This is a Gear Bag which I made for my nephew for Christmas. The bag was purchased at an Academy sporting goods store.  I did the design on heavy fabric like a patch and sewed it on the bag.  See below for lettering details.

First I did the lettering on cotton fabric with water-soluble stabilizer. I trimmed the lettering leaving the cotton on the line of letters until I sewed them on the bag by stitching in the center of each satin column for each letter.   This left the fabric inside the letters and also kept them lined up until they were on the bag. 

I then cut the fabric out between the letters leaving the water-soluble stabilizer.  After all the cutting I washed the bag which dissolved all the stabilizer.  You could cut the stabilizer with the fabric, but I left it for added security until I was finished trimming.

This pictures shows the lettering before and after cutting the cotton away.  I used the Baseball UC font in Customizing.


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