Deaths extracted from the `New Zealand Herald' 1993
(A national daily newspaper)
I have indexed approximately 20,000 entries
All the surnames are listed on this page. Except for the letters M to R inclusive, the names will link to a separate page of details with Surname, Forenames, date or approx date of death and wherever possible, a Nee or Formerly name. I have not recorded any other information.
As time permits, I will upload all entries. Please do not email me requesting more information, as I will not be able to help you...Thank-you



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All the A's are online
Aabroe Aarsen Abbot Abbott Abercrombie Aberley Abernathy Abernethy Abraham Abrahams Absolum Aburn Acheson Ackerley Ackerman Acket Ackland Adair-Ryan Adam Adams Adamson Adcock Adderley Adderson Addington Addison Ade Adern Adhern Adkins Adlam Adolph Adrian Adsett Aererua Afeati Affleck Agimatagi Agnew Ah Chee Ah Loo Ah-Jay Ahipene Ahmu Ahu Aickin Aiken Aikman Aim Ainscough Ainsworth Airey Aitchenson Aitchison Aitken Aitkenhead Aka Akauola Ake Akerauara Akhil Akoorie Akuhata Akulu Alac Alaelua Albert Albrecht Alcock Aldamland Alder Alderman Alderton Aldred Aldridge Aldworth Aleksich Alesbury Alexander Alford Algar Algie Alison Alker Allan Allbury Allcott Alleman Allen Alley Allington Allison Allitt Allport Allsop Allsop-Smith Allsopp Allum Allwood Almond Alnwick Aloiai Alsemgeest Alsop Altorf Amaru Ambler Ambridge AmoHanga Amon Amos Amrein Amstad Amy Anania Anapa Anaru Andersen Anderson Andersson Anderton Andrade Andre Andreae Andree/Wittens Andrell Andresen Andrew Andrewartha Andrews Anford Angelini Angell Angle Angus Anich Aniere Anitelea Annabell Annan Annemans Annett Anscombe Ansell Ansley Anson Anthony Antill Anton Antunovich Anusich Apanui Apel Aperahama Aperila Apetera Apiata Aplin Appelby Appleby Appleton Appleton/Mann Appleyard Apps Apted Apulu Araboglos Arahanga Arai Arama Arand Arano Arber Arblaster Arbuthnot Archbold Archer Archibald Arcus Ardern Areai Argyle Aritoka Arkle Arkwright Arlige Armer Armiger Armishaw Armistead Armit Armitage Armitt Armour Armstrong Armstrong-Scott Arndt Arnerich Arnet Arnold Arnott Aro Arona Arrol Arthur Arthur-Worsop Arts Asby Ash Ashby Ashcroft Ashdown Ashenden Asher Ashford Ashford Te Wiki Ashley Ashmore Ashton Ashwell Ashworth Askew Aspden Asplin Asquith Aston Astrella Ata Atama Atherfold Atherton Atkin Atkins Atkinson Attwell Attwood Atwood Auckram Audley Auger August. Augusto=Rollin Aukaha Aukett Auld Auliff Aull Ault Austen Austin Autridge Avalon Avard Avery Avison Awa Awarangi Awburn Ayden Ayers Aylward Aynscough Ayres
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Baan Babich Babington Backhouse Backhurst Bacon Baddiley Badger Badland Baechmann Bagby Bagley Bai Baice Baigent Bailes Bailey Bailey-Balfour Baillie Bainbridge Baird Bakarich Bakator Baker BakerSimeti Bakggard/Bing Bakulich Balderston Baldock Baldwin Baleikasavu Baleros Balfour Balham Ball Ballantine Ballantyne Ballard Balle Ballintine Balneaves Balsillie Balsom Balzer Bamber Ban Banbury Bandcroft Bane Banfield Banford Banham Banks Bannister Bansfield Banyard Baptist Baraclough Barakat Barbarich Barber Barbour Barchard Barclay Bardon Barends Barfoot Barham Barker Barkle Barlass Barling Barlow Barnaby Barnard Barnes Barnet Barnett Barnoch Barr Barrack Barraclough Barratt Barraud Barrett Barrett-Whareka. Barrie Barrington Barron Barrow Barry Barson Bartle Bartlett Bartley Barton Bartram Bartrop Bartz Barwell Barwick Baseden Basham Bass Bassett Bastable Bastard Batchelar Batchelor Bateman Bates Bateup Bath Bathurst Batistish Batkin Batten Battersby Battley Batty Baty Bauckham Baum Baumann Baumber Baverstock Bax Baxter Bayford Bayley Baylis Bayliss Bayly Bayne Baynton Beachman Beacon Beadle Beale Beams Beange Beardsell Beare Bearsley Beasant Beasley Beaton Beatson Beattie Beatty Beaty Beauchamp Beaumont Beavan Beavis Beazley Beazley-Brown Bechan Becht Beck Beckbessinger Becker Beckett Beckmann Beddis Bedford Bedggood Beech Beeche Beecher Beer Beere Beesley Beeson Beeston Beet Beets Begbie Begg Beggs Beilby Belby Belcher Belich Bell Bellamy Bellard Bellchambers Bellhouse Bellve Bellworthy Belsham Belton Belvie Bence Benfell Benge Benison Benjamin Benje Bennellick Bennett Bennetts Bennion Bennison Benseman Benson Benstead Bentham Bentley Benton Benveniste Bercic Bercich Berdsell Berg Bergersen Berghan Bergmann Berkett Bernard Bernecker Bernest Bernie Beros Berridge Berrigan Berry Bertelsen Berthold Bertie Bertram Bertrand Berwick Besley Best Betchley Betham Bethel Bethell Bethune Bettany Bettejeman Bettridge Betts Beuck Beus Beuth Bevan Beveridge Beverland Bevin Beyer Bezzant Bhana Bibbie Bibobi Bickers Bickerstaff Biddick Biddles Bidgood Bidlake Bidois Biel Biesiek Bigeni Biggin Biggs Bigwood Bilderbeck Bilham Bilicich Billett Billingham Billinghurst Billings Billington Bilton Bilyard Bindon Bines Bing Bingham Bingley Binnicombe Binns Binsley Birch Birchall Birchfield Bird Birkenhead Birkhead Birks Birnie Birrell Birt Birtles Birtram Bishara Bishop Bisley Bisman Bittossi Bjerring Black Blackburn BlackburnBrown Blackett Blackford Blackie Blackman Blackmore Blackshaw Blackstock Blackwell Blackwood Blade Blagrove Blaikie Blaiklock Blaine Blair Blake Blakelock BlakelockMaster Blakely Blakeman Blakemore Blaker Blakes Blakey Blakiston Blamey Blamforth Blanch Blanchard Blanchett Bland Blank Blann Blanquist Blase Bleakley Blenkarne Blenkhorn Blennerhassett Blewdin Blewett Blight Blindell Bliss Blithe Blom Blomfield Blomkamp Blong Blood Bloomfield Blow Blows Blucher Bludgeon Blue Bluegum Blumby Blyth Blythe Boak Boakes Boaler Board Boardman Boase Bockett Bocock Boddie Boden Boden-Beehre Boderston Bodgerd Body Boersen Boffa Boggs Boisen Bok Bola Boland Boldero Bole Boler Boles Bolesworth Boleyn Bolger Bolous Bolt Bolton Bolwell Bonar Bond Bone Boneham Bonham-Carter Bonne Bonner Bonnie Bonuccelli Boocock Booker Booker-Walker Boon Boorer Booth Boothe Borak Borck Boreham Borell Boric Borich Bork Borrer Borrie Bos Boscawen Bosher Boshier Bosley Bostock Boswell Botham Botica Boucher Bouchier Bougen Boughey Boulton Bourchier Bourke Bourne Bourne-Webb Bovey Bowater Bowbyes Bowden Bowdler Bowe Bowen Bower Bowers Bowie Bowker Bowler Bowler/Moncur Bowley Bowman Bowran Bowrey Bowring Bowyer Box Boxall Boyce Boyce-Bacon Boyd Boyde Boyens Boyes Boyle Boynton Brackenridge Bradbury Braddock Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Brady Bragg Brain Brajkovich Brajkovich/Roberts Brame Bramley Branch Brand Brandon Brannon Bransgrove Branton Brasell Brass Brassey Brasting Braunias Brawn Brazendale Bredenbeck Bree Breekveldt Breen Breeze Bregman Bregmen Breingan Brell Brem Bremner Brenan Brennan Brereton Bretherton Brett Brettell Brewer Brewin Brewster Brian Brice Bride Bridge Bridgeman Bridges Bridget Bridgman Bridle Brien Brierley