Turtleneck Sweater Stories
Here is a collection of stories, which obviously depict women in turtleneck sweaters. If you are offended by sexual content, or havent reached the aforementioned legal age of your country
LEAVE NOW------ NON 18
Otherwise read on and enjoy.

Note for english readers:
As i am german, it is a bit difficult for me to write in english. So allways stay tuned for translations, or even better perform this task for me, and send me a translated version of my story, so i can offer it here for other readers.

My own stories:
Ein normaler Arbeitstag/A normal working day
Die Observation/The Observation

Stories of other sweaterfriends:

Teacher gets a lesson
The Competition
For the Love of Nature
The Challenge
Tight Squeeze
The News
A day at the office
Der lebende Pullover
First week back to school
A Weekend Adventure Chapter 1

A Weekend Adventure Chapter 2

More to come soon!!

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