Personal Information

Aly is an honor student. She loves to read and has talked about being an author (wonder where she gets that!).

Professional Information

Aly is currently without an agent. She has done runway, print, and was in a commercial for Frontier City. (She was the one running across the bridge in the lime green shirt and white shorts, in case you missed her. lol) She said she would like to be on TV some day, but I think every child dreams about that. We're not quite sure if the contract will ever lead to anything "big time" but we have fun doing it. It's part of our family time.

Aly is also a competitive pageant kid. She has held many state and national titles. She is very proud of her titles, and has worked hard to earn them. She enjoys pageantry because she gets to go to different places, and meet new people. She has many friends across the US that she wouldn't know if it wasn't for pageants. It's also another thing that she and I can do together!

Aly is on the Twist & Shout Sr Prep All Star Team. She's mastering new tumbling passes all the time!! GO GIRL!She loves the hard work and is turning into a "crunch monster". Those abs are looking great!

Aly is always interested in having other children as pen pals, so if you'd like to write to her, you can do so at the address on the main page.

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