I am a man going on to sixty years of age , and I guess that I have seen many things in my life , that solifies my faith in God. I have been through many trials in life that without my faith,I would not of survived. Ever since I was old enough to understand, my mother and dad told me that whenever I wanted to , I could ask God for help, and he would be there.I was taught that god never leaves you, and that if you keep him in your heart, you can do anything. No mountain is too high to climb. No river is too deep to swim. Anything is possible.

My first miracle in life was my birth. Think about it. A woman can carry a youngster in her belly for about nine months, and then give birth to a new life. A husband and wife can together, produce a life. Only with God's help is this possible. Oh was I a lucky person to be given the breath of life? There is no luck to it; It is God's intention to keep the world going with this gift.

My second miracle came to me at about the age of eleven years of age. I had a large wart on my chin, for many years, and it bothered me a lot. A friend of my mother came to us one day, and said she knew of a man who was the seventh son of a seventh son, and he was a healer. but she said that you really had to believe in God to have him come to you. I found out later that he would assist anyone who needed him. My mother contacted him, and he came to our house one day. He asked my mother and me if we believed in God, and we said yes. He then asked me personally if I believed enough to let him help me through God. I said yes. He then prayed, and then he placed his hand on my chin, and said a prayer. He then cupped his fingers together, and circled them around the wart. He did this several times, and then stopped. He told me that in a few days, I would put my hand to my chin, and the wart would be gone. He then left, not asking for anything. To this day I will never forget this man. We only knew him as Grandpa Holland. He was a colored man, and he must of been at least eighty years of age. I remember one day in the fifth grade, I was sitting there, and I put my hand on my chin, and it was gone. I know it was there that morning. I looked around and never saw it anywhere.. Who could not believe after this? To this day I will remember that part of my life.

My next two miracles are the births of my two daughtors, Deborah and Patricia. God has blessed me and Ramona with two new lifes for us to love and take care of. The birth of a child is one of the greatest miracles in life.

In 1974, I was in the hospital for some tests and my kidney started acting up. My belly started expanding , and I couldn't pass my water. They told me that the gas was forming from the kidney problem and that my kidney had shut down. The gas was going around my lungs and heart, and that if they didn't operate right away, I would die. By the time that they got me to surgery, I was in pretty bad shape. While I was being wheeled down to the operating room, I recited the one prayer that has always been my passage to God. The Lords Prayer. I trully believed that God was with me that day and always. I lived though that miracle, and I believe that God wasn't ready for me to go home, and that he still had work for me here on earth. Oh yes, I believe in miracles.

When our daughtor Patricia, came down with cancer, we didn't lose our faith. Our faith got us through one of the roughest times , we have had in this life. Through the five months that Patricia had left on this earth, we went through days of sadness, and days of hope. God had sent this little girl to us thirty-four years ago, and now he was calling her home.{ a short story of Patricia is on another page in the homepage.} Patricia and I would sit on her bed, each morning that I had stayed overnight, and watch the darkness change to light. She knew that even though the night was very dark, that the day would start with beautiful colors, and then be bright. Life is like that too. No matter how dark that it gets, it will get brighter. God took her home on Dec.14,1994, and we know where she is. My belief in God got me through.

I have had many personal thoughts shared with my Lord, and I have witnessed the beauty that he sends to us each day. Even the dark of night can be a sight to behold, because then you can watch the stars in the sky, and behold the patterns, that he made for it. In the early morning hours, take time to witness the change from dark to light, and see the many colors, that he uses to bring forth a new day.

I will write more at a later time. Thanks for reading this and read the story about Patricia.

I have never tried to pass judgement on anyone, and I don't want judgement passed on me. Only GOD has that right.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at arermdrd@mail.netusa1.net

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