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This site is dedicated to the memories we have of the Tech ... I hope that once you have toured all the pages, some old memories come back. It is my intention to add more material as soon as it becomes available, anything and everything relating to the Tech. If you have anything I could use here, please contact me (email link below), I only need the items for a day or two. Share the memories, Find old friends, Make contact again. Come back often as I update the pages as soon as new material becomes available - if you have been here before, click the "reload page" button below to see the new additions.

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The Tech's History- the rise and fall. BTI History
Who's on the net from Tech? BTI Online Contact List
Who went to Tech? Full list of alumni, by year of entry
NEW The Stuart Hayward Collection of memorabilia. BTI items from the Stuart Hayward family collection
The Sweeting Collection of memorabilia. BTI items from the Vivian Sweeting family collection
RG Magazine article - Sept, 1993 Interviews with former students and teacher
BTI Photo album Photo Album now here!
Memorable quotes from teachers and staff Quotes Page
Reunion pictures Were you there? If not, see who was.
Newspaper articles on the Tech Press articles mentioning the Tech
Memorabilia The memorabilia page
Memories of students Cast your mind back
Whatever happened to whatsisname? Coming soon - ex-student profiles
The final chapter Coming soon - the demolition of the Tech buildings
The Bermuda Technical Institute Association Coming soon - the BTIA pages
The Tech's part-time and evening alumni. Coming soon - Further education at the Tech.

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