Bedtime Stories
This page is dedicated to the stories my husband Richard has made up for our kids. Enjoy!

The Big Giant Pickle

Once upon a time there was a mad scientist, and this
mad scientist had a laboratory. In his lab
the scientist had a shelf and on the shelf was a jar. In
that jar was a pickle and in the pickle was
DNA. This DNA was different, it was dinosaur DNA.

One day the mad scientist was making a special
milkshake. He started to shake that milkshake real
hard and suddenly! the milkshake spilled and splashed all
over the lab! Some of it got in the jar with
the special pickle in it. All of a sudden the pickle
started to shake! It started to grow! It !crashed!
out of the jar! It !crashed! off the shelf and soon it grew
so big that it !crashed! right out of the lab!

The mad scientist started to yell "No! No! you mustnt grow!
No! No! you mustnt grow!"
But the pickle did not care and just kept on growing. Soon
it started to roll down the street so now it
was growing and rolling! The mad scientist cried "No! No!
you mustnt grow! No! No! you mustnt roll!" But
the pickle did not care and it kept on growing and rolling.
Women were running down the street waving their arms and screaming....
(make screaming sound here, they love it).

Quickly the mad scientist called up the army. "Come
quick! Theres a big giant pickle rolling down the
street!" So the army came and brought tanks and guns and
all sorts of stuff to shoot the big giant pickle with.
But the pickle did not just kept rolling and
growing and growing and rolling.

Then the mad scientist thought about another experiment
of his...the big giant dinosaur that was just
like Godzilla. So they called Godzilla and told him to go
stop that big giant pickle. Godzilla roared! and
breathed fire at the pickle. But the pickle did not care.
Godzilla grabbed at the pickle and tried to wrestle
with it and bite it. But since he was green and bumpy and
the pickle was green Godzilla kept getting mixed up
and biting his own tail! This was not good and Godzilla
finally just gave up and went back to where he came from.

Now what were they going to do? They had tried the
army, they had tried Godzilla, who else could they call?
Then the mad scientist thought of King Kong, his big giant
gorilla. Maybe he could eat the pickle. So they
called King Kong and soon he came stomping through the city
to see what was going on. But gorillas dont eat pickles
so when he saw the pickle he just looked at it. Somehow
they had to get King Kong to eat that big giant pickle!

Suddenly the mad scientist had an idea! He told the
army what he thought and away they went to try it out.
The army got a whole bunch of yellow paint and the air force
started putting it in big buckets and loading them
onto helicopters. Soon they were ready and away the
helicopters went! They flew over that big giant pickle as
it rolled down the street and emptied their buckets of paint
onto the pickle! Now the pickle was a big giant YELLOW
pickle. But it was still missing something. They went out
and cut down a tree and sawed on it and cut it up until
they had made a stem...then they put it in a cannon and shot
that stem right at the pickle where it stuck to the wet

Now they had a big giant pickle that looked just like a big
giant......BANANA! Just perfect for a big giant gorilla.
King Kong saw that big "banana" and he came running right
over as fast as he could. King Kong picked up that
pickle and he started to peel it just like a real banana.
Of course it was green on the inside but by now King Kong
did not care, he was sooo hungry! King Kong ate up that
pickle and so the town was saved. BUT... he forgot the who knows what could happen someday...


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