I used 4 layers of  fabric which seems to be plenty for this technique.  I had 2 cottons and 2 rayons in this grouping.  Polys will not fray enough for this.  Cut squares to any size you desire but allow a little to square it up when all is done.  Layer each group of 4 in different order.  Each one will look different depending on the layering sequence. When you have 4 groups of 4 fabrics, draw a line down the center diagonally of each group.  This will be your stitching line guide.  You only need to draw one line, then you will move to the right and left of it using the  preceding line as your guide.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO DO THIS ON THE BIAS OR IT WON'T BE FLUFFY. Stitch on the center line which you drew with a 2.5 stitch length straight stitch.  Move 3/8 in. and stitch the next line.  Repeat this process until your square is completely stitched from corner to corner. When you are done with each group you will have four different fabrics on top and each one will be layered differently.  It's fun to see how the same fabrics look.  When you are doing a project, you will want to make sample squares such as this to determine the one you like best.
It's now time to cut down the center of each channel.  Cut through all layers EXCEPT THE BOTTOM LAYER.  You may use scissors or a rotary cutter for this step.  If you are using a rotary cutter, it is a big help if you start each row with a clip of the scissors. This is a rotary cutter designed for cutting these layers.  It has a guard which goes down the channel between the cutter and the last layer of fabric.  It comes with two sizes of the guard.  I found it to be very handy. After all the rows are cut, machine wash and dry each square.  You can do this more than once if necessary.  Once the fabrics are dry, brush them with a wire brush for more fluff.  You can trim your squares on all sides to true them up. You now have 4 new pieces of fabric to make something out of.  I chose to make a tote bag.  I sewed the four together with a row of sashing horizontally then vertically.  This became one side of my bag.

Here's my finished bag--chenille on one side and Embroidery Library's Tropical Birds on the other.  One can never have too many tote bags--right?  This is a fun project, and I hope you will try it.  Click here to see other chenille items--Jan's Jacket--Sheila's Jacket--Rachel's Jacket


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