Song:"We've Only Just Begun"

To all of you, you mean so very much to me!
You are all special to me in one way or another.
Each one of you have come to mean so very much to me
in one way or the other.
For that means more to me then you will ever know!
I love you all in each a special way, and always will...

~To Ming 69~

To my husband with love!
You have always been their for me no matter what.
I will always love you from the bottom of my heart!
You are my sole mate to the very end.
You love me for all I have done wrong and for all my mistakes.
We have been through alot of rough times,
and have always come through them.
You have always loved me no matter what,
and for that I will always be greatful, no matter what.
For I love you more as each day we have with each other.
I love you honey!...*Warm Tight Hugs*


Where do I begine to tell you what you mean to me!
The day we meet, it means more
to me then you will ever know.
We meet and you were so shy, only a small hello.
But we kept talking, what started out as friendship,
soon turned out to be a big part of my family.
I could never ask for a better sister then I have in you!
We have cryed real tear and had or ups and downs,
but what sisters don`t.
You are my blood in more ways then one.
We seem to know when the other one is hurting
or just needs that special part of the other.
But we are one and always will be.
You have tought me so much and never ask for anything in return.
For that my dearest SISTER I will always love you!
...*Warmest Tight Hugs*

~To Niecer/Flip~

To my dearest friends..
We meet in the hallway and have always stayed friends.
We don`t hear from each other that often anymore,
but you will always stay in my heart forever.
You always helped me when I ask for it
and never once ask for anything in return.
But even though we don`t talk that much
anymore you are not lost to me.
I cherrish the talks that we have had,
and for all the fun times in the Hallway. *Huge Hugs*

~To Nana~

We meet through my Diabetic homepage.
You wrote me a letter and ask me to write you back.
You said that,
you felt the same way as I did.
In just a short time, we have turned into friends
and for that I will always treasure.
We seem to hit it off right away from the start,
and are still going strong.
Your friendship means alot to me,
and always will!
Thanks for letting me get to know you as I have.
You will always be in my heart forever!
* Warm Tight Hugs*

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