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         Why is it that when we think we have an answer to our problem, we find out that it really wasn't a problem in the first place? Many times we rush to find a answer, and it's right there in front of us. Sometimes we get worked up for no good reason, because we don't see what we are looking at.

        Why is it that when we are driving with care, everyone else is driving without any care? Why does a driver, waiting at a stop sign, suddenly decide to pull right out in front of you? And then he will look at you as if you did something wrong. Have you ever wanted to stop and get out to ask him why he did that?

        Why is it that after waiting for someone for quite some time, you decide to try and do something else until they get there, and there they are? Most of the time it will take you some time to get ready again, because you have to put away what you started to do, while waiting.

        Why is it that when a basketball player gets up to the free line, gets ready to shoot the free throw, and the announcer says that he hasn't missed one for a long time, he misses the free throw?

        Why is it that when you get all ready to have a nice evening home with the family, after telling everyone that you didn't want to be disturbed, the phone rings and you have to go in to work?

Why is it that when you go to a ballgame, and you pick a seat away from everyone else so that you can enjoy seeing the game, someone who is tall or has a large hat on, decides they want to sit right in front of you?



Why is it that when you think you have lost something, you find it in the most obvious place? 

Why is it that when you go to the store to buy something, you forget what it is, until you get home and walk in the door? 

Why is that you set down to do something, that will only take afew minutes to do, and you take a couple of hours?










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