Nina Kay Milenius, Education Program Manager

Donna Hoeflinger, Husqvarna Viking Free Lance Educator

As invisible zippers again gain popularity in ready-to-wear garments, the home sewer is also beginning to once again use them. This revival has brought along with it a number of questions on how to insert invisible zippers. Generic invisible zipper feet do not fit today’s sewing machines. A generic foot will never fit or feed as well as one designed specifically for your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. Therefore, we at Husqvarna Viking have developed our own method of insertion.

To insert the invisible zipper, you will use the "C" foot (yes, the buttonhole foot!!) It has two grooves underneath just like the invisible zipper feet of the past. Also have the "E" zipper foot handy to finish up the process.

Follow these easy steps for a flawless zipper.

  1. DO NOT stitch any part of the seam before you put in the zipper.
  2. Open the zipper. From the wrong side, iron the zipper coils flat so that the two rows of stitching show. Use a synthetic setting on your iron. If necessary, use a press cloth so you do not accidentally melt your zipper.
  3. With right sides together, align the left zipper tape approximately ¼" below the cut edge of the fabric. Place zipper coil on the 5/8" seam line on the right side of the fabric. For a perfect 5/8" seam, serge finish your fabric first and then align the edge of the zipper tape against the inner edge of the serged stitching.
  4. Place the zipper coil in the right groove of the "C" foot.
  5. Adjust the needle position to the right so the needle will stitch along the teeth. Utilize one the 25 needle positions on your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine to adjust the needle to the perfect position.
  6. Start stitching at the top of the zipper and continue until the foot touches the zipper pull. Back tack.
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 for the right side of the zipper. CAUTION: Make sure that you have not accidentally twisted the zipper. Sew and again backstitch.
  8. To stitch the remainder of the seam, close the zipper and select the right needle position. With the needle to the right, snap on the "E" zipper foot. With right sides of the fabric together, pull the zipper ends gently toward the right to keep it free of the seam. Lower the needle by hand slightly above and 1/8" to the left of the last stitch at the base of the zipper. Back stitch and continue to finish your seam.
  9. Tack the free end at the bottom of each zipper tape to the seam allowance.
  10. Keep the zipper closed when washing or dry cleaning.
  11. Open the zipper all the way when putting on or removing your garment.

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