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Thursday, 7 May 1863
The Daily Age, Philadelphia PA
Vol. I--No. 37

Battle of Fredericksburg VA
- Killed and Wounded -
The following is an additional list of some of the causalties reported to the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware regiments:

Captain BALLINGER, 61st Penn.
Colonel BERLIN, 6th New Jersey.
Lieutenant _______ BIBB, Co. C. 148th Penn.
Lieutenant Wm. BIBLE, Co. C., 128th Penn.
Captain BURK, 61st Penn.
Lieutenant L. B. CANFIELD, Co. B. 11th New Jersey
H. CRISPELL, Co. F., 141st Penn.
Colonel CROWTHER, 110th Penn.
Captain GRAY, 61st Penn.
Captain ______ HAMPTON, Penn. artillery
Lieutenant Wm. H. HUGH, Co. D., 147th Penn.
Captain IRWIN, 61st Penn.
Lieutenant E. KELLY, Co. H. 11th New Jersey
Colonel LEE, 6th New Jersey.
C. O'HARE, Co. H. 8th New Jersey
Brigadier General SCHIMMELPFENNIG, 11th corps.
Captain S. SMALL, 2d United States infantry
Colonel SPEAR, 61st Penn.
John H. SPENCER, Co. G. 23d Penn.

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J. B. ADAMS, Co. F., 141st Penn.
J. N. ALBERTSON, Co. D., 11th New Jersey
George ALLEN, Co. N., 148th Penn.
D. ANDERSON, Co. I., 2d Delaware
Major J. ANTHONY, 125th Penn.
Major Jos. ANTHONY, severely, 129th Penn.
C. AVERY, Co., H., 141st Penn.
N. A. BARBAR, Co. G., 11th New Jersey
J. W. BARNETT, Co. B., 134th Penn.
C. BARRETT, Co. A., 46th Penn.
S. BATTORFF, Co. C., 148th Penn.
Colonel J. A. BEAVER, Co. N., 148th Penn.
H. J. BEERS, Co. F., 57th Penn.
Sergeant W. K. BENDER, Co. B., 122d Penn.
Sergeant H. I. BIERCE, Co., I, 57th Penn.
Sergeant BIRCHFIELD, Co. N., 148th Penn.
S. BOLSALL, 126th Penn.
G. BOOKSTANER, Co. H., 141st Penn.
P. BORDEN, Co. G., 11th New Jersey
Joseph BOWMAN, Co. G., 122d Penn.
J. BRITTON, Co. H., 8th New Jersey
J. BROWN, Co. D., 11th New Jersey
Sergeant Wm. F. CAMPBELL, Co. C., 134th Penn.
A. I. CARMIN, Co. H., 141st Penn.
W. F. CARPENTER, Co. C., 91st Penn.
S. CARR, Co. F., 6th new Jersey
Sergeant W. T. CLARK, Co. E., 148th Penn.
Sergeant Wm. T. CLARK, 148th Penn.
George COLE, Co. C., 126th Penn.
Wm. M. CONOTHEN, Co. H., 140th Penn.
Corporal M. COONS, Co. I., 12th New Jersey
J. COOPER, Co. A., 122d Penn.
W. S. COX, Co. G., 91st Penn.
Thomas CRIPPIN, Co. B., 6th New Jersey
Corporal H. S. CROCY, Co. G., 5th New Jersey
L. DARBY, Co. C., 12th New Jersey
Lieutenant E. DAVIS, Co. D., 115th Penn.
Corporal J. S. DAVIS, Co. A., 26th Penn.
John DEAN, Co. A., 28th Penn.
G. DENNIS, Co. G., 11th New Jersey
J. A. DOLL, Co. G., 12th New Jersey
J. DOLLIDAY, Co. G., 26th Penn.
Sergeant DINGLE, Co. G., 8th New Jersey
Lieutenant T. DINON, Co. A., 122d Penn.
A. DOUGHTY, Co. F., 41st Penn.
________ DUFFIELD, Co. K., 1st Delaware
J. DUGAN, Co. K., 26th Penn.
T. DUGAN, C. K., 26th Penn.
J. A. EMERICH, Co. A., 148th Penn.
J. M. ERICCSON, Co. I., 11th New Jersey