Briers Briggs Brighouse Bright Brightwell Brill Brindle Brinkman Brinsden Brinsdon Briskie Bristow Bristowe Brittain Britton Broad Broadbent Broadfoot Broadhead Broadhurst Broadmore Broadwell Brocas Brock Brockbank Broderick Brodie Brodrick Broersma Brokenshire Bromley Brommer Bromwell Bromwich Brook Brooke Brooker Brookes Brookfield Brookie Brooking Brooks Broom Broome Broomfield Brophy Brosnahan Broster Brothers Brotton Brough Brougham Broughton Brown Brown {Paraone} Browne BrownGurney Brownhill Brownie Browning Brownlee Brownlie Bruce Brummel Bruning Bruns Brunsdon Brunskill Brunt Brunton Brushett Bryan Bryant Bryce Bryden Brydon Bryers Bryne Bryson Btitland Buchanan Buck Buckett Buckingham Buckkley Buckland Buckland-Brea Buckle Buckler Buckley Bucknell Buckner Buckthought Buckton Buckwell Budd Budden Buffett Buggy Bulford Buljan Bull Bulled Bullen Bullivant Bulloch Bullock Bulman Bunce Bungard Bungay Bunning Bunt Bunting Burberry Burbridge Burbush Burch Burd Burden Burdes Burdett Burdus Bureta Burford Burge Burgering Burgess Burgoyne Burke Burkhardt Burkitt Burling Burlinson Burman Burn Burnand Burnard Burndred Burnet Burnett Burnham Burnie Burns Burr Burrell Burrett Burridge Burroughs Burrow Burrows Burstall Burt Burton Bury Busby Buschl Buscomb Buselich Bush Bush/King Bushell Busher Busing Buskermolen Buss Busson Bustard Buswell Butcher Butler Butt Buttermore Butterworth Buttimore Buttolph Butturini Buutveld Buxton Bycroft Byers Byford Bygrave Bynon-Powell Byrne Byrnes Bywater Bywater-Lutman
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Cabot Cabrero Cachart Cackett Caddigan Caddy Cadman Cadogan Caesar Cage Cahalane Cahill Cahusac Caie Cain Caird Cairns Caitcheon Caithness Calcott Calcutt Calder Calderon Calderwood Caldow Caldwell Caley Calkin Calladine Callaghan Callan Callander Callard Callender Calleson Callinan Callis Calver Calverley Calvert Calvey Calwell Cama Cambell Cambridge Came Cameron Cammell Cammick Camp Campbell Campin Campion Camtagnolo Candy Cane Cannin Cannon Canty Cape Capel Capell Capes Capper Captain Carberry Card Cardale Carder Carder-Dodd Cardino Cardis Care Carey Cargill Carkeek Carline Carlisle Carlson Carlton Carlyle Carman Carmine Carmody Carmont Carnachan Carnel Carney Carnie Caron Carpenter Carr Carrajannis Carran Carrel Carrick Carrier Carroll Carruthers Carryer Carseldine Carson Carswell Carter Carthew Cartier Cartwright Carver Carvil Case Casey Cash Cashmore Casley Cass Cassidy Cassie Casson Cassrels Castelli Castle Catchpole Cateley Cately Cates Cathcart Cathie Cathro Cations Catley Cato Catran Cattley Catton Catz Caughey Caulton Cauty Cavana Cavanagh Cave Cavit Cawker Cawthorn Cetina Chadwick Challis Chalmers Chamberlain Chambers Chambers-Asman Champion Champtloup Chandler Chandulal Chant Chapell Chaplin Chapman Chappel Chappell Charles Charleston Charlesworth Charlton Charman Chase Chasteau Chatfield Chatterton Cheak Check Cheeseman Cheesman Cheffings Cherri Cherrington Cherry Chesham Cheshire Chesterton Chetham Cheung Chew Cheyne Chick Chignall Chilcott Child Childs Chin Ching Chipchase Chipling Chisholm Chisolm Chittty Chitty Chivers Choat Chote Chow Chown Choy Christansen Christensen Christian Christiansen Christie Christiffersen Christopher Christopherson Christy Chritchton Chrystall Chun Chung Yan Church Churches Churchill Churchman Churchouse Churtain Cibilic Cibilich Civil Claasen Clacher Clair Clapham Clapperton Clare Clark Clarke Clarkson Clausen Clay Claydon Clayton Claytone ClaytonGreene Clearkin Cleary Cleave Cleaver Cleeton Clegg Cleland Clelland Clemens Clement Clements Clendon Clerk Clerke Cleur Cleveland Clevely Cleverley Cleverly Cliff Clifford Clifton Climo Clinch Clinkard Clinton Clive Cload Close Clothier Clough Clout Clow Clowes Cluff Clune Clyde Coates Cobb Cobbald Cobban Coburn Cochrane Cockburn Cockcroft Cocker Codd Codling Cody Coe Coffer Coffey Coffin Coggan Cohen Coil Coker Colcord Coldham Cole Cole-Hira Colebrook Coleman Coles Coley Collard Collecut Colledge Collett Colley Collier Collin Collings Collingwood Collins Collinson Collison Colman Colquhoun Colquohoun Colson Coltman Colvin Coman Combe Comber Comer Compain Compson Compston Compton Comrie Conaghan Concannon Condon Condor Coney Coningham Coningsby Conlan Conlon Connell Connelly Conner Connerton Connew Connolly Connon Connop Connor Connors Conor Conroy Consedine Constable Constance Conway Conyers Coogan Cook Cook/Mitchell Cooke Cooksley Cooling Coombe Coomber Coombes Coombs Cooney Cooper Copas Cope Copedo Copeland Copestake Copland Copperthwaite Copping Coppock Corban Corbett Corbin Corby Corcoran Cordes Cordwell Corfield Corin Cork Corke Corkin Corlett Cormick Cornall Cornelius Cornes Corness Cornick Cornish Cornwall Cornwell Correrill Corric Corrigan Corrin Cortesi Corvette Cory Corydon Cosford Cosgrove Cossens Cossey Cossil Cossill Costello Coster Costin Cotich Cotter Cotterall Cotterell Cotterill Cottings Cotton Cottrell Coughlan Couling Coulson Coulston Coupe Couper Coupland Couprie Court Courtenay Courteney Courtney Coutts Couzens Covacich Coveney Covic Covich Cowan Cowdrey Cowdry Cowell Cowie Cowin Cowley Cowper Cox Coxhead Coyle Coyne Crabb Craddock Craghill Craies Craig Craighead Craigie Craik Craike Crake Crallan Crammond Cramond Crane Cranefield Cranfield Cranmer Cranston Cranswick Crapp Craven Crawford Crawley Cree Creed Creegan Crees Crene Cressey Cresswell Crevvey Crewther Cribb Cribbs Crichton Cridge Crighton Crilly Crimmins Crimmons Cripps Crisp Crocker Crockett Crofsky Croft Crofts Crombie Crompton Cromwell Crone Cronin Crook Crookenden Crooks Croot Crosbie Crosby Croskery Cross Crossan Crossen Crossland Crossley Croswell Croucher Crow Crowe Crowhurst Crowle Crowley Crown-Parkinson Crowther Crozier Cruickshank Crum Crummer Crump Crutchley Cruz Cryer Cue Cuell Cuff Culav Cullen Culley Cullimore Cullinane Culpan Culpitt Culver Cumming Cummings Cummins Cuniffe Cunliffe Cunniffe Cunningham Cunningham-War Cunnold Cupples Curel Curin Curley Curran Curray Curreen Currey Currie Currin Curry Curtin Curtis Curzon Cussack Cussen Cuthbert Cuthers Cyprian
