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Joann Hawk - 10/02/00 04:58:22
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Bill Duffy, Jr. was my grandfather and I spent a great deal of time as a child in San Quentin, when Clint was Warden...I have old movies that were shot there by my grandfather that are now on video.

David F. Duffy - 05/10/00 22:30:49
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Enjoyed your site. No apparent relationship though.

Dina - 11/15/99 19:06:01
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I love Nick Carter

Farrell - 08/13/99 22:06:09
My Email:Mary@WaltDisney.zzn.com

I was wanting to find out about my heritage. I know the origin was O'Farrell, and came out of Longford county. How do I go about finding out about my family tree? Thank you, Mary

Marvin Laskin - 07/08/99 00:18:21
My Email:marv999@hotmail.com

Very interesting! I received a story about 9 famous Irish men, and was very surprised to hear that it was true. (well at least part of it anyway!)

- 01/15/99 22:12:29


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