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Wednesday, 6 May 1863
The Age, Philadelphia PA
Battle of Chancellorsville
List of Officers Killed and Wounded
(Alphabetized by compiler)

AIMES, Capt., __ Regulars - wounded.
ALLEN, Capt., Co C, 145th New York - missing.
ALLER, Lieut. H. M. , Co C, 5th Excelsior - wounded.
ANGELL, Maj., 5th New Jersey - left shoulder.
ASH, Lieut., Co C, 115th Pennsylvania - ankle.
AUSTIN, Lieut., 5th New Jersey - ankle.
AYRES, Lieut., 6th New Jersey - wounded, slightly.

BAILEY, Capt. J. W. , 37th New York - wounded.
BEAKEN,Lieut., Co C, 8th New Jersey- wounded.
BERDAN, Lieut., 7th New Jersey - killed.
BERRY,Maj Gen - killed.
BURLING, Col., 6th New York - wounded.

CHAPIN, Lieut. Col., 86th New York - killed.
COGGSWELL, 2d Massachusetts - arm.
COLLINS, Lieut., 149th New York - wounded.
CONLEY, Capt., Co K, 115th Pennsylvania - killed.
COOK, Lieut. Col., 149th New York - foot.
COOPER, Lieut., Co F., 7th New Jersey - wounded.
CROMLEY, Capt., Co C, 115th Pennsylvania - killed.
CROSBY, Lieut. F. B. , Battery F, 4th United States Artillery - killed.

DAVIS, Lieut., Co D, 115th Pennsylvania - wounded.
DENMAN, Lieut., Co C, 4th Excelsior - wounded.
DEVENS, Gen., of Massachusetts, commanding 1st division, 11th Corps - severely wounded in foot.
DILLON, Capt., Co B, 115th Pennsylvania - wounded.
DINGLE, Lieut., Co F, 7th New Jersey - wounded.

ECKEL, Lieut., 149th New York - wounded.
ELLSWORTH, Capt., 86th New York - killed.
ELWOOD, Capt., 2nd Excelsior - wounded.

FALEN, Capt., Co A, 4th Excelsior - wounded.
FEENEY, Lieut., Co H, 4th Excelsior -wounded.
FIELDS, Lieut. F., 6th New Jersey - wounded.
FITZGERALD, Lieut, 2nd Massachusetts - killed.

GAMBLE, Capt., 5th New Jersey - mortally wounded.
GEBHART, Lieut., Co E, 7th New Jersey - wounded.
GLANCY, 5th New Jersey - neck.
GRAFTON, Capt., 2nd Massachusetts - leg.
GREGORY, Col. E. M. , 91st Pennsylvania - wounded severely.

HAMPTON, Capt., Pittsburg battery - leg shot off.
HART, Capt., Co E., 7th New Jersey - leg.
HIGGINS, Maj., 86th New York - leg.
HOGLAND, Lieut.,JOHN, 6th New Jersey - wounded.
HOWETH, Lieut., 6th New Jersey - severely wounded.
HUESTED, Lieut., 44th New York - wounded by shell.

KEARNIN, Lieut., 37th New York - wounded.
KEENAN, Maj., 8th Pennsylvania cavalry - killed.

LANCASTER, 175th Pennsylvania - killed.
LAWYER, Lieut. GEO. W. , 5th New Jersey - mortally wounded.
LEE, Capt., THOMAS M. K.,6th New Jersey - head.
LOUNSBURY, Lieut. Col., 5th Excelsior - face.

MARKEY, Lieut. J. H. , 37th New York - wounded.
MARTIN, Lieut., 28th New York - knee.
MAYFEW, Lieut., 5th New Jersey - wounded.
McDONALD, Lieut., Co I, 7th New Jersey - head.
McKNIGHT, Col., 105th Pennsylvania - killed.
MILES, Col., 61st New York - fatally, in stomach.
MILLER, Lieut, 4th Maine - killed.
MOORE, Lieut., 5th New Jersey - killed.
MORAND, Lieut., 38th New York - wounded.
MOREHEAD, Capt. 17th Infantry - wounded.
MOTT, Gen., - severely wounded in two places.
MULLOY, Lieut., Co B, 115th Pennsylvania - wounded.
MURPHY, Capt. R. J., 37th New York - wounded.
MURRAY, Capt., 149th New York - leg.

NOTE, Lieut. JOSEPH, 6th New Jersey - wounded.

O'BIERNE, Capt. J. R. , 37th New York - wounded.

PARKS, Col.,2d New York - wounded.
PEET, Lieut., Co B., 8th New Jersey - wounded.
PIERSON, Col., 1st New York - severely wounded.
POTTER, Col., 12th New Hampshire - thigh.
PRIESTLY, Lieut., 46th Pennsylvania - mortally wounded.
PRESTON, Lieut. C. S. , Co A, _____ - shoulder.

RAMSEY, Col., 8th New Jersey - wounded.
RILEY, Col., 75th Ohio - wounded, and left on the field.
ROGERS, Lieut., C. H. , 5th New Jersey - arm.

SCOTT, Lieut. Col., 3d Wisconsin - killed.
SMITH, Capt., Co C., 7th New Jersey - neck.
STAINROOK,109th Pennsylvania - killed.
STELLE, Capt., Co F, 8th New Jersey - severely wounded.
STEVENS, Adjutant, 115th Pennsylvania - wounded.
STEVENS, Col., 4th Excelsior brigade - killed.
STEVENSON, Capt., Co E, 8th New Jersey - wounded.
STROUSE, 46th Pennsylvania - killed.

TALLON, Lieut. JAMES H.,6th New Jersey - hip.
TEMPLE, Capt., 2d Regular Infantry - killed.
THOMAS, Adjutant, 20th Indiana - badly in back.
THOMPSON, Lieut., Gen. Mott's Staff - wounded.

WALKER, Capt., 38th New York - wounded.
WILLETS, Col., 12th New Jersey - wounded.
WILLOUGHBY, Maj., 137th New York - severely.
WITHERELL, Capt., Co F., 7th New Jersey - leg.

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Battle of Fredericksburg
Killed and Wounded on the Left

CROSIER, Sergt. Major R., 31st New York - thigh.
DORR, A. A. , Co B, 6th Maine - seriously.
GIBNEY, PATRICK, Co B, 31st New York - tongue and jaw.
HAMLIN, Maj., 82d New York - killed.
McMURTRY, Lieut., Co H, 5th Wisconsin - spine, severely.
PHILLIPS, ____., Co B, 6th Maine - shot dead.
POWERS, Sergt. JOHN, Co G, 31st New York - slightly.
SEYMOUR, Sergt., Co D, 31st New York - thigh.

Several were killed in the 1st Long Island.

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