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Ford 8N

Ford Tractors owe their development to the famous gentleman's Handshake Agreement between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson, combining Ford's tractor with Ferguson's revolutionary equipment system. The result was the N series tractors that changed agriculture forever.

Ford with 6 cylindar Funks adapter

Ford Tractor Power
American farmers know what all out production means. Long hours of work. Less and less help. Making use of every possible acre of soil and of every tool that will help to get the job done faster and better. Men coming out of retirement and getting back into the fields. Young people and women pitching in and doing the work of a grown men.

This is the way the job was done before. It is the way it will have to be done now--in 1951.

To do more jobs and save more hours, Ford Tractors and Dearborn Implements, specially engineered to work with them from an unbeatable combination.

On farms short of help, the Ford Tractor which anybody, young or old, can use is priceless " hired man." Moreover, on any farm, the handy, economical Ford Tractor can be a big factor in keeping production up, costs down.

1958 Model 501Workmaster Offset
This 1958 Model 501 Offset Workmaster is designed for underbody mounted tillage tools and an unobstructed view. The Offset is a departure from the Ford-Ferguson concept of rear-mounted implements, although the three-point hitch is retained. A substantial frame section is used, rather than relying on the engine structure to handle the loads.

The Workmaster used the 134 cubic inch Red Tiger engine of the Jubilee 600 Series, as well as the same four-speed transmission.

This example also has a high-direct-low auxiliary transmission by Ford. Two 12x28 rear tires help get the Work-master up above the crops. The front and back wheels are adjustable in width to accommodate row spacing.

Ford with 8 cylindar Funks adapterFord with Funks Conversion
The Fossum Collection includes this 1952 Ford 8N with a Funk V-8 conversion. The Funk conversion consists of gearbox adapter and adapters for front wheel attachment. The tractor is lengthened, so tie and radius rods are extended and a hood extension is provided to reach the instrument panel. The hood and grille are raised and an appropriate radiator is used. Fossum has two vertical straight pipes for the exhaust -- the sound is magnificent!

Palmer Fossum drives his 1952 Funk V-8 conversion--the Ford Bull, if they're ever was one! This is a rare conversion: most used industrial, or truck, sixes. Funk Brothers of Coffeeville Kansas offered Kits, which also produced, in the forties, a light aircraft known as the Funk B. The added power was welcome for such chores as belt-powering thrashing machines or for heavy mowing, where a good part of the power went through the PTO.

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If you need information on equipment sales and Parts. Call or write.
Palmer Fossum
10201 E. 100th St.
Northfield, MN 55057
Phone - 507-645-8095

Ford High Crop

I am not sure just who owns this tractor is but I personally think that for a ford it is not a very attractive tractor at all. Granted it is built high up with a single wheel in front. More than likely used for high crop cultivation. You would almost think another tractor manufacture put ford parts into manufacturing this tractor.

True Ford tractor lovers I am sure find this tractor unique in both it versatility and appearance.

Regular Ford

As time progressed the Ford increased in horsepower and changed style on the hood and emblems. Staying with the times, attractive tractors with colorful emblems and finish were the norm.

As time permits, I will upload a lot more photos from the Palmer Fossum collection. He has many Styles, years and all different types of Ford tractors. His collection spans many years.

I just received an email from Rick. I was very pleased I was able to show him His very own family tractor... Here is what he wrote.

Enjoyed your farming page. The tractor you were not sure of is, or is same as Palmers sugar cane special. The one you show to illustrate the change in style and hood ornaments is Palmers Jubilee Funk 6 OHV conversion. It has the construction tractor, wide lug tires on it, which were formerly on the second Funk in his collection.

That tractor was my Dad's for almost thirty years. Palmer has replaced the tires and added the decal kit, but otherwise it is as my Dad left it. If you have any idea what a Funk V8 is worth today, you might be amused to know that my dad paid $80 for it in 1966. It was considered to be worth less than the 4, as it was a morfidite.

I took Dad up to Palmers for a visit and have seen Funk V8 number three which he now has. I hope he gets all three Funks going, so He and his sons can all drive one in a parade. I hope its soon so I can get Dad there also.

Thanks for the page.

Thank you Rick for the comments. Its people like you that keep the Antique Tractor Restoring fun and a pleasure. We are trying to keep a little of the past heritage for the future generations.

Palmar Fossum and 8N with V8

This is a photo of Palmer Fossum second 8 cylinder Ford 8N tractor. When you have one you must get another. You can see Palmer in the checked shirt standing directly in front of the tractor. Gatherings like this at one of the local shows bring on many questions and the best part demonstrations of how it sounds and how much power it really has.

Ford with Funks V8 Conversion

Here you can see another view of Palmer's Ford 8 cylinder. As you can see the engine heads shine in the sunlight. I can guarantee this machine is in top-notch condition.

A really High Crop

At LeSueur Pioneer Power show I spotted this Ford. It was sure high off of the ground and what do they do with it?Then a little further down the row I saw this Ford on a truck with a spray boom and tank. This one has a ladder to get up to the seat. I believe adding fuel or even changing fluids in the engine area would be a little difficult.

A note from the owner Keith K (sorry I didn't get the last name).
It's the 1949 Hiboy with the cover on it. Mainly, it was for spraying corn, but was also used for detassling, among other things. The kit was built buy the Peterson Stilt Co. of Omaha, NE.
Another food for thought: I don't believe this piece of equipment would handle hills and slopes very well. After all Safety is very important. Ford 8N with spray boom
Not exactly the standard Ford Tractor but I bet this one is a work horse when the terrain get really rough.
As you can see there is a proof meter on this 8N, standard throttle control. The missing steering wheel makes this tractor a little unusual when comparing to other Ford's.

Did you notice this ad in your newspaper?Sales ad in a Newspaper

This ad shows mounted equipment available for the Ford and pull equipment for complete farm equipment. The idea was to supply a complete line of equipment from one source for easy mounting and operation.

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