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Allison's Page 4 Kids Visit this great site run by an 8 year old.

Cool Kid's Page Amy, Andrew and Caty would like you to stop by for a while.

Alice Bowen's Home Page A great site run by a 10 year old in England.

Derya Davenport's Home Page Visit this site in Turkey, run by an 11 year old girl.

Debbie's Home Page An Impressive site by a 13 year old girl.

David's Grab Bag Page A really nice site by a 7 1/2 year old boy.

Ben's web page for kids Lots of animation. A really good site by a 9 year old Australian boy.

Tilla's Place A Nice site run by a 10 year old girl in London.

Bearable Times The Kids' Hospital Network Children helping each other recover through love, support, and understanding! This site is maintained by a 13 year old girl.

Farmer Joe A great place to hang out!!! This site was created by a 13 year old.

Aaron's Mixture of Things A Really nice site created entirely by a 6 year old boy.

Tori's Page Tori has some of her favorite links. Maintained by a 7 year old girl.

David and Daniels Clubhouse Fun at David's Space Station and Daniel's Train Station (David is 7 years old, Daniel is 4 years old)

Arianne's Page For kids and teens (Arianne is 12 years old)

The Kids Section This is my church's Kids site. I made it. (David is 13 years old)

James and Kates Kids Page fun! penpals, jokes, story, games more. (James is 7 years old, Kate is 5)

Robbies Page Original artwork & great links for kids! (Robbie is 6 years old.)

Wanda's Page Wanda's personal home page (Wanda is a 12 year old girl from Indonesia.)

Griffin Logue's wild animal page A place for animal lovers (Griffin is 5 years old.)

Christinas Place Personal page and links (Christina is 12 years old.)

Monika's Kid Zone crafts, cool links and other. (Monika is 10 years old.)

HUESTER'S HOME PAGE Personal page and cool links. (Huey is 9 years old.)

Maureen's home page Has an about me page, etc. It's okay. (Maureen is 11 years old.)

Rachel Carter's Homepage A home page I designed myself (Rachel is 13 years old.)

KIDS OF THE WEB Links to pages by Kids [Brian(14), Mark(12)and Amanda(6) have put this page together] A VERY impressive page.

Cool antique cars, bigfoot, and links! [Joshua Shepherd is 12]

Baseball, a cool shark, and my fish!! [Tyler Shepherd is 8]

For girls of all ages, chat, vote, more! [Jamie is 15]

I like Barbie & Pippi. Links, photos.etc [Lovisa Wistrand is 5]

I like Barbie. Photos and links. [Lovisa is 5]

The kewlest site for kids!!! [Jeffrey Blair is 12]

COOL [Tui Maybury is 11]

4#grade, like computers,play piano [joshua Caughron bothun is 9]

Natalie is the biggest Hollywood Fan!!! [Natalie is 10]

brown hair, brown eyes, & a nice person [Matthew McKenzie is 9]

Another impressive site a 13 y/o girl. [Lori is 13]

Where kids can find ideas for the earth! [Molly is 12]

poems, stories, jokes by kids for kids [maureen & aliza is 8&5]

homepage of 8yr please sign this g-book [Crisanto Calvento is 8]

I'm 13 and this is doughboy's world [mark young is 13]

Sega [Jon is 13]

I had problems. I'm now happy. :) [Sophie is 14]

Fun place for GIRLS! [Jessica is 10]

A cool animated Funpage with Tatiana [Tatiana Rose Paterson is 9]

My world, my paintings, hobbies, schools [Zainal Abidin Adlin is 8]

arianne's playground [ARIANNE.A.CABO is 8]

A fun club for fans of 'The Outsiders' [Fleur is 13]

A good page of links. (in process) [Kate is 11]

For people 8 and up [Gemma is 13]

A totally cool site. By me, for you [Jake S. is 12]

This page has the words to barbie Girl! [Booma is 12]

An interesting site for kids ! [Cutie Sister is 13]

The N64 site! Everything on N64! [Basketb650 is 13]

This is the homepage of a 1 swedish boy [Max Kjerrud is 1]


Pictures and Stories by a 4-year-old boy [Christopher McCants is 4]

Its the best website in the world! [Jennifer Ellan is 8]

Babies First Page [Blake Collier is 2]

A large on-line zoo. [Lindsay and Megan is 11]

Profile,Pictures & Link pages [Michael is 3]

My page has video game links and codes. [Paul is 11]

fun, entertaining, wholesome [ANDRE HOARST ABELLA is 2]

Sofia`s Home Page for kids [Sofia Larsson is 5]

Cool Kid [Shellon Eleazer is 10]

I like to swimming and drawing picture [tiffany is 11]

We are looking for sites run by children, If you know of any not listed here, please let me know about them.

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