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written by
age 11

The things I want to know are impossible to know
My mind is too small yet to discover the wonders in the world
Things I don't know, I will know in the future
I will try to become what I want to become
These things are not invented yet, but will soon be in this universe

.....as the.....

In the thundering and lightning of the night
The sky was blue as the ocean
The grass was green as a frog on a log
The crows were as black as a witch's suit
And the stars twinkled like the sparkle of the sea
Life is not always the way its seems
But life goes on, And until it doesn't
Heaven awaits

In the past there was no life on earth
But now there is and the ways of life are hard
Harder than you can imagine
But it is life and you only have one
Once you are gone you don't come back

The worst things happen in life
Deaths, worries, and other crazy things
In this world there is nothing but worries
So worry away, because there is nothing to say
It's another cold and boring day

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