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D'Arth D'Ott Dackers Dacombe Dacre Dadd Dadson Daft Dahl Dahlin Dain Daisley Daji Dalbeth Dale Daley Dalgety Dalgity Dalgleish Dallas Dalley Dallimore Dally Dalton Daly Dalzell Dalziel Dan Dangen Daniel Daniels Dannefaerd Danrell Darbyshire Dare Dargaville Darley Darrach Darragh Darrow Darvill Darville Darwent Daun Davenport Davern Daveta Davey David Davidson Davies Davis Davison Davy Davys Daw Dawber Dawbin Dawe Dawes Dawson Day Daya Dayman Daymond Days De Baugh De Bree De Buisson De Farias de Fontenay De Goey de Jong De Laat de Lacey de Lira De Luca de Manser De Nale De Nave De Thierry de Vois de Vries De Young Deacon Deadman Deal Dean Deane Deans Deason Debden-Wilkins DeBoar Deed Deere Dekker deKlerk Delamere DeLaney Delarue DeLatour DeLaunay Delaveau Delbridge Delegat Delich Delijovanis Delille Dell Dellabarca Deller Delvene Demalmanche Demler Dempsey Dempster Denby Dench Denford Denham Denize Denman Dennerly Dennis Dennison Denny Dent Denton Dephoff Derby Derecourt Derichs Derrick Derry des Forges Des/Barres DeThierry Deuchar Deuth Devach Devane Devantier Devcich Deveney Dever Deverall Devereaux Deverey Devitt Devlin Devoe Devore Dewan Dewar Dewes Dewson Dexter Dheda Diamond Dibley Dick Dicken Dickens Dickenson Dickey Dickie Dickin Dickins Dickinson Dickson Digby Diggle Dight Dike Dikson Dill Dillon Dilnott Dimery Dines Dingle Dinneen Diog Diprose Dittmer Diver Dix Dixcey Dixey Dixon Dixon-Mciver Dizac Doak Doake Dobbins Dobbs Dobby Dobbyn Dobrec Dobson Docherty Dockerty Dockery Dodd Dodds Dodge Dods Dodson Dodwell Doe Doel Doherty Doidge Dolan Dold Dolden Dolfing Dolman Dominikovich Domney Donaghy Donald Donaldson Donavan Doney Donkin Donnelly Donoghue Donovan Doolan Dooley Doornbos Doran Dorban Dorbeck Dorbon Dorflinger Dorman Dornan Dorne Dorofaeff Dorotich Dorrell Dorricot Dorricott Dorrington Dorset Dorward Doty Double Doughty Douglas Doull Dover Dowd Dowdall Dowdell Dowdeswell Dowler Dowling Down Downes Downey Downie Downing Downs Dowson Doy Doyle Drabble Dracevich Draffin Drain Drake Draper Drayton Dreadon Drever Drew Driffill Drinnan Driscoll Driver Drivett Drollett Dromgool Dromgoole Druce Drugmore Drumm Drummond Drury Druzianic Duck Ducker Dudding Duddy Duder Dudley Duff Duffy Dufty Dugdale Duggan Dugmore Duke Dukes Duley Dullabh Dumbell Dunatov Dunbar Duncan Dunford Dungan Dungey Dunkley Dunlop Dunn Dunne Dunning Dunningham Dunphy Dunseath Dunsheath Dunsmore Dunsmuir Dunstan Durkin Durma Durney Durrant Duszynski Dutton Duzevich Dwan Dwen Dwyer Dyall Dyas Dye Dyer Dyke Dykstra Dysart Dyson Dzedins
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Eade Eades Eady Eager Eagger Eagle Eagles Eagleton Eames Earle Early Earnshaw Earp East Easterbrook Easthope Eastman Eastmure Easton Eastwood Eaton Eatson Eaves Eavestaff Eccles Ecclesfield Ecclestone Eddington Ede Edelsten Eden Edgar Edge Edgecombe Edgerley Edgeworth Edginton Edhouse Edkins Edmeades Edmonds Edmondson Edmunds Edney Edridge Edsall Edward Edwards Edwards/Reilly Egan Egerton Eggens Eggleton Eglinton Ehau Eichler Eichstead Eisenhut Eivers Ekman Elgar Elia Eliot Elkington Ellery Ellic Ellicott Ellin Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellsworth Ellwood Elmsly Elrick Elsbury Elswood Elsworth Elton Elvey Elvines Elwarth-Oliver Elwell Elwin Elwood Ely Emery Emett Emile Emirali Emmett Emmott Emms Empen Empson Emtage Endean Endres England Engle English Ennis Ennor Enoka Enright Ensoll Ensor Enticott Enting Epapara Epati Epiha Epps Erb Erbutt Erceg Ereuti Ericson Eriksen Erikson Erlam Erner Erni Erp Erskine Erstich Erueti Erwin Escott Escourt Esparagoza Essex Estall Estaugh Etana Etepo Etheridge Euston Evaina-Teina Evans Eveleigh Everest Everett Everitt Everson Evestaff Evetts Evison Evitt Ewe Ewen Eyles
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Faber Fabian Fabianovich Fabricius Fagan Fahey Fahy Faiers Fair Fairbrother Fairburn Fairey Fairgray Fairhall Fairhead Fairhurst Fairley Fairweather Faithfull Fakalaga Falcolner Faleafaga Falkner Fallon Falls Fallwell Falwasser Fantham Farac Farge Fariu Farley Farmer Farmilo Farnhill Farnum Farquar Farr Farrant Farrell Farrelly Farrow Farth Faul Faulconbridge Faulkner Faull Fausett Fawcett Fawcwtt Fawkner Fay Faye Fea Fear Fearn Fearnley Fearon Featonby Feehan Feeney Feickert Feild Feilding Fell Fellows Felton Felts Fendall Fennell Fenneman Fenner Fenton Fenwick Fergus Ferguson Ferguson-Fraiser Fergusson Ferrall Ferri Ferris Ferry Fiaola Fickling Fiddes Fidow Field Fielder Fielding Fifield Figgins File Filipaina Filipo Filmer Filo Finall Finbarr Finch Findlay Findlayson Finlay Finlayson Finn Finnegan Finnemore Finney Finnigan Fippard Firebrace Firth Fischer Fisher Fitchett Fitness Fittes Fitzell Fitzgerald Fitzgibbon Fitzhenry Fitzherbert Fitzpatrick Fitzsimmons Fitzwilliam Flack Flaherty Flanagan Flanigan Flannigan Flavell Flaxman Flay Fleetwood Fleming Flemming Flesher Fletcher Flett Flexman Flinn Flint Flintoff Flores Florian Flower Flowerday Flowers Floyd Flume Flutey Flyger Flynn Foers Foggin Foley Foliaki Follas Folly Fomison Foni Fonoti Foote Foran Forbes Ford Fordham Foreman Forgesson Forlong Forman Forrest Forrest-Brown Forshaw Forsman Forster Forsyth Forsythe Fortune Forward Foss Foster Fotheringham Fotheringhame Foulds Foulkes Fountain Fowkes Fowler Fowlie Fox Fox-Clarke Foxton Foy Fraei Frahm Fraida Framp Frampton Francis Francks Francois Frandi Frangos Franich Frank Frankham Franklin Franks Frantzen Franzen Fraser Frater Frazer Frear Fredatovich Fredericksen Frederiksen Fredric Freeland Freeman Freemantle Freer Freestone Freeth French Frethey Frew Frewin Friar Fribence Fricker Friend Friis Frisken Frith Frizzell Froger Froggatt Fromont Frost Froude Fruean Fruen Frumau Frumston Fry Frye Fryer Fuch Fuge Fuller Fuller-Sandys Fullerton Fullerton-Smith Fulljames Fulton Furlong Furmage Furness Furniss Furrie Fyfe
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Gabel Gable Gabolinscy Gada Gadsby Gaensicke Gaffaney Gage Gailey Gaillard Gainsford Gait Galbraith Gale Galey Galiki Gallacher Gallager Gallaghen Gallagher Gallahar Gallen Gallert Galley Galloway Galvan Galvin Gamble Gammon Gandell Gander Gane Garaway Gard Gardam Gardener Gardiner Gardner Garea Gargan Gargett Garland Garlick Garmnosway Garmson Garner Garnett Garnham Garrett Garrity Garry Garton Gash Gaskill Gaskin Gasson Gaston Gatenby Gates Gathergood Gatland Gatti Gaudie Gaudin Gaugau Gaughan Gaul Gauld Gault Gauntlett Gavan Gavigan Gavin Gavin-Young Gawler Gayland Gaylard Gaze Gazebrook Geake Geale Geange Gear Geard Gearge Geary Geayley Geboers Geddes Gedye Gee Geisler Geldard Gelding Gemmel Gemmell Gent Gentles Geoffic George Gera Gerbic Gereats Germann Germanus Gerrand Gerrard Gervin GGrayson Giacon Gibb Gibbes Gibbins Gibbon Gibbons Gibbs Giblin Gibney Gibson Gibson-Whiteside Gibson-Williams Gick Giddens Gifford Gifkins Gilbert Gilby-Todd Gilchrest Gilchrist Gilding Giles Gilfillan Gilkinson Gill Gillam Gilland Gillanders Gillard Gillard-Jose Gillespie Gillet Gillett Gillies Gilling Gilliver Gillman Gilloch Gillovic Gilmore Gilmour Gilroy Gimblett Gin Gingles Ginn Girdwood Giri Girvan Girven Given Glackin Gladwin Glamuzina Glanville Glasgow Glasier Glasper Glass Glavas Glavish Glaysher Glazer Gleaves Gleeson Glen Glenn Glennon Glew Gleye Glogoski Glover Glozier Glucina Glynn Goad Goddard Godden Godfrey Goding Godinovich Godley Godsmark Godward Godwin Goffin Gohns Going Gojak Golan Goldsack Goldsbro Goldsbury Goldsmith Goldsworthy Goldwater Gollan Golloch Gomas Gooch Good Goodacre Goodall Goodare Goodchild Goode