Welcome to Highland United Presbyterian Church!

Leigh Anne Simmons - 08/07/99 20:53:10
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Well Bill you have done it again :) the page is GREAT!!!

Shirley Weibley - 06/26/99 23:04:44
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shelly roberts - 06/02/99 00:33:29
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you are doing a great job bill--keep it up!! love to see the pics!

Jeff Stoner - 05/10/99 02:36:37
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Bill - 04/24/99 11:55:33
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Hi folks. Thank you all for visiting our page. Come back often and please, sign the guestbook. I'd appreciate it. God Bless.

Hans Erich Myors - 02/28/99 03:15:52
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Shalom, Just checking out the other Christian sites on GeoCities.

Jill Stine - 01/09/99 22:56:06
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This web page is beautiful! The pictures are fantastic. You are certainly an asset to us all here at Highland! Exceptionaly work Bill!

Heather Long - 11/29/98 12:05:54
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Address: Australia

You have a lovely church and a large congregation, we wish you well at this special time of year. Para Hills Presbyterian Church Adelaide South Australia

10/05/98 12:04:42
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Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

Cathie - 09/03/98 20:50:47
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Address: Ontario Canada

I was lucky enough to visit your church in 1997, while my family and I were enjoying a visit with one of your members. I found it a lovely church, friendly and the effort to make me feel at home was overwhelming. This homepage is a perfect addition to sho others of the wonderful people and activities that you do. I hope to one day be lucky enough to visit your church again and feel the spirit of the community flowing within.

Thomas and Jeannie Filip - 08/10/98 00:09:44
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Address: 89 Acker Rd Newport, Pa

Well done!! You all did a fine job putting this web page together.

Sonny Follette - 08/07/98 21:10:46
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When God enters our lives we open to all possiblities.

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