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Johnny Vestol Naron was born 29 September 1917 in Brown County Texas. He was the son of William Baxter Naron and Laura Ethel Miller. On 31 December 1935 he married Geneva Bernece Lee , the daughter of Herbert Jasper Lee and Dora Ester Dewberry.Johnny and Burnice had two sons before they were divorced. The sons were John Thomas Naron and Raymond Lafayette Naron. Johnny Vestol died in Temple Texas 13 January 1996.

William Baxter Naron was born 3 June 1885 in Chickasaw County Miss.He was the 6th child of James Lafayette Naron and Nancy Ann (Canny) Cook(or Kock)(26 September 1855-16 January 1938).In December of 1891 the family moved from Miss. to Titus County Texas and then on to Brown County Texas, where William married Laura Ethel Miller on 6 August 1905. Except for a short time in Oklahoma,they spent the rest of their lives in Brown County. They had Vernon Lafayette 1906-1979,Mabel Ann 1908-1975,J.D.Kelvie Naron 1912-__,Raymond 1914-1914, Johnny Vestol 1917-1996,and Hazel Tylene 1920-1920. William Baxter Naron died 5 March 1946 in Brown County Texas.

James Lafayette Naron was born 11 June 1849 in Miss., the son of George Washington Naron (1812-) and Eliza Griffin. James married Nancy Ann Cook or Kock 15 February 1872 in Miss.They had nine children,all born in Chickasaw County Miss., Elizabeth Ida 1873-1873, George Washington 1875- died 1966 in Hardeman County Texas, Effie 1877- died in Lamb County Texas 1978 (married Archie Tapley),Sally Alma 1881- died 1971 in Hardeman County Texas (married Joe Murphy), James Thomas Whitfield Naron 1882-1961, Wm. Baxter 1885-1946 in Brown County Texas, Mary Ansley (Mollie) 1887-1971 Stephens County Texas (married Charlie Schult), Edward Lee 1889-1980 , Alanzo Byron 1891-1944 Brown County Texas.James Lafayette Naron died 8 June 1932 in Hardeman County Texas and Nancy Ann died 16 January 1938 in Lamb County Texas. Nothing is known of the ancestory of Nancy Ann except she shows as born in Alabama on census.

George Washington Naron was born 1812 in Georgia to Eli Naron and Delilah____?. He and Elizabeth (Eliza)Griffin were married 23 July 1834 in Chambers County Alabama.They had known children, Elizabeth about 1835 in Georgia, Thomas Jefferson about 1836 in Georgia,Mary L. about 1838 in Alabama-,Benjamin Franklin 31 December 1839 in Alabama-20 March 1929,Martha C.about 1843 in Alabama-11 January 1899 Texas (married Thomas Taylor,W.S. Ellis),Selina Ansley 7 April 1847 in Miss.-(married Washington Taylor)-25 November 1930 in Texas,-)James Lafayette 11 June 1849 in Miss.-18 June 1932 in Texas, Rachel about 1853 in Miss.-1935 (married William W. Taylor),Eliza about 1855 in Miss-, Louisa about 1857 in Miss.- .George Washington Naron died 3 July 1897 in Miss. and his wife 2 February 1880 in Miss.

Eli Naron was born about 1779 in North Carolina to Thomas and Sarah _____? Naron. Eli married Delilah ____ about 1799 probably in South or North Carolina and by 1803 was in Georgia. They remained in Georgia for several years, moving to Alabama and then Chickasaw County Miss. Their known children were , Thomas Jefferson born about 1800 in South Carolina, Samuel about 1803 in Georgia, John H. about 1805 in Georgia, Warrenton about 1811 in Georgia, George Washington (see above), William Riley born about 1813 in Georgia, died in Texas about 1854, Louisa about 1815 in Georgia and Eli Jr. about 1824 in Georgia - ? in Miss. Eli Naron Sr. died about 1860 in Miss. and his wife about 1841 probably in Alabama.

Thomas Naron information is just now being gathered. He was married to Sarah___? and they had at least three sons from about 1774 to 1782 when Thomas died in Montgomery County North Carolina.Proof that one of the sons was Eli born about 1779 has just been found.


Laura Ethel Miller was born 3 May 1889. She was the seventh child of Sterling Thomas Miller and Frank Ann Fowler (ca 1856- Nov. 1896). She was born in Texas but we do not know the county. Her family can be located in a number of Texas counties before settling in Brown County. Laura and William Baxter Naron (see above) were married in Brown County in 1905 and she died there 14 August 1966.

Sterling Thomas Miller, sometimes known as Jerdon Miller was born May 1852 in Goliad or Robertson County Texas, the son of William F. Miller (1820-?) and his wife Phobe __. Sterling and Frank Ann Fowler were married about 1871 probably in Goliad County, although this information has not been found. Sterling and Frank Ann had George W. ca 1873-?, Louisa D. 1874-ca 1915 (married James A. Benson),Henry 1880-ca 1919, James Alfred 1883-1962 (married Ada Duncan),Mary E. 1885-1918 (married J Ed Duncan),Maggie B. 1887-1964 (married 1st A.J.Warren, 2nd John Sawyer),Laura Ethel (see above),John Franklin 1893-1962 (married 1st Norma Estele Olney, 2nd Georgia___). Frank Ann Fowler Miller died November 1896 near the Llano/Burnet county line. Sterling moved on to Brown County Texas and in 1901 married Palestine Ione "Tiny" Dawson (1880-1929). Sterling and "Tiny" had Effie, Arthur D.,Arvel Z. "Pete", Albert A.,Jesse I.,Pearl and Roscoe A..Sterling died May 1926 in Eastland County Texas.

