Song: "Candle in the Wind"

~star~My Awards~star~

"Thank You So Much For Them!"

Thank`s Rick for the "Rickprats Award for Homepage Excellence"! Recieved on March 2, 1998

Thank`s Christine for the "Peace & Tolerance Award"! Recieved on March 4, 1998

Thank`s Darryl for the Sexman Award! Recieved on March 5, 1998

Apply for your Award of Excellence in
Thank`s Dave for the "Excellence in Design" Award! Recieved on March 5, 1998

Thank`s for the "Women Webmaster Award for Excellence"! Recieved on March 21, 1998

Thanks for the "Kitten`s Award of Excellence"! Recieved on March 25, 1998

Thanks Maeve for the "~Love & Care~ Award"! Recived on March 26, 1998

Thanks Judy & Jay for the beauitful Rose Award! Recived on April 6, 1998

Thanks Debbie & Joel for the "Splendid Site Award"! Recieved on March 7, 1998

Thank you Tammi

Thanks Tammi for the beauitful"Award of Excellence"! Recieved on April 18, 1998

Thanks Chrisliaryan Family for the "Best on the Block" Award! Recieved on April 19, 1998

Thank Toups for the June Award! Recieved on May 11, 1998

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