Men in Pantyhose                

My Story

I had a dream ...

In this dream got up in the morning as usual, went to the bathroom, took a shower, shaved myself and brush my teeth. Then i put on my shirt, slipped in a sheer pantyhose and in my pants. I decided not to wear a pair of socks, because my feet look better through the darker-brown nylon than in socks. Then i went downstairs to take the breakfeast with my familiy. After finishing meal, i took my jacket, slipped into my shoes and drove to our office. My first appointment there was a meeting with my business partners which takes untils lunch and where i ...

I awake. Something was wrong.

We are in 1997, iīm a man of 35 now, married to a wonderful wife and a proud father of a beautiful little daughter.
It was correct that i was wearing pantyhose in my dream, because i actually do this since i was at the age of 12 or 13, but what makes me wonder was that noone worried about.
In all of the past 25 year in which i love to wear nylon-pantyhoses, i never heard about, that wearing them in public was ok for men.
And that is the reason, why wearing pantyhoses was my big secret, why i was always hiding them under pants and socks and why the chance of beeing outed in innumerable situations during all those year causes a me lot of "nearly heart attacks".

Let me tell you, how i was getting in this special liking for pantyhose :

Like most of us, i was wearing pantyhose as a little kid. Since you are less than 5-6 years old, wearing pantyhose is ok for a little boy. Your parents dress you in them and neither the boys or girls you are plaing with will laugh at you.
I had to admit, that these hoses do not have much in common with the oneīs iīm talking about, because these are made of wool or cotton. But fact is, there was a time, when it was allowed to boys to wear a pantyhose without any fear.

I was getting older and suddenly i recognized, that my boy friends do not walk around in hoses anymore, only the girls are still do it. From this moment, i didnīt want to get dressed in them anymore, because i didnīt want to be a "little girl" but a "tough guy".

Years pass by and things where going on their way.
Then, i was 10 or 11, in the early seventies, mini-skirts where top in fashion and with them,  i first noticed nylon pantyhoses.
Because wearing miniīs could be very cold for women, nearly every woman wores a pair of pantyhose under her mini.

As long as i can remember, this time was the final strike for pantyhoses in competition against stockings and garter-belts.
And also my interests for pantyhose were starting in these years. First only loving the look of womens legs covered in nearly nothing and looking for getting a glimpse on the reinforced panty-part of the hose.

Two or three years later, i often was helping my mother or my aunt sorting the laundry. There also were pantyoses in the laundry and as you know, they had to be inspected if they were run. I slipped with my arm in each leg of them and then, during looking for a run, i slowly slide out again. This was the first time, i was getting in direct contact to nylon-pantyhoses.

It was very pleasant to feel this material, which was completely new for me.
In fact from this moment, i was trapped by this thin, soft and sheer fabric and i always hoped that there were a lot of hoses in the next laundry to inpect for runīs.

But a few month later, i had the idea, to get in a pair of pantyhose regulary. Why should i only feel them on my arm during the laundry thing?
One day, i was home from school early and my mother was still for shopping, i took out a pair of herīs and i slipped in.

This was great, simply sensational ...
I didnīt understand what was going on with me, but there was a fascinating feeling on my legs, a nice vibration going through my body and there was a erotic excitement iīv never felt before.
This pantyhose not only covered my legs, it caressed them in a way i never thought of.

I enjoyed this feeling for a while and then slipped out of the hose and put it back in the drawer again.
On the next day, i tried a pair of pantyhose again and my reaction was the same as the day before.

Starting these days, from time to time (2-4 times a month) i secretly slipped in my motherīs or my auntīs pantyhose
The main intention for this was to get this special, sexual oriented while wearing the hose.

But i also was aware of what iīm doing :  i was a perverted little boy who was wearing womenīs clothes.
I thought i was the only boy on this world with such a nasty habit.

One or two years pass by before my relation to pantyhose becomes clearer.
I was not getting a erection automatically when i slip into a pair of hose anymore as it was in the beginning.
So it was not a sexual thing wearing hose but only enjoing of the feelings that the fine fabric gave my legs and feet.