Goodger Goodhew Goodhue Goodin Gooding Goodison Goodman Goodrick Goodsell Goodson Goodspeed Goodwin Goodyer Goold Goord Gopal Gordge Gordon Gordon-Wiles Gore Gorman Gorrie Gorringe Gorter Goscomb Gosling Goss Gosse Goudge Goudie Gough Gould Goulding Goulter Gourley Govan Govier Govind Gow Gowan Gower Gowers Grace Gracie Graf Graffin Graham Graham-Lingard Grain Grainger Grange Granger Grannis Grant Grantham Grauer Gravatt Graves Gray Graydon Grayland Grayson Grbic Grbich Grbin Gread Grealish Greaney Greatbatch Greaves Grebener Grech Greedus Green Green May Green-Price Greenall Greenaway Greene Greenfield Greenhalgh Greenhorn Greenhough Greenland Greenlees Greenough Greenslade Greenway Greenwood Greer Gregan Gregg Gregoire Gregory Greig Gremmell Grenville Greville Grey Gribble Gridley Grierson Grieve Griffen Griffin Griffith Griffiths Griffiths-Pole Grigg Grime Grimes Grimmer Grimsdale Grimshaw Grimstone Grimwood Grindlay Grinter Grocott Groen Grogan Grogin Groom Groshinki Groshinski Gross Groube Grouden Grounds Grove Groves Grubb Grubner Grundy Grupen Grut Gryllis Gu Guard Gubb Gudgeon Gudsell Guerin Guilford Guiney Guiniven Guinness Guise Gulberti Guldbrandsen Gulik Gulliver Gumbley Gummer Gummerson Gunbie Gunby Gundersen Gundry Gunn Gunner Gunning Gunton Gurd Gurney Gurnick Gurrey Guth Guthrie Guttenbeil Guy Guyan Guzzo Gwillam Gwillim Gwyn Gwynne Gyde

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Haami Haar Haare Haberfield-Short Habib Hack Hackenley Hackett Hackworth Haddock Haddrell Hadfield Hadler Hadley Hadlow Hadnam Hadrup Hadwin Haeta Haftka Hagan Haggas Haggerty Hague Hahn Haig Haigh Hailes Hailstone Hailwood Haimona Haims Haines Hainge Hair Haire Haitana Hakai Hakaraia Hakiwai Halden Hale Halford Haliday Halkyard Hall Hallam Hallas Hallen Hallett Halley Halliday Halligan Hallmond Halloran Halls Halmshaw Halpin Halsall Halsey Halverson Ham Hambleton Hamblin Hamblyn Hamer Hames Hamill Hamilton Hamilton-Hardie Hamiora Hamlin Hammersley Hammerton Hammett Hammon Hammond Hampshire Hampson Hampton Hancock Hancox Hancy Hand Hand-Pickering Handley Hands Handy Hanfling Hanham Hankley Hanlan Hanley Hanlon Hanna Hannah Hannam Hannan Hanrahan Hanright Hansard Hansby Hansch Hansen Hanson Hapimana Happe Harbutt Harcourt-Jones Hardeman Harden Harder Hardie Hardie-Neil Hardiman Harding Hardy Hare Harfield Harford Hargood Hargraves Hargreaves Haria Harker Harkins Harkness Harland Harley Harlick Harlow Harnett Harold Harper Harpham Harpin Harpur Harrap Harrigan Harriman Harrington Harris Harris-Hampson Harrison Harrold Harrop Harrowell Harry Harsant Hart Harte Hartigan Hartis Hartland Hartley Hartley/Tilley Hartnett Hartshorn Hartstone Hartstonge Hartwell Harty Harvey Harvie Harward Harwood Hasedt Hasini Haskell Haslam Hassall Hastie Hastings Haswell Haszard Hata Hately Hatfield Hatfull Hattaway Hattersley Hattew Hattie Hatton Hatu Haturini Hatwell Hau Haumaha Hauraki Hauraki-Niha Hausman Hautonga Haverbrier Havern Havill Hawe Hawes Hawke Hawken Hawker Hawkes Hawkeswood Hawkings Hawkins Hawks Hawley Hawlins Hawthorn Hawthorne Hay Hay-Chapman Haycock Hayde Hayden Haydon Hayes Hayman Haynes Haysom Hayson Hayter Hayward Haywood Hazel Hazelden Hazelman Hazelwood Hazners Head Heading Headland Heagney Heal Healey Healy Heaney Heaphy Heappey Heard Heares Hearfield Hearn Hearne Heath Heathcote Heather Heatherington Heatley Heaton Heaven Heavey Hebden Hebditch Heberley Hedderwick Hedge Hedith Hedley Heemi Heenan Heeney Heesh Hefferan Heffernan Hegarty Hegh Hegutu Heiford Heighway Heikell Heikoop Heine Heitia Heka Heke Heketoa Hekeua Helatau Heleika Helg Hellen Heller Hellesoe Helleur Hellner Hellyer Helms Helps Helsham Helson Helwig Hema Hemana Hemara Hemi Hemingway Hemming Hemmins Hemopo Hemphill Hempstead Hemsley Hemsworth Henare Henderson Hendrie Hendriksen Hendrix Hendry Hendy Henley Henman Hennessey Henney Hennings Henrikson Henry Hensen Henshall Henshaw Hensley Hensman Henson Henty Henwood Hepa Hepana Hepburn Heperi Hepi Herangi Herbert Herdson Heremaia Hereora Herewini Herk Herlund Herman Hermon Hern Heron Herrick Herring Herrington Heskett Hesp Hessey Heta Hetaraka Hetet Hetherington Hetutu Heuberger Heussi Hewetson Hewin Hewing Hewinson Hewitt Hewlett Hextall Hey Heyes Heywood Hiam Hibbert Hibbs Hick Hickatangata Hickey Hickman Hickmott Hicks Hickson Hieatt Higgie Higgin Higginbotham Higgins Higginson Higham Highsted Hiini Hiko Hiku Hilder Hill Hilliam Hillman Hills Hillson Hilt Hilton Hincho Hinde Hindman Hindmarsh Hine Hines Hinga Hingston Hini Hinkley Hinton Hintz Hinz Hiorns Hippolite Hira Hirawani Hiriwani Hirons Hirst Hiscock Hislop Hita Hitchcock Hitchcox Hitchens Hitchings Hitchock Hjorring Hjoth Hoare Hobart Hobbs Hobin Hobson Hockey Hocking Hodd Hodder Hodge Hodges Hodgetts Hodgkinson Hodgson Hodkinson Hodson Hoe Hoebergen Hoemi Hoenerloh Hoera Hoeta Hoete Hoey Hoff Hoffman Hoffmann Hoffmeister Hogan Hogben Hogg Hoggins Hogwood Hohaia Hohaia-Nathan Hohepa Hohneck Hohua Hokai Hoko Holborow Holcroft Holdcroft-Smith Holdem Holden Holder Holding Holdsworth Holdt Hole Holes Holland Hollander Hollands Hollard Hollay Holley Holliday Hollies Hollinger Hollingworth Hollis Holloway Hollows Holm Holman Holmes Holser Holst Holstead Holsted Holt Holtham Holtom Holwell Holyoake Home Homer Homewood Hona Honey Hong Honnef Hood Hook Hooker Hookway Hool Hooper Hoori Hooton Hopa Hope Hope/Johnston Hopgood Hopkins Hopkinson Hopo Hopper Hopping Horacek Hordan Horgan Hori Horman Horn Hornby Horne Hornell Horner Horobin Horomana Horrocks Horsburgh Horscroft Horsfall Horsman Horton Horwood Hose Hoskin Hosking Hotere Hoterene Hotu Houben Houchen Hough Houghton Houia Houlahan Houlker Houlton Hounslow Hourigan House Houston Hove Howard Howart Howarth Howden Howe Howell Howes Howie Howse Howson Hoyland Hoyle Hoyles Hrepc Hubbard Huchings Huckstepp Hudson Huff Huggan Huggard Huggins Hughes Hugill Hugo Huka Hukui Hulbert Hull Hullett Hulme Hulse Hulst Hulton-Harrop Human Humberstone Humby Hume Humphries Humphrys Hunapo Hunia Hunkin Hunt Hunter Huntley Hunuhunu Hurae Hurd Huriwaka Hurley Hurrell Hurren Hurring Hurst Husband Hussey Huston Hutana Hutchense Hutcheon Hutchinson Hutchison Huthnance Hutson Hutt Hutton Hyde Hyden Hyland Hyman Hynd Hynes

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Ian Iefita Ihaka Ikinepe Ikitoa Iles Ilett Illingworth Imai imoti Impey Inawuu Inch Inch-Perry Inder Ingall Inger Ingerson Ingham Ingle Ingley Inglis Ingold Ingpen Ingram Ingram-Jamieson Inkster Innes Innes-Jones Innis Insley Intemann Inwood Ioane Ion Iorangi Iraia Ireland Iremonger Iri Irimana Ironside-Gray Irvine Irvine-Small Irving Irwin Isaacs Isherwood Iswar Iti Ivanovich Ivers Iversen Ives Ivey Ivil

