Dewberry And Ancestors

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Dora Ester Dewberry was born in 1897 in Mills County Texas. She was the second child of Joseph Henry Dewberry and Nancy Ann Gadberry. She met and married Herbert Jasper Lee in Borden County Texas in 1917. They lived in west Texas for several years before moving to Brown County Texas, where she died in 1986.They had three daughters. The oldest daughter married Johnny Vestol Naron

Joseph Henry Dewberry was born 27 May 1868 in Spalding County GA. to William Dewberry and Lucy J. Norton, the daughter of James H. and Elizabeth Norton. It is not known what happened to William Dewberry but Joseph, his older sister Bettie Ann Dewberry and their mother, Lucy J. were in Texas by census time 1880. Lucy J. had married Benj. F. Johnson. Joseph Henry married Nancy Ann Gadberry in August of 1893 in Mills County Texas.Joseph and Nancy had eight children; Henry Carroll (1895 Mills Co.-1986 Brown Co),Dora Ester (1897 Mills Co.-1986 Brown Co),Lela Jane (1899 Mills Co.-1989 Salinas CA),Jimmie Lore (1900 Mills Co.-1990 N.Mex.),Mirtie B.(1903 Mills Co.-____),Annie Ruth (1908 Mills Co.-1982 Cherokee Co.Tx.),Bessie Lee (1912 Coleman Co Tx.-1995 Brown Co. Tx.), Doris Juanita (1919 Nolan Co. Tx.-___). Joseph Henry Dewberry and Nancy Ann Gadberry Dewberry made their way to far west Texas. They lived in several places in west Texas before the Great Depression, at which time they settled in Brown County Texas. Joseph died there in 1962 and Nancy in 1960.

Little is known of William Dewberry. A Spalding County GA. marriage record shows William F. Dewberry married Lucy J. Norton in October 1863. They had a daughter Bettie Ann in 1865 and a son Joseph Henry in 1868, but the 1870 census does not show William in the household. It is most likely that his father was William G. Dewberry, who served as sherrif of Spalding County in the early 1860s, and Eliza Sisson.

William G. Dewberry born 1816-1818 was the son of John Dewberry of Jasper County GA. William G. married Eliza Sisson in 1836 in Pike Co. Ga. and had three known children (per census), Eliza ca 1838, Frances ca 1842, and William ca 1847. Eliza apparently died about the time of her son's birth. William G. married Keziah Crawley Reese in August 1847 in Pike Co. Little else is known of William G., except he was sworn into the office of sherrif of Spalding Co.for two terms.


Nancy Ann Gadberry was born 9 June 1878 in Lampasas County Texas. Her parents were Aaron Carroll Gadberry and Mary Etta Evans. Nancy Ann was about three years old when her mother died so she went to live with her maternial grandparents, Isom and Nancy Evans in neighboring Mills County. he remained w th them until she married Joseph Henry Dewberry in August of 1893. She died in Brown County Texas in 1960. See more information under Joseph Henry Dewberry above.

Aaron Carroll Gadberry was the fifth child born to Andrew Jackson and Nancy Gadberry. He was born in Schyler County Ill. in 1848. He married Mary Etta Evans in Benton County Ark. in 1869. Their first child, Nora Lavada was born in Benton County in 1870. Their second child ,Isam Jackson was born in 1873 in Texas or Kansas. The family moved to Texas before 1875. In Texas their third and fourth children were born, William in 1875 and Nancy Ann in 1878. Mary Etta died about 1881 in Lampasas County Texas and Aaron Carroll Gadberry married Cynthia Addington Trammell in Feb. 1882. They had a son,Carl Leslie , in 1883.Soon after this son's birth they started a move accross Texas into Oklahoma. Aaron Carroll died in Madill Oklahoma in 1924 and Cynthia died there in 1928.

Andrew Jackson Gadberry gave his birth place as Wayne County TN. between 1816-1820. By 1850 he was in Ill. He later traveled between Ark., Missouri and Kansas before making a move to Texas about 1875. His first wife was Nancy Norsley or Nosely and they had eight known children, William, Henry George, Frances, Mary A., Aaron Carroll, John, Jane, and Catherine. Nancy Gadberry died in Benton County 1866. In May 1866 Andrew Jackson married Violet Paulina Trammell Phillips in Benton County. They had three children, Marion Thomas, Tempe Elizabeth,and Lillie Jo. Paulina died in Lampasas County Texas in 1877 and Andrew Jackson married a third time. The third wife was Margaret (Hettie) Keen. There were four children born of this marriage, Nancy Delie, Becky Ann, Andrew Jackson Jr. and Fanny Carron. Andrew Jackson and Hettie moved around Texas and Oklahoma for several years. About 1900 they moved back to Hamilton County Texas. He died in Lampasas County Texas in 1902. Hettie died in 1928 in Runnells County Texas. At this time there is no proof of parentage of Andrew Jackson Gadberry nor of his first wife, Nancy.


Mary Etta Evans was born about 1853 in Benton County Ark. to Isom and Nancy Trammell Evans. She married Aaron Carroll Gadberry in Benton County 19 August 1869 in Benton County. In about 1875, she had a large number of her relatives moved to Lampasas County Texas. Mary Etta died in Lampasas County in late 1881. She was buried in Stanley Chapel Cemetery in Lampasas County. In 1994 a group of her descendants erected a momument in her memory.

Isom Evans was born 23 April 1822 on Pigion Creek in Haywood County North Carolina, per his Mexican War pension application. We do not know who his parents were. About 1849 he married Nancy Trammell,the daughter of Jacob B. and polly Trammell of Macon County North Carolina. Isom and Nancy followed one of her brothers to Benton County Ark. about 1852. They raised their family in Benton County before moving to Texas about 1875. Nancy and some of their children went to Lampasas County while Isom made a stop over in Hood County Texas.Their children were Marion Taylor Evans (married Harriet B. Williams)born 1851 in North Carolina-died 1909 in Nolan County Texas, Mary Etta (see above),Zilpha born 1855 in Ark.-died ?, Catherine (married thomas Ice)born 27 December 1856 in Ark.-died 1937 in Hood County Texas, James Franklin (married Bettie Ann Dewberry) born 18 March 1860 in Ark.-died 1926 in McLennan County Texas),Rebecca L. (married Francis Marion Mitchell) born 23 March 1863 in Ark.-died 1944 in Coleman County Texas, John E. (married Tamor Tolson) born 23 July 1866 in Ark.- died 1949 in Mills County Texas,and Jack (married Ophelia Slack) born 27 Dec. 1869 in Ark.- died 1956 in Coleman County Texas. Isom and Nancy settled in a part of Lampasas County Texas that was divided into Mills County in 1887. Nancy died there in 1899 and Isom in 1907.


Nancy Trammell was born 5 January 1859 in Macon County North Carolina to Jacob B. and Polly Trammell.She married Isom Evans about 1848-1850. Soon after their first son was born, they and several relatives traveled to Benton County Ark. See Isom's story above.

Jacob B. Trammell has not been researched very much by myself,but he was active in Macon County North Carolina where he raised his family. It is known that he was the son of William Trammell and Zilpha Lynch and was born in Union County South Carolina in 1791.By 1835 he was active in Macon County NC. His known children were Mahala , Rebecca, Margaret Caroline, Thomas R., Zilpha, William K., Nancy (married Isom Evans), Harriet A.,Violet Paulina (married Andrew Jackson Gadberry above),and Jacob Van Buren. It is has been passed down in the family, but not proved, that Polly was Indian. Polly died in Macon County sometime between 1850 and 1860. Jacob B. died in 1860 in Macon County.


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