Not too much has been found on William F. Miller. By census reports we know that he was born about 1820 in North Carolina, was married about 1839 probably in Tenn. was in Texas by 1852, and died after 1874. We know he had one brother Asa R. Miller who was born in TN. about 1832. We know he served in the Civil War with two of his sons.His known children were, Jacob\Issac born about 1841 (believe his wife was Nancy Ann Edmondson),Peter ca 1843-1886 (married Savanah Cornett),James P. 1845-1884 (married Sarah Ann Fowler), William born about 1847, Sterling 1852-1926(see above),Benj Dec 1853 - Dec 1931 (married Mary Allen), M.J. or W.J. born about 1858, Alfred born late 1859 or early 1860, Mary Elizabeth Mar. 1861 - Jan. 1936 (married James P. Carrigan),Pat V. born abt 1863,Adolphus E. abt 1867 and George abt 1868. We also know that Wm. F.'s wife, Pheby, married George William Fowler about 1869 probably in Goliad County Tx. and died in 1906 in Bosque County Tx.


Geneva Bernece Lee was born in 1920 in Lynn County Texas to Herbert Jasper Lee and Dora Ester Dewberry. She married (1) Johnny Vestol Naron 31 December 1935 in Brown County Texas. They had two sons, John Thomas in 1937 and Raymond Lafayette in 1939. She and Johnny were later divorced and she married Clarence A. Fisher (1911-1982) in 1942. To Bernece and Clarence were born Darrell Wayne Fisher in 1947 and Carrolyn Ruth Fisher in 1948.

Herbert Jasper Lee was the fourth child born to Hiriam Jasper Lee and Mary Emily (Molly) Angel. He was born 12 October 1896. He married Dora Ester Dewberry 4 February 1917 in Borden County Texas. Their children were Geneva Bernece born in 1920, Lou Evelyn born in 1933 and Henrieta born in 1937.Herbert and Dora spent most of their life in Brown County Texas. He died there in 1970.

Hiriam Jasper Lee was born 13 June 1863 in Hamilton County Ill. He moved to Texas about 1883 with a cousin and family.His parents were James Mitchell Lee and Catherine Johnson. He married Mary Emily Angel on 3 November 1889 in Shackleford County Texas. He was ordained as a Baptist preacher in 1905.Hiriam and "Molly" had nine children, Bertha Catherine 1890-1970 (married Alonzo Thomas Stewart), John Mitchell 1892-1969 (married Ella Drinkard),Ella Anna 1894-1979 (married Philo Stewart), Herbert Jasper (see above), twins Inos 1899-1899 and Ina 1899-1918 (married Marion Berry), Ada Lou 1901-1990 (married Jermiah Drinkard),Thomas Gena 1903-1977 (married Nettie Ione Rice), and Rosa Myrtle 1908-__(married Turman Woods).Hiriam died in Brown County Texas 28 December 1947.

James Mitchell Lee was born 20 September 1834 in Ill. He was the son of Rev. Robert Lee and Rebecca Mitchell who possibly had been married to a Smith. James Mitchell and Catherine Johnson , the daughter of Joseph and Jane Johnson ,were married 27 March 1853 in Hamilton County Ill.They had six known children, William Robert 1857-1934, Sarah Matilda 1860-1935 (married Ephraim Mack White), Hiriam Jasper (see above),Daniel Webster 1866-1908,Nancy Ann 1872-1948 (married R. Lee Moore), Martha Charlotte 1877-1967 (married J. Edward Musick) All these children were born in Ill. The family moved to Texas in 1884 after Hiriam Jasper and a cousin had established themselves there. James Mitchell died in Taylor County Texas 22 March 1913 after Catherine had died there 21 October 1908.

Robert Lee was born 1803 somewhere in North Carolina. It is thought that his father was John Lee. Robert Lee married Rebecca Mitchell (Smith ?) about 1828 in Giles County Tenn. They had two known children in Tenn. , John Robert 1830-1907 and Rachel Elizabeth 1832-1889 (married Jesse McDaniel). In Ill. Robert and Rebecca had James Mitchell (see above), Mary Jane 1836- ? (married James Matheny in Ill.), William Robert Smith 1848?-1905. James Mitchell Lee died 10 J ne 1850 in Hamilton County Ill. and his wife, Rebecca died 30 July 1868 , also in Hamilton County Ill.

Mary Emily "Molly" Angel was born 21 January 1870 in Jackson County Alabama to John Willis Angel and Kathryn Ann "Kitty" Wilson. Molly married Hiriam Jasper Lee (see above). Her father John Willis Angel was born 5 August 1849 in Jackson County Alabama to Willis Milton Angel and Mary Emily Cornelius. John Willis Angel and Kathryn Ann Wilson, the daughter of Thomas Jackson Wilson and Emile S. Lackey, were married 14 February 1869 in Jackson County Alabama. The Angel family moved from Alabama to Texas about 1880. Kathryn Ann Wilson Angel died 2 August 1902 in Brown County Texas. John Willis Angel then married Alice Elizabeth Forbes 5 October 1904.


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