Sergeant J. EVANS, Co. G., 91st Penn.
Lieutenant T. F. FIELD, Co. I., 6th New Jersey
Corporal J. FLEMING, Co. N., 148th Penn.
Captain FOSTER, R. H., Co. A., 148th Penn.
Captain P. H. FOSTER, Co. A., 148th Penn.
Sergeant Joseph FREACHT, Co. B., 122d Penn.
A. FRENCH, Co. D., 141st Penn.
Captain J. GAMBLE, Co. H., 5th New Jersey
Thomas GARLAND, Co. I., 1st Delaware
Sergeant GEMMILL, Co. N., 148th Penn.
Sergeant GILBERT, Co. C., 91st Penn.
Wm. GILLILAND, Co. F., 91st Penn.
F. GRIM, Co. H., 8th New Jersey
Sergeant P. M. GUILD, Co. K., 57th Penn.
Major HALDEMAN, 124th Penn.
W. HALL, Co. H., 8th New Jersey
Captain HALLSEY, Co. E., 11th New Jersey
Lieutenant J. C. HAMILTON, 26th Penn.
Major HANCOCK, 61st Penn.
J. B. HART, Co. D., 126th Penn.
Corporal J. D. HART, Co. H., 8th New Jersey
N. HAYNE, Co. E., 74th Penn.
Corporal W. H. HELDERMAN, Co. E., 129th Penn.
Orderly Sergeant C. C. HERMANN, Co. C., 148th Penn.
Lieutenant J. H. HOAGLAND, Co. G., 6th New Jersey
Sergeant Wm. HOOPER, Co. A., 46th Penn.
Captain J. C. HULLINGER, Co. D., 126th Penn.
J. HURELL, Co. I, 115th Penn.
D. H. HURTON, Co. D., 148th Penn.
Joe IDDINGS, Co. B., 148th Penn.
John JONES, Co. C., 129th Penn.
Lieutenant _______ JORDAN, Co. C., 2d Delaware
J. KENSLAR, Co. G., 2d Delaware
H. C. KENT, Co. C., 11th New Jersey
R. C. KIRKPATRICK, Co. K., 148th Penn.
M. W. KISECKER, Co. B., 126th Penn.
J. LEE, Co. E., 26th Penn.
J. LOGAN, Co. I., 11th New Jersey
Lieutenant LOWDER, Co. I, 11th New Jersey
A. MALLOCH, Co. I., 91st Penn.
Lieutenant MANNING, Co. I, 8th New Jersey
William MARION, Co. I., 12th New Jersey
Captain MARTIN, Co. B., 11th New Jersey
B. F. MATHESON, Co. F., 12th New Jersey
Corporal R. C. MAXWELL, Co. A., 26th Penn.
J. H. MAY, Co. B., 126th Penn.
Corporal J. C. McCLASKEY, Co. D., 115th Penn.
Wm. K. McCLUNG, Co. H., 1st Delaware
J. McCONNELL, Co. C., 126th Penn.
J. H. McCONNELL, Hampton Penn. Battery
Captain P. McCULLOUGH, Co. F., 2d Delaware
Corporal S. O. B. McCURDY, Co. B., 176th Penn.
Wm. McDOWELL, Co. C., 126th Penn.
Sergeant J. McKAIN, Co. F., 26th Penn.
S. McMILLAR, Co. K., 11th New Jersey
J. MEADE, Co. I, 11th New Jersey
Sergeant J. D. METCALF, Co. C., 126th Penn.
M. MILLER, Co. H., 105th Penn.
Corporal H. MING, Co. B., 105th Penn.
J. MOIST, Co. K., 26th Penn.
J. MONTRY, Co. C., 26th Penn.
General MOTT
Wm. MUSSELMAN, Co. C., 148th Penn.
Captain MYERS, Co. E., 11th New Jersey
J. MYNER, Co. F., 126th Penn.
R. C. NEILL, Co. C., 148th Penn.
Lieutenant E. NEWBURY, Co. G., 11th New Jersey
Lieutenant C. W. NORRIS, Co. C., 109th Penn.
Henry O'NEIL, Co. I, 110th Penn.
Captain OVERTON, A.D.C. General Sykes' staff
Lieutenant J. G. PAINE, Co. C., 126th Penn.
Corporal J. O. PARKER, Co. C., 126th Penn.
W. H. PARKER, 134th Penn.
G. W. PEACOCK, Co. D., 167th Penn.
O. PETTIT, Co. K., 148th Penn.
S. PHENEGER, Co. C., 127th Penn.
