This is a list of available gifts at this time some links are active others aren't . Hello fellow Internet surfer and welcome to my gift page. I'm very glad that you made it this far . . . and I hope that you'll stick around long enough to view all of my gifts. After all, these days, not many things are free, and these gifts are for your enjoyment, and pleasure.


Our Monthly Winners, these sites stand out above the rest !

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Creating Net Sites
(Because Netscape always seems to be at least one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to the Internet.)

If you would like to have your web sight considred for the monthly gift ...The monthly gift consists of items found on your sight, it will be what i consider a fair representation of wht your sight has to offer, The one requirement that i must insist upon in order to be eligible for this gift is that your sight be suitable for all family members. And have no under construction signs on them, finish your site before submitting them for review, thanks and enjoy the show. And please sign our guest book befor you leave it's located on the front page.

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