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Composition Doll Bulletin Board

The absolute newest bulletin board...sponsored by Mintdoll!

Hard Plastic Doll Bulletin Board

A very sucessful bulletin board on the net. The topic is hard plastic dolls...Preferrably from before 1959.

Exclusively Ginny Bulletin Board

A wonderful idea for the ginny collectors among us..a bulletin board exclusively for the postings about ginny dolls...go take a look!

Porcelain Doll Bulletin Board

Brand new Bulletin Board.

Vinyl Doll Bulletin Board

Brand new Bulletin Board.

Doll Collecting News Group

** this will only work if you are "capable" of receiving newgroups, sorry.**

great wealth of articles about, selling and wanting dolls...lots of nonsense too.

DollChat collectors link

This is something different, you become part of a network of doll collectors, you receive messages from other collectors with stories, questions and answers to your questions a whole lot of sharing goes on here....one main criteria of membership is NO SELLING on this line at all.
To subscribe, send an e-mail to the above address, say "subscribe", nothing else as the computer reads it and other words will confuse it. It will automatically pick up your address.

I have recently removed myself from this group due to personal differences, I will retain the link for those who are interested...however it is NOT for me!

ClothDoll Mail Discussion Group

If You are interested in participating in this group, you will recieve e-mailings from other cloth doll enthusiasts...make contacts....create some friendships...sign up!

Trade Show Bulletin Board

Unique concept...contemporary dolls, bears, all kinds of stull listed in either a want to buy, want to sell, or want to trade format. Worth taking a look at, post some stuff, you may find your treasure you are seeking.

Paperdoll Bulletin Board

Another wonderful bulletin board sponsored by those folks at Ivisions...they sponsor alot of doll boards.

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