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Jack Jacka Jackson Jacob Jacobs Jacobsen Jacobson Jacobson-Baker Jacson Jager Jaggard Jagger Jago Jahnke Jaine Jakeman James Jameson Jamieson Janett Jansen Janssen Jantke (Wilkes) Jaques Jaram Jarden Jardine Jarman Jarrett Jarrick Jarvie Jarvis Jasen Jaspers Jeffares Jeffcoat Jefferies Jeffers Jefferson Jeffery Jeffrey Jeffries Jeffs Jehan Jelas Jelicich Jellie Jellyman Jenkin Jenkins Jenkinson Jenks Jenner Jennett Jennings Jensen Jentsh Jenyns Jepson Jerkovic Jermy Jerome Jerram Jerrim Jerry Jessop Jessup Jillings Joans Job Jobbitt Jobe Jobey Joblin Jobling Jobz Joe Johannson Johansen Johanson John John-William Johns Johnson Johnston Johnstone Jolley Jolly Jonas Jonathon Jones Jonkers Joplin Jordon Jorgensen Jory Josaia Joseph Josephs Joslin Jouning Jourdain Journa Joustra Jowett Jowitt Joy Joyce Joynt Jubilee Judd Judge Juers Jugum Jukes Julian June. Junge Jupp Juretich Jurie Jurisch Jurisich Jurkovich Jurlina Jury Just

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Ka Kahi Kahui Kaihau/Cooper Kaihe Kaili Kaina Kaio Kaire Kajo Kaka Kake Kalauni Kale Kaleba Kaliatama Kalike Kama Kameta Kamo Kamutoa Kanapu Kane Kani Kannemeyer Kanuta Kapa Kapo Kapoor Kara Karaitana Karaka Karanga Karatiana Kareko Karena Karoi Karora Karsten Karuse Kasper Kassler Kataina Katavich Katene Katipa Katu Kauhou Kaui Kaukau Kaulakis Kauri Kauvai Kavanagh Kawerau Kay Kaye Kayes Kazmierczak Keane Keaney Kearins Kearney Kearns Keast Keat Keates Keating Keatinge Kebell Keefe Keegan Keeley Keeling Keeman Keen Keenan Keene Keepa Keeper Keepin Keesing Keighley Keightley Keiller Keinzley Keiser Keith Kelenc Kelk Kell Kelland Kelleher Kellett Kellock Kellow Kelly Kelsall Kelsen Kelsey Kelson Kemen Kemeny Kemp Kemp-Baker Kempt Kempthorn Kemsley Kenah Kench Kendall Kenderdine Kendon Kendrick Kendricks Kennard Kenneally Kennedy Kennedy-Watt Kennerley Kennett Kenney Kenning Kenny Keno Kensington Kent Kent-Johnston Kenton Keogh Keohane Kerby Kereama Kereopa Kerr Kerridge Kerrisk Kersey Kershaw Kertell Kerwan Kesseler Ketley Ketterer Kettlewell Keucke Kevin kew Kewene Kewish Key Keymer Keys Khouri Kibblewhite Kidd Kiddle Kifford Kildare Kilgour Killbride Killen Killick Killingback Killip Killpack Kilmartin Kilmister Kilmore Kilpatrick Kilpin Kimber Kimi Kimiangatau Kimpton Kimura King Kingett Kinghazel Kinghorn Kingi Kingsbury Kingston Kinn Kinnaird Kinred Kinshott Kiore Kipling Kira Kirby Kirchner Kirk Kirkbride Kirkby Kirkcaldie Kirkcaldy Kirkham Kirkland Kirkman Kirkus Kirkwood Kirschberg Kit Kitchener Kitchingham Kite Kitney Kitson Kitto Kittow Kiu Kivell Kjeldsen Kjorring Klaassen Klaricich Klaver Kleine Klenner Klink Knaggs Knap Knapp Knapping Knauf Knee Kneebone Kneller Knewstubb Kng Knight Knightbridge Knightly Knights Knill Knipe Knott Knowles Knox Kohlhase Kok Koloni Komene Koni Konia Konz Kool Kooperberg Koopu Kopara Kopping Korewha Korff Koroheke Koroi-Ngawhau Kosoof Kosovich Koti Kouka Kozenof Kraal Krajenbrink Krause Krebs Kreegher Kriletich Krissanen Kronfeld Kropach Kruger Kryeziu Kugener Kuka Kuklinski Kukutai Kullar Kumeroa Kummer Kumpula Kunicich Kupa Kuper Kurac Kurta Kurtich Kurz Kusabs Kuypers Kwan Kydd Kyle Kyriacou Kytola

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La Belle La Hack La Hood La Var Lacey Lacy Ladyman LaFrenz LaHood Laidlaw Laile Laing Laird Lake Lala Lalich Lally Laloli Lam Lamaletie Lamare Lamb Lambert Lambeth Lambourne Laming Lamont Lamositele Lampe Lampitt Lamplough Lamsam Lancaster Lance Lanchester Land Landels Lander Landsman Lane Lang Langdale Langendoen Langley Langman Langride Langston Langstone Langton Langtry Lanham Lankshear Lanyon Lapwood Larder Lardner Lark Larkin Larking Larkins Larsen Larson Lasini Lassey Latham Latif Latimer Latto Lauchlan Lauder Laugesen Laughland Launder Laupa Laupu'e Laurensen Laurenson Laurent Laurie Laurijssen Lava Lavas Laverty Law Lawn Lawrence Laws Lawson Lawther Lawton Lay Laycock Laydon Layne Layson Lazarus Lazelle Lazonby Le Corteur Le Couteur Le Gal Le Gran Le Grice Le Mon Le Mouton Le Petit Le Prou Le Vard Le Varis Lea Leabourn Leabourne Leach Leadley Leaf Leah Leahy Leak Leaming Lean Leaning Lear Learthart Leat Leatham Leathart Leather Leathley Leaver Leavy Lebel Leddy Ledgard Ledger Ledingham Lee Lee-Johnson Lee-Martin Leech Leef Leek Leeming Leenen Lees Lees-Jefferies Leevard Lefever Lefua Legg Leggatt Legge Leggett Leigh Leighton Leikis Leilua Leineweber Leitch Leith Leithbridge LeLievre Lelo Lemafa Lemmen Lemmens Lemon Lenaghan Lendic Lendich Lenihan Lennan Lennon Lennox LeNoel Lenthwaite Leonard Leopold Lerner Lesa Leslie Lesnie Lestrange Letaher Letcher Letford Lethaby Lethborg Lethbridge Letica Lett Leuenberger Levaillant LeVan Levarre-Waters Lever Levert Levet Levien Levin Levis Levy Lewins Lewis Lewisham Lews Lewthwaite Leys Libeau Lichtenstein Liddicoat Liddington Liddle Liddy Lidguard Lietz Liggett Liggins Lightband Lightfoot Lihou Lim Lima Limpus Linch Lincoln Lindberg Lindeman Linder Lindesay Lindfield Lindon Lindsay Lines Linkhorn Linley Linnell Linscott Linton Lipanovich Lipscomb Lipsham Lipshan Lisamore Lisk Lisle Lissaman Lissington List Lister Litherland Lithgow Little LittleJohn Littleton Littlewood Liversidge Livett Livingston Livingstone Llewell Lloyd Lloydd Loader Loane Lobb Loch Lochead Lock Locke Lockett Lockhart Lockie Lockyer Lodder Lodge Loewenthal Loftus Logan Logue Loible Lokeni Pupuo Lomas Lomax London Lonergan Long Longbottom Longhurst Longlands Longley Longman Longney Longstaff Longton Longville Longworth Loomb Looney Lopes Loram Lord Lorenzen Loretz Lorigan Lorimer Lornie Losi Lough Loughrin Lovatt Love Loveday Lovegrove Lovelace Lovell Loverich Loveridge Lovett Lovich Lovrich Low Lowcay Lowden Lowe Lowery Lowes Lowish Lowrie Lowry Lowther Loy Loye Lucas Lucich Lucinsky Luck Luckie Luddon Ludlam Ludwig Luff Luffman Lukan Luke Luker Lukins Lum Lumb Lumley Lumsden Lunan Lundon Lunjevich Lunt Lupe Lupi Lupton Lurie Lusk Lusty Luther Luxton Luyk Lyall Lyden Lye Lyford Lykies Lyle Lyles Lynch Lynch-Hines Lynden Lyndon Lyne Lynne Lyon Lyons Lysaght Lythe
