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A Rare Princeton Sunset!

Just happend to have my camera with me.

Princeton, West Virginia

is located at the gateway to the Pocahontas Coalfields. Princeton is the county seat of Mercer County. Its near the Southern end of the state at the intersection of US 460 and Interstate 77. For a better idea of the location, see the West Virginia Crafts Map.

The local area is known as Four Seasons Country due the sharp contrast between the four seasons in this area. It is not unusual in the summer for the temprature to be in the high 80's and sometimes the 90's. Fall is a beautiful time in Princeton and West Virginia with the changing colors of the leaves and the mild to cool tempratures. You have no trouble knowing when winter arrives with tempratures at times falling below zero and snow usually from late November through the middle of March. Spring is always welcome with a new beginning. Beautiful blooming flowers and trees and grass greening up again.

Some places of interest in the local area are:

West Virginia Tourist and Information Center, Princeton, WV
Pinacle Rock State Park, Bluewell, WV
Campcreek State Park, Campcreek, WV
Pipestem State ParkPipestem State Park, Pipestem, WV
Bluestone Dam and State Park, Hinton, WV
Tamarack, Beckley, WV (more below)
Beckley Exibition Coal Mine, Beckley, WV
Bluefield Arts and Crafts Center, Bluefield, WV
Historic Bramwell, WV, Bramwell, WV
Historic Pocahontas, VA, Pocahontas, VA
Pocahontas Exibition Coal Mine, Pocahontas, VA


If you like arts and crafts, you,ll love Tamarack. If you happen to be driving through West Virginia on I-77, stop off at Beckley exit 45 and experience "The Best of West Virginia." Tamarack features West Virginia made items, including woodcarvings. Tamarack offers shopping, entertainment, dining and more. I think their food is good and the prices are not bad. Quite often they have artisans at work and are available to answer your questions.

I would highly reccomend you visit Tamarack.

Mountani Semper Liberi

Mountaineers are always free!

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West Virginia's State Animal,

The Black Bear.

Some of our local boys!

I always wanted a bear rug for my cabin but then they need it worse than I do.

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