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Welcome!!! Here you will find the winning woodcarvings from Mountain Heritage Woodcarvers Guild's, 1998 Mountain Festival Woodcarving Show!
Mike Lawrence
Princeton, West Virginia

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Best of Show & Open:  Jim Watson, Concord, North Carolina

Carvers and Peoples Choice by:  Robert Hyder, Elizabethton, Tennessee

Best of Show by:  Alec Moore, Charlotte, North Carolina

Best of Show Theme by:  Jerry Chambers, Tazewell, Virginia

Best of Youth by:  Katie Absher, Christiansburg, Virginia


Show Theme: Mountain Life

Woodcarving Show Blue Ribbon Winners
01. Mammals Robert Hyder, Painted 
Robert Hyder, Group Painted
Darrell Hedrick, Unpainted
02. Reptiles and Amphibians No Ribbons Awarded
03. Fish and Sea Mammals Meredith Freeman, Painted
Robert Henley, Unpainted
Jerry Chambers, Group Painted
04. Songbirds Robert Davis, Painted
Robert Davis, Group Painted
05. Birds of Prey Jim Watson, Painted
Robert Hyder, Group Painted
Alec Moore, Novice Unpainted
06. Shore Birds Robert Davis, Painted
Robert Davis, Group Painted
07. Ducks, Geese and Swans Robert Belcher, Painted
Jim Watson, Unpainted
Jim Watson, Group Unpainted
Robert Davis, Group Painted
Alec Moore, Novice Unpainted
08. Game Birds Jerry Chambers, Painted
Robert Davis, Other Painted
09. Birds Of A Different Feather No Ribbons Awarded
10. Decoys Robert Davis, Detailed
Jerry Chambers, Slick
11. Human Figures Jerry Cambers, Painted
Lonnie Perkins, Unpainted
12. Busts Jim Watson, Unpainted
Alec Moore, Novice Unpainted
13. Santas Carlos Vargas, Painted
Carlos Vargas, Unpainted
14. Human Caricatures William Sexton, Painted
Darrell Hedrick, Unpainted
15. Animal Caricatures Darrell Hedrick, Unpainted
Jerry Chambers, Group Unpainted
16. Group Caricatures Mike Lawrence, Painted
17. Relief Ray Stamphill, Painted
Darrell Hedrick, Unpainted
18. Stylized Michael Parker, Unpainted
19. Chip Carving Darrell Hedrick, Unpainted
20. Woodspirit Faces Carlos Vargas, Painted
Carlos Vargas, Unpainted
21. Walking Sticks and Canes Carlos Vargas, Painted
Robert Henley, Unpainted
Carlos Vargas, Group Unpainted
22. Miniatures Carlos Vargas, Painted
Lorraine Shrewsbury, Unpainted
23.  Carrousels / Carrousel Figures Meredith Freeman, Painted
24.  Large Carvings Ray Stamphill, Painted
25.    Miscellaneous Lillian McDonald, Painted
Darrell Hedrick, Unpainted
Katie Absher, Youth Painted
26.    Show Theme Jerry Chambers, Painted
27.    Soap Carving Cody Lawrence
28.    Pyrographics Lillian McDonald
29.    Boot / Shoes Robert Hyder, Painted
Jerry Chambers, Unpainted
30    Wizards Mike Lawrence, Unpainted

The purpose of Mountain Heritage Woodcarvers Guild is to teach, share,

promote, preserve and upgrade the art of woodcarving. We have as our aim

to be of service to those who carve and those who wish to learn to carve.

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