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Maaka Maata Mabbett Maben Maber Mabey Mabne Mac Donald Mac Farquar Mac Ferson Mac Kay Mac Kenzie Mac Pherson MacAlister MacArthur MacAskill Macassey MaCauley MacConochie MacCown MacCulloch MacDiarmid MacDonald MacDougall Mace Macey MacFarlane MacFarquhar Macfie MacGillivray MacGregor Machen MacIndoe MacIntyre MacIver Mackadam MacKay Macken MacKenzie Mackey Mackie MacKinder MacKinnon Mackintosh Macklin Macky MacLaren MacLean MacLennon MacLeod MacMillan MacNamara MacPhail MacPherson MacRae MacRitchie MacWhirter Maddaford Madden Madder Maddern Maddick Maddock Maddocks Maddox Maddren Madeley Maden Madgwick Madigan Madill Maeva-Huru Magan Magee Mager Magill Maginness Magnussen Magrath Maguire Mahadevan Mahanga Mahara Mahomett Mahoney Mahood Mahy Maiden Maihi Maikuku Mail Mailman Main Maindonald Maipi Mair Maire Mairs Maisey Maitland Majoor Major Maka Makani Makapa Makata Makawe Makea Makene Maki Makiri Makoare Malam Malaugh Malby Malcolm Malins Mallinger Mallinson Malloch Malloy Malone Maloney Malpas Mana Managh Managhan Manarangi Manas Manby-Cameron Mancer Mandeno Mander Maney Manhood Maniapoto Manihera Manins Manisty Mankelow Manktelow Manley Mann Manners Manning Mannion Manoah Manoy Mansel Mansfield Manson Manu Manuel Manuel-Fortes Manuela Manuera Manugas Manuhiri Manukau Manukuo Maoate Mapperson Mappin Mapson Mara Marai Maraki Marama March Marchant Marchioni Marcus Marevich Margan Marilyn Marinich Marino Marinovic Mark Markham Markotich Marks Markwick Marlow Marr Marriot Marris Marsden Marsh Marshall Marshall-Hall Marshall-Keys Marsters Martell Martelli Marten Martin Martin-Smith Martini Martinovich Maru Marusich Maruska Marwick Marwood Marx Maryland Mascarenhas Masihiva Maskery Masoe Mason Massam Massey Massey-Borman Massicks Masters Matafai Matagi Matagiaga Matangi Mataroria Matchett Matchitt Matekuare Matenga Matepo Matetaka Mather Matheson Mathews Mathias Mathieson Mathis Matich Matijevich Matiu Matrevers Matson Matthes Matthew Matthews Matthewson Matulovic Matulovich Matuschka Matyas Mauchline Maujhan Maulder Maule Maunder Maunsell Mave Mavor Mawhinney Mawkes Mawsten Max Maxted Maxwell May May. Mayall Mayer Mayers Mayes Mayhew Mayn Maynard Mayne Mayo Mayor Mc Aleese Mc Alister Mc Allister McAlpine McAnulty McArthur McAughtrie McAulay McAuley McAuliffe McBain McBeth McBrearty McBride McBurnie McCabe McCaig McCall McCallum McCann McCardle McCarroll McCarron McCarthy McCarthy-Igo McCartney McCarty McCaskill Mcaughan McCauley McCheyne McClay McClelland McClennon McClew McClintock McClune McClung McClure McCluskey McClutchie McCluthie McColl McCollum McCombe McComish McConchie McConnachie McConnell McCoomb McCord McCorkindale McCormack McCormick McCort McCowan McCowen McCown McCoy McCracken McCrae McCraith McCubbin McCulloch McCullough McCullum McCurdy McCusker McDade McDavitt McDell McDermott Mc Diarmid McDonald McDonnagh McDonnell McDougall McDowall McDowell McEldowney McElroy McElwain McElwee McEntee McEvoy McEwan McEwen McFadden McFadyen McFall McFarland McFarlane McFetridge McGaffin McGaffney McGahan McGarrie McGarvey McGaughey McGavin McGechie McGee McGeehan McGeever McGehan McGeoch McGeorge McGerry McGhie McGill McGillivray McGilp McGinty McGlade McGlashan McGoldrick McGonagle McGoon McGoram McGougan McGovern McGowan McGowen Mc Grath McGreevy McGregor McGrehan McGrevy McGruer McGuigan McGuinnes McGuire McGurck McGuric McHardy McHattie McHugh McIlroy McIndoe McInnarney McInnes McIntosh McIntyre McIver McIvor McKavanagh McKay McKean McKearney McKechnie McKee McKeen Mc Keich McKendrick McKenna McKenzie McKeown McKernan McKibbin McKie McKillop McKinney McKinnon McKittrick McKnight McKone McKoy McLachlan McLaren McLarin McLaughlan McLaughlin McLean McLeavey McLeay McLellan McLennan McLennon McLeod McLernon McLiesh McLintock McMahon McMahon-Morris McManemin McManus McMaster McMenamin McMiken McMillam McMillan McMinn McMullan McMullen McMurdo McMurtrie McMurtry McNab McNabb McNae McNair McNally McNamara McNamee McNaught McNaughtan McNaughton McNeil McNeilage McNeill McNeur McNicholl McNicol McNiven McPeeke McPhee McPherson McPike McQarters McQuarrie McQueen McQuinlan McQuinn McQuiod McQuitty McQuoid McRae McRoy McSkimming McSweeney McSwigan McTavish McVeigh McVerry McWatt McWatters McWilliam Mead Meade Meadows Meads Meakin Meale Meaney Mearns Mears Mecredy Medcalf Medcalfe Medland Mee Meehan Meek Meeks Meese Megaw Mehau Meikle Melhose Melhusih Mellish Mellor Mellsop Mellville Melrose Melton Meltzer Melville Menary Mendes Menere Menhennet Menzies Meo Mercep Mercer Meredith Meria Merrick Merriman Merritt Message Messenger Messnger Mestrom Metcalf Metcalfe MetcalfeCarr Metherell Methven Metuatane Mew Mews Mexted Meyer Meyers Meyrick Michalanney Michel Michel Turner Michelsen Michie Mickell Middlemiss Middleton Midgley Midwinter Mihotich Mikaere Mikkelsen Mikoz Milburn Mildenhall Miles Milford Milham Milina Miliona Mill Millar Millen Miller Millett Millgate Milligan Milliken Millington Mills Millward Milne Milner Milroy Milsom Milward Minchall Mincher Minchin Mineall Mines Minet Minhinnick Minifie Mintrom Minus Mirko Misa Mischewski Misekea Mita Mitcham Mitchell Mitchener Mitikulen a Moa Moana Moanaroa Moase Moat Mochan Mockford Modrich Moe Moekauta Moeke Moekore Moerua Moffat Moffatt Moffitt Mogford Mohi Mohr Mohring Moihi Moir Moka Moke Moki Mokoha Mole Mollard Moller Mollett Molloy Moloney Molony Moloughney Molyneaux Monaghan Moncur Monds Money Money Norman Monga Monk Monks Monro Monroe Monston Montague Monteith Montgomerie Montgomery Montrose Moody Moon Mooney Moor Moorby Moorcroft Moore Moorhouse Moosman Mopeke Mora Moran Morath Morby Mordue More Morecroft Morel Moreland Morely Moresby Morete Moreton Morey Morgan Morganti Moriarty-Poa Morice Morley Morman Morning Moroney Moros Morran Morrell Morris Morrish Morrison Morriss Morrissey Morrisson Morrow Morten Mortensen Mortiboy Mortimer Mortley Morton Morunga Moselen Mosen Moses Mosheim Moss Mossop Moth Motimer Motion Mottershead Mottram Motu Mould Moulder Mountford Mountfort Mous Moverley Mowbry Moxham Moxon Moyes Moyle Mrkusich Mu Muaautoa Mudford Mudgway Mueller Muellner Muffett Muir Muirhead Muisnebergh Mulcahy Mulders Muldrock Mulholland Mullane Mullen Muller Mullett Mulligan Mullins Mulqueen Mulqueeney Mulrennan Mumberson Mumby Mummery Muncaster Munce Mundell Munden Mundy Munkowits Munn Munro Munroe Munson Munu Murch Murchie Murdoch Murfitt Murphy Murray Murrell Murrihy Murtagh Murton Muru Muschamp Musgrove Mushet Muskett Mustard Mustow Mutch Myers Mynott
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Nabbs Nagle Nahna Naidoo Nair Nairn Nally Namana Nancarrow Nankivell Nanowski Napier Narbey Nash Nasmith Natali Nathan Nathan-Cull Nathoo Nathuram Nattras Navarette Naylor Neagle Neal Neale Nealon Neary Neave Necklen Needham Neels Neely Neems Neho Nehring Neighbours Neil Neild Neill Neilsen Neilson Nekelo Neller Nelms Nelson Nepe Nepia Nepia-Moran Nerheny Nesbitt Nesdale Netana Nettleship Nettleton Nevard Neverman Neville Newall Newborn Newdick Newell Newhouse Newland Newlands Newlove Newman Newson Newson-Boyack Newth Newton Neylon Ng Shiu Ngakuru Ngamu Ngani Ngapera Ngapo Ngapuhi Ngarere Ngarotata Ngata Ngatai Ngati Ngatoko Ngawaka Ngawati Nia Nia Niblock Nichol Nicholas Nicholl Nicholls Nichols Nicholson Nicklen Nicklin Nicol Nicolin Nicoll Nicolli Nicolls Nield Nielsen Nienhius Niepold Niethe Nightingale Nigro Nikiel Nikora Niles Nilsen Nilson Nimo Ninnes Nio Nisbet Niuloa Niven Niwa Nix Nixon Niziol Noa Noakes Nobbs Noble Nockold Nodder Noel Nogat Nola Nolan Noland Nolloth Noon Noonan Noordijk Norager Norcliffe Norcross Nordloff Nordstrand Norgrove Norman Normann Norris Norris-Holder North Northcoat Northcott Northe Northover Northway Norton Notter Noutch Novak Novata Nowell Nowland Noyce Numanga Nunnerley Nutbrown Nutsford
