Welcome to my website! I work hard to keep things updated and interesting. I do hope that you will enjoy your visit here, I have been told that there is nothing boring here. I do hope that you find that to be true.

I have been quilting since I was a small child with my grandmother, but as all things taught to a child it gets put aside for a few years until there is time to enjoy doing it again. After the children were grown and out on their own I decided it was time for me to do the things that I wanted to do again. I was amazed at the line of tools and equipment that is on the market now for quilting. So, this old dog is learning new tricks all the time.

I have listed Quilt links in a table below but there are sewing links, craft links, my family page and a few others listed here also. Be sure to take a good look around.


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Pictures of quilts that some friends made and even a couple of my own!

Quillow Pattern

Here are the quilting links !!





Quiltbug2 Quilting


World Wide Quilting

Quilt Creek Home

Piecemakers Free Samples

Bottle Quilt Co.

The Kirk Collection

Cranston Village


Jinney Beyers Studio



The Fabric Stash

Quilting From The Heartland

Quilt Talk Home Page

Quilt -A-Way

PC Piecers

C&T Publishing

Quilt magazine

In The Beginning

Debbie Mumm Home Page

Charlene Anderson-Shea Home Page

How To

Kaye Woods Home Page

Planet Patchwork

Zippy Design Publishing

Welcome to JoAnn Fabrics

The Mining Company

The Quilting Room

Lauries Little Corner

Sew Crazy

Quilt Chat

Quilter's Cocoa

Patchworks Quilt Shop

Whole Cloth

Watercolor Magic

Sewing Links

Crafts Links

Family Page

Sis Recipes

Jeffy's Page

Feltner's Home Page


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