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Since this is the family page I decided that I should put some family pictures on this page.

I know boring stuff but they are import too, at least to me and sometimes just as much fun as quilting.VBG.



This picture was taken 3 years ago when Chris got out of boot camp.


The one in the hat is Chris, he is in the army and this was taken with his brother, Greg and nephew Bobby when Chris was home on leave this last July.


This is my family all except for Great-grandfather( my dad) and as soon as I can sneak a camera around him I will get a snap shot of him too.

I have listed here things that I find interesting and informative. I have included links to some pages that concern Children's Health Care. The articles that I have listed here deal with CP and siezure disorder, but these are wonderful sites that are useful for all things that kids get into.

If you would see picturebobby1of Bobby and his Mom.

Bobby is my 6 year old grandson and he is the reason for the links below.

Child Health Talk

Kids Health

Make a Wish Foundation

Fun Stuff is listed here

Sonya Bellair

Mouse Pad

Gardens at Thunder Ridge

How to Have Big Money Garage Sales

How to Quiet a Crying Baby

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