W. PHILLIPS, Co. E., 11th New Jersey
G. PILKINGTON, Co. G., 91st Penn.
C. L. PLATT, Co. C., 141st Penn.
A. A. POMEROY, Co. H., 126th Penn.
Lieutenant W. S. PROVOST, Co. K., 11th New Jersey, slightly
Colonel RAMSAY, 8th New Jersey
Colonel RAMSEY, 8th New Jersey
W. REED, Co. D., 148th Penn.
Lieutenant C. REYNOLDS, Co. F., 2d Delaware
Lieutenant A. RHINEHART, Co. D., 148th Penn.
Sergeant J. R. RICE, Co. E., 12th New Jersey
Lieutenant A. RINEHART, Co. D. 148th Penn.
P. ROBBINS, Co. G., 11th New Jersey
Lieutenant G. ROME, Co. K., 126th Penn.
J. ROOSENSTOCK, Co. A., 28th Penn.
Sergeant C. ROSS , Co. E., 26th Penn.
First Lieutenant C. ROWE, Co. K., 126th Penn.
O. RUE, Co. H., 11th New Jersey
Saml. RUTTORFF, Co. C., 148th Penn.
Colonel SEWELL, 5th New Jersey, slightly.
D. W. SHIVER, Co. C., 148th Penn.
Major SIGHLEMMERY, 124th Penn.
M. SLEEPER, Co. E., 73d Penn.
C. SMARTY, Co. C., 148th Penn.
H. D. SMITH, Co. C., 2d Delaware
Wm. H. SMITH, Co. H., 57th Penn.
Captain E. A. SPALDING, Co. I., 141st Penn.
Captain F. A. SPAULDING, Co. I., 141st Penn.
G. STEINMITZ, Co. I., 81st Penn.
Captain STELLE, Co. I, 8th New Jersey
Sergeant J. C. STEMBAUER, Co. A., 122d Penn.
Captain STEWART, Co. E., 148th Penn.
Lieutenant R. SUTHERLAND, Co. H., 109th Penn.
J. SWEENY, Co. B., 11th New Jersey
M. TALLMADGE, Co. I., 11th New Jersey
Wm. W. TARBOX, 141st Penn.
J. THORNTON, Co. H., 141st Penn.
Jacob WANKLE, Co. N., 148th Penn.
G. WEBB, Co. G., 11th New Jersey
J. WELSH, Co. K., 26th Penn.
J. WHALEN, Co. E., 91st Penn.
G. WHITTAKER, Co. C., 12th New Jersey
R. WILLIAMS, Co. F., 26th Penn.
S. WILLIAMSON, Co. G., 91st Penn.
R. R. WINSON, Co. I., 12th New Jersey
Captain WITHERELL, Co. F., 7th New Jersey
Major WOODALL, 1st Delaware
Lieutenant WOODWARD, 26th Penn.

- Philadelphia Killed and Wounded -

The following list of Philadelphians killed and wounded in the battle of Sunday last, in the 95th Pennsylvania Regiment, has been furnished us by a gentleman who reached this city last evening from the army of General Hooker:

Captain J. B. W. AYDELOTT, Co. H.
Captain Thomas CHAPMAN, Co. C.
Lieutenant David HALIER, Co. F.
Lieutenant Colonel E. HALL
Lieutenant Frank STEWART, Co. C.
Colonel Gust. W. TOWN
Captain WEIST, Co. G.

Adjutant F. D. DANTON, and a prisoner.
Lieutenant Wm GELSON, Co. H., slightly.
Lieutenant JONES, Co. H., slightly.
Lieutenant POPPEN, Co. I., slightly.
Lieutenant Oscar ROBERTS, Co. E., mortally.
Lieutenant Samuel TOWN, Co. D., slightly.
Maj. Thomas. J. TOWN
Alphabetized by compiler

Casualties Reported in the Rebel Army
Major General Stonewall JACKSON, wounded in hand, still on duty; Major General D. H. HILL, severely wounded and taken off the field; Brigadier General NICHOLS, wounded badly; Brigadier General MAHONEY, wounded badly; Brigadier General RANSOM, wounded badly.

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