The following are a few photos of my ancestors. I am very proud to be able to have as many photos as I have of my ancestors ! I realize many people can't even name their great grandparents. The ones I have put on this page so far are my mother's line. We haven't done this well on my father's family. A big Thank You to those who have shared with me !

Three Generations of Baugh Male Ancestors

James Martin B.Loving Harvey B.

My Mother's parents, William Lee Baugh and Willie Stacy Baugh

Eliza Susanna Neeley Baugh,wife of James Martin Baugh

Tennessee Blackburn Baugh, first wife of Loving Harvey Baugh and mother of William Lee Baugh

Mary Jane Burkett Baugh,second wife of L.H.Baugh, and mother of 12 of mother's uncles and aunts.

Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Wells Neely,wife of Charles Lynch Neely and mother of Eliza S. Neely Baugh

Neely Sisters-Mary Catherine (Mrs.James L. King),Delilah Tennessee (Mrs.John Wm. Blackburn),Margaret Virginia (Mrs.John Jones),Rhoda Jane (Mrs. John Baugh),Eliza Susanna (Mrs.J.M.Baugh),and Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs.Wyatt W. Baugh)

James Madison Stacy and wife, Emily Ellen "Milly" Thomasson, parents of Willie Stacy Baugh, above.

George Washington Thomasson and wife, Mary Louisana "Polly" Bell (parents of Emily E. above) and daughter, Amanda

George Washington Thomasson

This photo was turned in for a DRT book. I scanned it but have not been able to find who turned it in. I would like to verify if it is truly my ancestors, James Walker Sr. and Catherine Miller.

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