To stand on my legs,
and not the one who begs,
A lady full of guts,
who never talks of "buts",
with a vision of tomorrow,
and never to think of sorrow,
is the type I plan to be,
and lead a life so carefree.
Never playing the role of fake,
instead learning from my previous mistake,
Stand out in every damn crowd,
Trying to make my loving parents proud,
cause' without their unparallel love and grace,
I can never win any race,
To grab & achieve my ever fleeing goal
and to quench the thirst of my hungry soul,
I'll have to break your loving heart,
So be prepared cause this is the start..
because you whisk me away from this real land,
where emotions take an upper hand,
Believe me love, I never thought,
I'd have to choose you from the lot..
So learn and realize before you're old,
that ambitions are the key to gold,
Selfish to you, it all may seem,
but sorry my love, I am chasing my dreams...

When shadows of sorrow tumble you down,
When smiles on your face have turned to frown,
When all your friends have disowned you,
When people to depend on, are very few,
When god shuns you out from his heavenly gate,
When you think of nothing but to cry on your fate,
When you watch your dreams mingle with the mud,
When you've been betrayed by your own blood,
At that ugly turn of life think of me,
A friend in need is what I shall be...
I'll open my doors for you that day,
Welcome to my world, if you may !
Empty would be my house with no worthy treasure,
But infinite is my love beyond any measure,
Love, trust and affection from me you may take,
Because these are the ingredients for a happy life to make...
Finally one thing for sure you'll know,
that feathers float high and pearls lie low...!!


What has happened to, the life that we once knew,
Why did we loose the touch, It hurt me so much…………..
About you I was so definite, thinking your love was infinite,
Was it a mere illusion? I am in utter confusion……….
From where did the thorns grow, I really don’t know….
What has happened to, the tree that we once grew,
Why did the thorns outnumber the flowers,
Drifting apart the once well known lovers………
All this is nothing but an item to be sold,
To us by our destiny which had stored this in its ugly fold…………..


I might be a sinner,
fear me for my sins..
BUT love me for my repentance....

I might be a liar,
critisize me for lying..
BUT love me for my confessions.......

I might be a egoistic,
dislike me for not bending..
BUT love me for me royal attitude.....

I might be proud,
condemn me for my pride..
BUT love me for what I am proud of......

I might be ugly,
embarress me for my looks..
BUT love me for my beautiful heart.......

I might be a lover,
hate me because I love very few..
BUT love me because one of them is you......

So thank god for the luck you've got,
Thats why in my poems you were brought....!!



As my life lost control,
Confused seemed the ways,
Hell surrounded me,
Oh! Those bad old days...

My heart would burn at every step I made,
How do I let you know that my need was shade?

You pierced my life,
from the very very start,
strange seemed your ways,
stranger was your heart...

When confidance rocked within of my happy new life,
little did I realize that my saviour was a knife...

How do I describe the sharpness of that knife,
Slowly but softly which cut me to pieces

That smile of sarcasm,
that act of condemn,
which left me there to bleed forever...
which left me there to bleed forever...



"Attraction" was when you were 'just' my friend...
"Possession" was when your heart you did lend...
"Curiosity" was wanting to see each other...
"God" was the one who brought us together...
"Betrayal" was when I lied to my own...
"Seeds" of distrust with my hands I had sown..
"Happiness" was when you were my medication..
"Dreams" were those which lacked dedication....
"Sadness" was when we had to part...
"Agony" was that which ripped my heart.
"Jealousy" was when she walked into your life...
"Devastated" was I when she became your wife...
"Irony" was when I was needed no more...
"Begging" was I at a beggar's door...
"Control" is something that I still have to learn....
"Moments" are those, I shall forever yearn...
"Days" spent with you , I can never forget....
"Cherished" will be the day we first met..
"Fear" was then of the foreseeing pain....
"LOVE" is now when we are strangers again...!!


We talked to each other, whenever our hearts cried..
with only one wish within us, tears of separation should be dried..

God was puzzeled over this relationship,
So he decided to solve this mystry...
Wait till you know what happened next,
because 3rd July is now history...