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O Meagher O'Brien O'Bryan O'Callaghan O'Connell O'Connor O'Dea O'Dell O'Donnell O'Donoghue O'Donohue O'Dwyer O'Flaherty O'Gorman O'Grady O'Halloran O'Hanlon O'Hara O'Keefe O'Leary O'loughlin O'Malley O'Mally O'Mara O'Meara O'Neil O'Neill O'Reilly O'Riley O'Rourke O'Shea O'Sullivan O'Toole Oates Oatridge Oberer Oberg Oborn Ockhart Odgers Odlum Oed Oetegenn Offen Officer Offord Ogden Ogilvie Ogle Ogles Oglivie Oien Oki-Edwards Olberg Old Oldenampsen Oldenhof Oldershaw Oldfield Oldham Oldnall Olds Oliphant Oliver Ollerenshaw Olley Olliver Ollsen Olney Olphert Olsen Olssen Olsson Onaariki Oneroa Opai Opetaia Opie Orake Oram Orange Orbell Orchard Ord Orders Orme Ormsby Ornstien Orr Orsulich Orum Osasa Osbaldiston Osborn Osborne Osburn Osmond Ostoga Oswald Otimi Otte Otto Otway Oudshoorn Outtrim Ovenden Ovens Overington Overton Owen Owens Oxenham Oxford Oxton Ozanne O`Callaghan O`Connor O`Rourke O`Sullivan
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Pa'u Paaka Paapaa Pacey Packer Packman Padlie Paerata Paetai Page Paget Pain Paintain Paipa Pairama Pairaudeau Pajo Pakari Pakau Pakea-Clarke Paki Pakinga Pakoti Palalagi Palavi Palmer Paltridge Pamich Panapa Panchia Panckhurst Panettiere Paniora Panoho Panther Panui Paora Papworth Paraha Paraku Parata Paratene Paretovich Parfect Pargeter Parish Park Parker Parkes Parkin Parkins Parkinson Parks Parlane Parle Parnell Parr Parris Parry Parslow Parsons Parsons-McLean Partel Partington Partridge Pascoe Pascua Pasene Pasifa Vesetolu Passby-Harle Passi Passmore Passow Patchell Patchett Patel Pateman Patena Paterson Paton Patrick Patson Patswold Patten Patterson Pattie Pattinson Pattison Pattle Patton Pattrick Paul Paull Paulsen Paurini Pausina Pautara Pautu Pavai Pawa Pawhai Pawson Paxton Pay Payne Paynes Paynter Payton Peace Peach Peachey Peacock Peake Pearce Pearks Pearse Pearson Peart Peat Peate Peck Pedersen Pederson Peebles Peek Peel Peers Pegler Pegram Pehi Peisley Peita Pekama Pell Pelley Pemberton Pembroke Pen,an Penam Penberthy Pendegrast Pender Pendlebury Pene PeneCoburn Penerata Penetito Penewi Pengelly Pengley Penhall Peni Penisone Penley Penman Penn Penna Pennefather Pennell Penney Pennie Penno Penny Penswick Pentecost Penton Penwarden Pepene Pepper Pepperell Percy Pere Perese Perfect Perham Peri Perkins Perkinson Perks Perrett Perriam Perrin Perrott Perry Person Perston Pervan Petch Petera Petero Peters Petersen Peterson Petherbridge Petherick Peti Peti-Tamaseu Petley Petre Petri Petricevich Petrie Petry Petterd Pettersen Petterson Pettman Petty Phelan Philbrick Philip Philipp Philips Phillips Phillips-Newman Philpot Philpott Phipps Phyn Piacun Picard Pick Picken Pickerill Pickering Pickett Pickin Pickles Pickworth Picot Piddington Piepereit Pierard Pierce Pierrez Piggott Pihema Pikaahu Pike Pila Pilcher Pile Pilgrim Pilkington Pillay Pilling Pillips Pim Pio Piotrowski Pipe Piper Pipere Pipitolu-Muller Pipson Pira Piri Pirihi Pirimona Pirret Pirrett Piskulic Pita Pitch Pitcher Pither Pitkethley Pitkrthley Pittams Pittman Pivac Pivott Plaisted Planjar Plank Plant Plato Player Pledger Plescher Pleydell Plimley Plimmer Plowman Plows Plucknett Plumb Plumber Plummer Poa Poaru Poate Pockoski Pocock Podman Poffley Poharama Pohatu Poihipi Pointon Pokai Pokaia Poland Pole Poli Polis Polkinghorne Poll Polland Pollard Pollock Polstra Polu Polwart Pomare Pomeroy Pomfrett Pompey Poninghouse Pont Pook Pool Poole Pooley Popata Pope Popow Poppe Pora Port Porteous Porter Porteus Porthous Porton Posa Post Potae Potago Potaka Potier Potini Poto Potter Pottinger Potts Pou Pound Pourau Poutai Poutapu Pouwhare Povey Powell Powell Lee George Power Powierza Powley Pownceby Poy Poynter Pracy Prangley Prater Pratt Prebble Preece Preist Prendiville Prentice Prescott Presland Pressagh Presswood Preston Preston-Thomas Prew Price Prichard Prictor Priest Priestley Priestly Prime Primmer Primrose Prince Pringle Prins Prior Priscott Prisk Priske Priston Pritchard Probert Probett Probst Probyn Procter Proctor Proffit Prout Prouting Provan Prowse Prue Prujean Pryme Puaha Puckey Pudsey Pugh Puha Puhi Puhia Puia Pukepuke Pukeroa Puletaha Pulford Pulham Pull Pullar Pullen Pullin Pullman Pupuo Purcell Purchase Purdie Purdue Purdy Purini Puru Purvis Putere Putt Puttick Pye Pyke Pyle
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Quaife Qualtrough Quayle Quedley Quelch Quensell Quiding Quigley Quill Quilter Quilty Quin Quinlan Quinn Quintall Quirke Quist

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Rabbitte Raby Rackett Rackham Rackley Radcliffe Radd Raddock Radford Radich Radics Radonich Radovan Radovanovich Rae Raea Raethel Ragg Raggett Rahui Railton Rain Raina Rainbow Rainey Rainford Rainger Rak Rakei Rakena Rakete Rakich Rakuraku Ralph Ralston Ram Rambaud Rameka Ramlose Ramsay Ramsbotham Ramsden Ramsey Ramson Ranapaia Ranchod Randall Randell Randolph Rands Ranga Rangi Rangiwai Rangiwha Rankin Rankine Rannali Rans Ransfield Ransley Ransome Ranson Ranui Ranum Raos Rapana Raper Rapira Rapp Rapson Raru Rasmussen Rastrick Rata Ratahi Ratana Ratcliffe Rathgen Ratu Raureti Rauwhero Raven Ravine Ravlich Rawhiri Rawhiti Rawiri Rawlings Rawlins Rawlinson Rawson Ray Raye Raymond Rayner Raynor Rayson Rea Read Readman Reardon Red Reddick Redding Reddish Redfern Redman Redout Redwood Reece Reed Reedy Rees Reeve Reeves Refroy Regan Reiber Reid Reidy Reihana Reilly Reiman Reinhardt Reinhold Reisterer Remacher Remi Remnant Renahan Renall Renata Rendall Render Rendle Renfrew Renner Rennie Renouf Renton Renwick Renwick 'Soames Repia Repoama Resetar Reston Reti Reti-Zachan Retter Reuben Reuelu Revell Reweti Rewha Rewi Rewiti Rex Reynders Reynolds Rhind Rhind'Mane Rhodes Ricca Rice Rich Richard Richards Richardson Riches Richmond Rickard Rickerby Rickman Riddell Ridder Riddle Ridealg Ridge Ridgley Ridgway Riding Ridler Rieser Rigby Riggs Righton Rigney Rihari Riini Rikys Riley Rima-Hamiora Rima-Samuels Rimington Rimmer Ring Ringia Ripi Ripikoi Rippey Rippingale Rippingdale Rippon Riritahi Risbridge Rison Rissetto Rissman-Sillick Rist Ritchie Ritete Ritter Rive Rivers Riwhi Rix Roa Roach Roache Roband Robati Robb Robbie Robbins Robert Roberts Roberts-Rapata Robertshaw Robertson Robey Robieson Robins Robinson Robson Robust Roche Rockel Roddie Rodenburg Rodger Rodgers Rodney Roe Roebeck Roff Rogan Roger Rogers Rogers-Knox Roimata Roiter Roke Rolfe Rolfes Rollander Rolleston Rolley Rollitt Rolton Romaine Roman Romana Rona Ronald Ronaldson Ronan Ronayne Ronchard Rongo Rooke Rooney Roose Root Rope Roper Rorbeck Rosandich Rosario Rosborough Rose Roseman Rosenberg Rosenthal Rosevear Rosier Rosieur Rosin Ross Rosser Rossiter Rota Rotarangi Rothbury Rothwell Roucher Roughton Roulston Round Roundhill Roundill Rountree Rountwaite Rourke Row Rowan Rowbottom Rowe Rowland Rowlatt Rowles Rowlingson Rowney Rowntree Rowsell Roxborough Roxburgh Roy Royal Roycroft Rua Ruakere Rubie Rubin Ruby Ruck Rudd Ruddell Rudge Rudland Rudman Rudnicki Rudolph Ruebe Ruff Ruffell Rugg Ruka Ruka"Smith" Rule Rumble Rump Runciman Rundle Running Rupa Rupapera Ruri Rusch Rush Rushbridge Rushbrook Rushton Rusk Ruskell Russ Russek Russell Russell-Gray Ruston Rutene Rutherford Rutledge Rutter Ryall Ryan Ryburn Rycroft Ryder Rye Ryland Rylatt Rynbeek Ryter Rzoska