At this time, pantyhose to me were changing from a mostly sexual thing to a very lovely garment, which i wear under my regular clothes as often as possible.

Unfortunately this was not as much as i would like to, because it only was possible when i was alone at home and able to get one out of my mothers drawer.
This was not very satisfying, but what else could i do :  i was a boy, so i thought i couldnīt buy my own pantyhose and i also didnīt had the courage to ask one of my female friends to buy one for me.

In these days i started to wonder, why we have this unfair situation, that the very lovely feelings a good pair of pantyhose could cause are only for women.

What is the reason that men should only feel cotton and wool on their skin ? Why are we not allowed to feel the soft sheerness of satin or nylon ?  Does every manufacturer of menīs underwear think that our legs and bodys have no feelings like a piece of wood, so cotton is just the best to cover this deaf block ?

I was getting in rage about this injustice ...
and then i remind me, that i was the only little pervert on this whole wide world, who wants the material of womenīs underwear to be for menīs underwear as well. No, everybody would laugh at me if i would tell about my thoughts.

So i swallowed down my anger and tried to wear pantyhoses secretely for myself as much as possible, what means not very much at all.
This goes on for a lot of years.

Then, in 1982 i met my wife and i tried to suppress my passion the best i could, because i feared she would leave me immediatly when she finds out that i am not a really normal guy.
But this didnīt work very well, because sometimes we went shopping together and one day in a department store my wife sayd that she needs to buy some new pantyhoses.

Believe it or not: at the age of 20 for the first i set my feet in a pantyhose department.
It was so exciting, i can hardly describe it.
I could see innumerable hoses in every color and material-combination, reinforced and sheer-to-waist, from 15den up to 60den opaque.

That was to much. In this moment i decided to live with my passion, not to suppress it.
But i have to be very careful :  my wife should never find out about my perversion.

So i started wearing pantyhoses again, but this time they were my own. After my first visit of a pantyhose department, i started to analyse the current pantyhose-models of the different manufacturers. Nearly every month i bought me one, two or three pairs to find out the diffenrences in material, shape, look and feel.

It didnīt take very long that i was very familiar with the terms on the packages and knew what this data means to the look and to the comfort, so that i started advising my wife when she again needs new pantyhoses.
Naturally i told her, that the only reason for my advises are what i want to see on her.

But wearing pantyhose was not only nice to me, because of the  FEAR

In the years before i have worn pantyhoses secretly as i was doing it then and even today. But before i met my wife, beeing outed due an unfortunate situation could only be embarressing. Everbody around would probably laugh and i would become tomato-red in my face. But after all, there would not be much more problems.

Now, being outed by my wife could probably mean that she could not love a man anymore whoīs wearing womenīs clothes.
Next thing is that i was in a job and had good success, so if i were outet on work, maybe by my boss or a costumer, this would probably cost my job.

That means, everytime i wore a pair of hose i was in fear that anybody finds out my little secret, and therefore i couldnīt fully enjoy the pantyhose-feeling.

And you know it, for example, simply living together means a lot of possible īoutingī-situations: she getīs into the bath while you are not ready dressed, she wants to touch your back and slips with her hand into your pants, she suddenly comes home and wants you to get out of your pants to try a new one she brought along, you drop your meal on your pants and she says "Get out of it, it has to be washed out under hot water...", ....

Than there are the childrens. How to explain it to my daughter, if we were fooling around and all of a sudden she pull off your socks, why her daddy wears the same nylons as Mummy ?

This fear is always there. I had this fear in the past, and i have it too nowadays after all these years.

But approximately 5 years ago, i had a very pleasing permission.

I was on a business travel and in a gas-station i found an issue of the "Leg Show" magazine.

I had a quick look in it and was thrilled, because it was the first mag iīve ever seen, in which women are not only photographed naked or in stockings, but in pantyhoses too. I quickly bought this issue.