On that warm July morning,
we were scheduled to meet,
That first glance at you,
made my heart skip a beat..

Shyness enveloped me, as I hid myself...
Faces blushing, hearts racing,
To lift my head I dared,
t'was love I was facing..

As you pulled me near and softly held my hand,
A spark ran within, heaven was second to this land.....

Your kisses linger on my lips...
delivered with nothing but passion..
Thoses hands still seem to carress me...
embracing in unthinkable fashion....

As twilight took hold,
and it was time to part,
Reality showed its ugly face
and left me broken heart

I loved you more than you will ever know,
although you are not among the very few...
Life will never be tha same again...
That unforgettable life, when I was with you...

Now memories must sustain me,
For I can never be your wife...
nevertheless, it'd be justifiable to say...
"Those were the best days of my life"...!!!



A void reopens in my heart,
That I thought was forever sealed,
The scars you'd given me from the start,
Which I thought were forever healed,

Painful feelings I thought were forgotten,
Are filling my soul with fear,
How can I not stop thinking about you,
Wondering, were you so dear?

For you, I once said "I would die",
It was everything but a lie,
Test me once to know again...
I am ready for that eternal pain..

Now all I am left with are the haunts,
Of the memories you left behind,
The world'll never believe in love again,
After your deeds they will find..

You were the sun of my day,
You were the moon of my night,
You were the angel of my dreams,
You were love at first sight...!

Now my days are dark as nights,
And my nights of rest are very few,
Are you missing me somewhere my love..?
Or is someone loving you?

Where ever you are, be free as a dove,
but let no one else become, a victim of your love………!

"My Friend"

Meeting in the dark or a walk in the park
Running away at nights or those meaningless fights
Hours on the phone or sneaking out of home,
Hatred within the teachers, acting as preachers,
who overwhelmed us with pain, when we went out in rain,
Our feelings we couldnt hide, their rules we couldn't abide
Parents tried their best, to break our nest,
the more they faught, the closer we got.....

My friendship with this girl was just going fine,
She was a very close friend of mine,
And oh ! What a sinful act did I do,
by loving her love , which was you,
With my very own hands did I build her trust,
Stronger than Iron but now full of rust.......

To marry me was all you dreamed,
A mere illusion to me it seemed...
And on one fateful day, I had to fly away,
To a far off land, with a stranger's hand,
When I left, after committing the theft,
of your very precious heart, fire had to start,
Little drops of tears, that u saved through the years,
Flooded your eyes, bidding sad goodbyes......

Today u are 1000's of miles away,
But your love in my heart shall forever stay
becoz gateways of memories never close,
be it of friends or be it of foes...
Thinking of those years, fills me with tears,
tears of joy not pain, which remind me of u again & again...
Killing me now is this tremondous sorrow,
when I think of my today and my lonely tomorrow...
becoz pleasures of life god did send,
But missin are u ..yes you my friend......!!!

In the heavens above, if we ever get a seat,
and there on some way when we accidently meet,
After we've cried & hugged & kissed,
I would tell you then "
how much you were missed"........!!!



Hard for me to pen,
So painful this life to lead,
Only a bit of care and understanding,
Is all I need...

Seems no reason to be upset,
Every pleasure I have got,
What's the trouble with me then,
Understand I not...

Perhaps the monotony has set in,
and robbed me of pleasure,
Or is it the dullness inside me,
what is this predicament?

I have become devoid of desires,
letting my mind reach at the peaks of negativity,
Why have I reached to such extremes,
Searching for tracks of purity?

I feel secure under the cover of darkness,
Time is not a great healer,
Is something in my life left out,
Or has my ship lost the anchor?

The wounds of separation that fate has inflicted,
My sorrows being reflected,Its high time I need some guidance,
Or do I have to still suffer in silence?

Suddenly a ray of hope emerged from the vast sea of darkness,
A loving call from an "unknown",
Drunk with this unaccustomed happiness,
I woke up only to find that these calls were mere sounds of silence!

Anyway, the circumstances overpower the attitude,
May the heavens summon me,
To end for ever and ever,
This painful phenomenon,

Your's truely...Anu