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We here in this world have a big problem with drugs, and our young children. The future of our eager kids is being ruined by the easy access of drugs. If we as a human race don't do something now to fight the problem, we will see our children take on a fight that they can't win. We need to make it harder for the supplier to infiltrate the schools, and we need to do a little more educating about the dangers of drugs, both in the home and the schools.

If we as parents do not have the authority to do what we have to ,in order to know what our children are doing, without the fear of a child being able to turn in a parent, anytime he wants to, then we can't really do much. If the schools and the teachers, are bound by that same fear, then they can't do much.

We as parents, and the teachers, have out hands tied down by silly laws that lessened the authority powers, we need to fight the drug problem. Whenever a child can call the police and have a parent arrested, just because he or she doesn't want to follow the rules, then that law is helping the man on the street that is ruining our young children.

We need to give back the authority powers back to the parents and to the school, so that we can fight the people who live off the drugs that our children are taking.

My one hope in doing this page, is to let you know that you are ruining your life, using drugs. If you are a child reading this, take it from a old man, who has seen what drugs has done to people he knows. If you are a parent, teach your child that drugs can only lead to a terrible end of life. Life is very valuable, and only you can save it.


We can only do so much, to give our children the opportunity, to excell in the land of the free. They as young children must accept the responsibility also of growing both in size and mind. We as parents and teachers can only do as much as they will let us.The world will continue to grow with the drug problem until the young person finally decides for himself that he and only he can stop the use of drugs.We learn by our mistakes, sometimes too late. We need more awareness programs that will help the youngster decide that drugs will take you down to the lowest depths, into the deepest hole , that is going to be very hard to climb out of.

This is my opinion, and I hope that it is yours too.


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