But i was really astonished as i started reading the reader-letters :  indeed, there where 2 men who wrote about their special liking for pantyhoses and their experiences with it.

I was certainly not the only one.

After more than 15 year i found out, that there are more men with the same passion. And if there are 2 men who wrote reader-letters, then there are hundreds or thousands of, who, like me, are very quiet and secret, only not to be discovered.

At this time, i started thinking a lot about, what we are doing, that we have to be so careful and why we do fear so much to be outet.

We do not violate women, neither do we abuse children (to hell with those guys !).
We do not steal nor do we not hurt anybody at all.
Even we do not molest someone.

The only thing is that we love it to wear garments, on which packages is noticed, that these are made for ladies.

And what we fear is, that we could be laughed out, that people point with their fingers on us, that they may think and say "this tough guy is really a little girl", ...

In fact this is nothing more than awkwardness, spoken out from people who do not know anything about it. Therefore it could let us cool at all.
(i admit, that for a man in a higher position, at the point of view by todays society, it will be an enormous loss of seriosity and could be the end of itīs career, but i ask : why, what is the reason ?)

It didnīt took very long, that my wife, searching for a file while i wasnīt at home, discoverd my little hiding place with lotīs of pantyhoses an 2 issues of "Leg Show" in it.

As i came home in the evening, she invited my for having dinner in a restaurant, where she calls me to account about this.

My heart was tearing and beating up to my throat, my face turns red and i started shivering. I expected me falling down from the chair with a heart-attack every little second.

I was very embaressed and for gaining a little time, i drank all my glas of red-wine very slowly.
As my concentration returns, i tried to explain her, that it was not a perversion at all but only to love the feeling of pantyhoses and with todays point of view, i only could do this secretly and also i was not tough enough to tell her about.

She was a bit irritated, but finally she accepted what i told her, on the condition of that i do not pose in front of her while wearing pantyhoses, because she really donīt want to see it.
On my question, why, in her opinion, itīs only a right for women to wear all the clothes which are made for man, but not vice versa, she didnīt know any answer. In fact, this was the firts time she recognizes this injustice and finally agreed with me, that men are disadvantaged in this question.

Since then, that means the last 4 years, i wear pantyhose as i have done it the whole time before :  hidden under my pants. But yet with the knowldege of my wife.

She is not quite enthusiastic with it, but she didnīt leave me as i feared she would. But she, like me, do fear the moment, when iīm wearing pantyhose under my regular clothes in public and get in a unlucky situation where i will be outet. This could be very embaressing for me and her too.

Meanwhile she has already seen me wearing pantyhoses, what causes her to remark, that it doesnīt look bad at all.
Indeed, it could be a nice view to see a man in pantyhose, but only if heīs not to fat, his legs are shaved or nut just to hairy and if heīs doing foot-care himself.

My nylon-covered feets and legs has been caressed and massaged by my wife plenty a lot since then, and every time, this is a extremely nice event.

But in the end, there stays a kind of reserve with her, and for me, there is a big portion of uncertainty.
My wife knows about it and accepted it, but what is with out daughter, my parents-in-law, our Friends, my business partnert, etc. ?

Although we are doing nothing out of law, we very seldom have the courage to do the big step and live our passion in public.

What we need is a little help from official side: fashion-designers and/or pantyshose-manufacturers have to create a pantyhose collection for men.
Iīm sure, that starting with the day this product is available in the shops, there are many thousends men only in germany who confess themselves to something they have done the whole time very, very secretely :

             .... Men wearing Pantyhoses !

I have a dream ...

It is spring 1998, a very nice day out there. I decide to wear shorts today and because it is one of the first sunny days this year, i wear a medium-brown pantyhose under those shorts to give my legs a better tan.. I went down to have breakfeast with my family and after this, we go for shopping in the city.
Nobody cares about the way iīm dressed and therefor nobody looks strange at me ...

To make this dream true, thatīs the reason why i founded this homepage.

(P.S.: Please excuse me for some bad expression in the story above, because my english is not perfect at all,.Thanks.)