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More Images from My Stampers* Collection

*See heading from Coloring Book One

And....Here she is.....Betty Boop

Betty To ColorBetty In JeansBetty In Dress To ColorBetty In Dress

Betty Head To ColorBetty HeadBetty In Glass To ColorBetty In Glass
Coming?...or Going?

PigPig To ColorPig BehindPig Behind To Color

Ring Around the Piggies...
Piggy HeadRing Around The Piggies To ColorRing Around The PiggiesPiggy Head To Color

Well..sufferin succotash!...Da da dah da da ...oh Hi!!

Daffy To ColorDaffyPorky To ColorPorky

Rabbits here, rabbits there, rabbits, rabbits everywhere..
Three RabbitsThree Rabbits To Color

Waving Bunny Waving Bunny To ColorBlue BunnyBunny to ColorYellow Bunny

Dumb BunnyDumb Bunny To ColorBunny TailBunny Tail To ColorThe EndThe End To Color

Mr. Debonair Frog...at your service.........Woof...woof!......and more rabbits!

Debonair Frog To ColorDebonair FrogPup Head To ColorPup HeadRabbit Head To ColorRabbit Head

Oh no! Please Don't Eat me.......Numero Uno!

Gingerbread CookieGingerbread Cookie To ColorNumero Uno To ColorNumero Uno

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