(Like silky pants, nylon shirts, etc.)
Does your partner knows about your passion ?
What does she/he think ?
Do you know other men who wear or wish to wear pantyhose ? How much ?