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The wreck of the Sea Venture, July 1609 during a hurricane. The survivors of the wreck safely reach the shore, to become Bermuda's first permanent settlers. Another view of the survivors coming ashore.
The building of the Deliverance from the wreckage of the Sea Venture and native Bermuda Cedar. Flatts Village, early 1800's Haywards Wharf, St. Georges, early 1880's.
Pitts Bay, 1800's. Flatts Village, 1820's. Salt Kettle, Paget, showing the old Slaughter House. Cattle were swum across the harbour to this area.
Front St, Hamilton, 1880's. Late 17th century country scene, showing Bermuda Palmettos. Crow Lane, early 1900's.
The Tall Ships race, 1976. The Tall Ships race, 1976. The Tall Ships set sail for New York, 1976.
Evening anchorage, 1976. Tall Ships in Hamilton Harbour, 1976. Race participants in Hamilton Harbour, 1976.
Heading for the Hudson River rendevous, 1976. The Russian ship, Kruzenshtern, 1976. New York bound.
Tall Ships Race, 1976. Leaving Bermuda waters. The ships spread out.
A private entry in the race Harbour anchorage, 1976. Another view of race.
Tall Ships. Whaling. Grounding of a tanker on Bermuda reefs, 1986.
The Experimant, moored off of Spithead House, 1770's. The early settlers in Bermuda relied heavily on the local hogs for food. Bermudas first settlement, July 1609.
Building the Deliverance, 1609. The Deliverance ready to set sail to resume the original journey to Jamestowne, VA, May, 1610. Queen of Bermuda, 1960's.
The Doric docking in Hamilton, 1970's. The Royal Hamilton Amatuer Dinghy Club, Bermuda. Front St. docks, 1880's
The Battle of Trafalgar, October, 1805. Another view of Trafalgar Trafalgar. 31st October, 1805.
The Battle of Trafalgar The most recent version of the Battle of Trafalgar. Java vs the Constitution, 1812

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