This was a very hard page for me to make... Sandy (above) (trying to keep herself together to tell her very short story) was and always will be my pride and joy.. Not only a pet but my best friend, where I went she did.. (showers and bathrooms time was heck) She protected my family from, a man breaking in my house. She saved our lives. She was the kind of dog only animals put through training would learn, fetching bottles from children who dropped them, (and mind you she never drank it) opening car doors,  (locked or unlocked she would get out) from to playing ball when she really didn't want to just to please her family. (mama to the rescue) call her for brushing which she loved.
At age 2 she was more practical & calm (if you call that for dogs) and could have babies. I have been looking for the suitable hubby long before. And finally bought one from over seas. That was fun.. (not smiling) The train they were on crashed with only 2 pups surviving, (4 on the train) and so I was giving what I thought to be my collie.. Anyway, we named him Lucky. Two years went by and they had grown to be friends and lovers. ( WONT explain that) and puppies two litters. Shortly after Boo Boo was born we lost lucky to cancer.
Boo Boo was born.. the most curious, pain in the butt noisy, irritating male pup we ever had. Most would you know get into trouble, garbage, table snitching, toilet paper, digging holes) BUT this one excelled in it. And smart, oh god so smart. His mother must have been coaching him, she would jump a 6 ft fence easy and lay on my car so she could go.. Him well under he would go... HEHEHE well her son was a bit clumsy there (thank the doggy heavens), but made up for it.

Well boo boo was 1 year old now. (we kept the trouble maker kept us on our toes). and well we get this call, the dog we bread Sandy to was NOT ours and that they were coming for him, I told them about what had happened and when they arrived, we took them to the vet to prove it. All's ended there until we get the papers telling us He (meaning Lucky) was of royal blood and they wanted to buy boo boo. NO WAY. They gave up BooBoo Lucky of Scottsdale was Ours.

When Boo Boo turned two we lost his Beautiful Mother.. (tears) A man let her out and she wanted me and went to find me was struck by a car that looked like mine and was killed. Our beloved Boo Boo was looking for her, he wouldn't eat and started loosing weight fast, so I went back to basics, BABY food, force fed three times a day and spoiled him rotten where I went he did.. He was mellow now, was a watcher after this, for some reason when we lost his mother he calmed right down... He slepted with my youngest and god forbid anyone to come near them. We decided to get him a play mate and well, OH MY trouble all over again what he had learned over the years he taught her YIPES.... A Rott mixed Shepherd. Short legged TROUBLE. Mister innocent believe me... He was shot protecting us from drug addicts looking for a quick buck in our house and made the mistake of coming out to through the garage door (which auto locks itself) and trapped.. To get away they shot at him hitting him, but not before he got a BITE OUT OF CRIME... (laughing) They were arrested after the police talked me into letting them destroy him (his jaws were locked on this man BUTT and couldn't be opened. I released his jaws NOT sparing the PAIN to his BUTT) and are spending 10 years no parole for shooting him and burglary. We moved after that.... Phew
Boo was 16 almost 17 when he lost him  a year ago  February (1997).. He was happy and lived a long happy life... (more tears) But, he too had cancer....
Now We have this little Witch Samantha a Corky and a squirrel chasing, hole digging, tree climbing part cat Doxzi Doodle Duchess (speaks for herself) This corky is trouble we got her for boo boo (when we lost his mum) and well the pictures speak for themselves with a caption. and So enough or I will chase you away. Go to next page for pictures. If you notice its the only way out.  Please check them out. Or if you want (hit your back button).  I want to thank you for reading my story.  Its not like other pet pages I am sure... But MY dogs have all been for love, honor and protection and well as friendship... Hugs and thank you.. Click Pic Below for forward.
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