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Sabich Sabine=Shaw Sabistan Sabiston Saddleton Sadgrove Sadler Saeni Sagar Sage Sager Saies Sainsbury Sakey Salesa Salisbury Salle Sallisbury Salmon Salter Salthouse Salvation Sammons Sammut Sampson Samson Samuel Samuels Samways Sandberg Sanders Sanderson Sandford Sandham Sandilands Sandle Sands Sandstad Sanford Sang Sanger Sanson Santy Sapich Sapsworth Sarah Sargeant Sargent Sargon Sarich Satchell Satele Satherley Sattler Saunders Saunderson Savage Saville Sawden Sawyer Sawyers Saxby Saxton Sayer Sayers Saywell Scampton Scandlyn Scanlan Scanlon Scarlett Scarrold Scarrott Scarry Sceats Schaare Schade Schauer Schaumacher Schaumkell Schick Schicker Schischka Schiska Schlegel Schmidt Schneider Schnell Schofield Scholes Schollum Schoolbread Schou Schoushkoff Schouten Schrafft Schrieber Schryvers Schubert Schumacher Schuster Schutt Schwalger Schwarz Schwass Schwenke Scobie Scoffin Scoles Scoltock Scothern Scott Scotting Scotts Scouler Scown Scrimgeour Scriven Scrivener Scrogie Scurr Scurrah Seagar Sealey Sealy Seaman Searance Searancke Searle Searson Seater Sebalja Seekup Seers Seery Sefton Seigel Seivers Selak Selby Selek Self Seliaerts Selkirk Sell Sellar Sellars Sellers Selman Selwyn Semmens Semmons Semu Sendles Senior Senne Sentch Sergeant Serra Servat Service Sestanovich Setefano Seth Seuseu Sewell Sexton Seymour Shackleton Shadbolt Shadrock Shakeshaft Shakespear Shallard Shanahan Shand Shankland Shanks Shannon Sharkey Sharman Sharp Sharpe Sharples Sharps Sharrock Shatlock Shaw Shaw-Clifton Sheard Shearer Shearing Sheath Shedlock Sheedy Sheehan Sheerin Sheffield Sheil Sheild Sheilds Sheldon Shelford Shelley Shelton Shennan Sheperd Shephard Shepherd Shepley Sheppard Sherie Sherlock Sherman Sherrard Sherriff Sherson Sherwen Sherwin Sherwood Shewan Shieff Shieffelbein Shields Shilling Shilton Shine Shing Shinmar Shipgood Shires Shirley Shirra Shirtcliffe Shoebridge Shone Shore Short Shortcliffe Shorter Shorthouse Shortland Shove Shreeve Shuell Shuker Shuttle Shuttleworth Siddens Siddle Side Sidwell Siegel Sigley Signal Silbery Silby Silcock Sillick Sills Silva Silveira Silverthorne Silvester Sim Simcock Simich Simiona Simister Simkins Simm Simmonds Simmons Simms Simons Simpkin Simpkins Simpson Simpson-Burn Sims Sinclair Sinclaire Sinden Sinel Singer Singh Singh-Bola Sinton Sio Sionoheka Sisam Sisley Sisson Sittauer Siversen Sizmore Skarpa Skeem Skeen Skeer Skeet Skegg Skelsey Skelton Skene Skidmore Skiffington Skilton Skinner Skinnerup Skipper Skipps Skipworth Sklenars Skodanovich Skokandich Skorepova Slade Slako Slane Slater Slatter Slattery Slecht Sleeman Sleep Slight Sloan Sloane Slocomb Smackman Smailes Smale Smales Small Smallman Smart Smeaton Smeed Smeeton Smethurst Smillie Smith Smith Alma Gladys Smithies Smithson Smulders Smurthwaite Smyth Smythe Smytheman Snape Sneath Sneddon Sneidze Snelgar Snell Snelling Snoad Snookes Snooks Snow Snowden Snowden-Clay Snowsill Soames Soanes Soden Soens Sofa Soffe Soich Sokolich Sokratov Sole Sollis Sollitt Soloman Soma Somerton Somerville Sommers Sontgen Soo Choon Soper Sopp Sorensen Sorenson Sornnsen Sorrell Sotheran Sothern Soulsby Soutar Souter Southall Southcombe Southee Southern Southorn Southward Southwick Sowden Sowerby Sowry Sowter Spackman Spacks Spaic Spain Spalding Spargo Sparks Sparrow Speak Speck Speckman Spedding Speedy Speers Speight Speir Speirs Spence Spencer Spender Spice Spicer Spick Spiers Spiller Spinks Spittal Spitz Spitzer Spooner Spotswood Spragg Spraggs Spratt Spray Spriggs Springate Springer Springford Sprong Sprott Sproull Spry Spundle Spurdle Spurway Spyne Squibbs Squire Squires Srewart Srhoj St Aubyn St Claire St ClaireD'Almeid. St John Stabler Stables Stacey Staddon Stafford Staines Stainton Stall Stamp Stanaway Standing Standring Stanford Stanghan Stanich Stanley Stanley-Davies Stanners Stanoway Stansbury Stansfield Stanton Stanworth Staples Stapleton Stapp Stares Stark Starkey Starling Statham Staub StAubyn Staunton Stayte Stead Stec Stedman Steed Steedman Steel Steele Steen Steer Steffensen Stehlin Steiller Steiner Steir Stenberg Stenhouse Stenning Stensness Stepanicic Stephen Stephens Stephenson Sterart Sterling Stern Steur Steven Stevens Stevenson Steventon Steward Stewardson Stewart Stichbury Stiles Still Stillman Stillwell Stimpson Stinear Stirling Stitt Stock Stockdale Stockes Stockley Stoddard Stoddart Stokes Stoll Stone Stoneham Stonelake Stonex Storer Storey Storie Storper Stott Stoupe Stow Stowers Strack Straker Strange Stranghan Stratford Stratful Stratton Strawbridge Streat Streeskerk Streiff Stretton Strichen Strickett Strickland Stride Stringer Strong Strongman Stroobant Stroud Strout Struthers Stuart Stubbington Stubbs Stucki Studman Stuhlman Stuhlmann Sturge Sturgess Sturley Sturm Sturmey Sturrock Sturt Stutt Stutter Stweart Styles Subritzky Such Suckling Suddens Suisted Sullivan Sumich Summerfield Summerhayes Summers Summerton Summerville Sumner Sundberg Sunde Sunderland Sunkel Sunnex Sunter Surman Surplis Surrey Surtees Surynt Sutcliffe Sutherland Sutich Sutton Suvalko Sveen-Smith Svendsen Svensen Svenson Swain Swainson Swan Swanbank Swanevelo Swann Sweatman Sweeney Sweeny Sweet Sweetapple Sweetland Sweetman Swensson Swift Swindlehurst Swinstead Swinton Switzer Swords Sydow Sykes Sylvester Syme Symes Symondson Symons Syms Szerszunowicz Szucs

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Tacey Tadman Tafea Tagg Taggart Tahana Tahere Tahu Tai Taia Taihakoa Taihuka Taipari Tairua Tait Taituha Taka Takai Takao Takatua Takawe Takerei Takiari Takirau Takitaki Takotohiwi Talbot Taliauli Talijancich Talijancick Tamariki Tamatoa Tamepo Tamihere Tana Tancread Tane Taneao Tanenui Tangata Tangihaere Tangitungane Tangney Tangonui Tanielu Taniwha Tankard Tannahill Tanner Tanoi Tanupi Taotofi Tapara Tapene Tapiata Taplin Tapling Tapp Tapper Tapsell Tapu Tapua Tarau Tarawa Tare Tarrant Tarry Tasker Tata Tatana Tate Tatham Tattersall Tattersfield Tattley Tau Tauariki Taucher Tauetule Taunoa Taunt Taunton Taupo Tauranga Tauroa Taurua Tautari Taverner Tavioni Taw Tawa Tawera Tawhai Tawharu Tawhiti Taylor Te Awa Te Hira Te Hore Te Huia Te Kotia Te Maru Te Miha Te Paa Te Paea Te Pania Te Puke Te Punga Te Puni Te Rito Te Ruki Te Rure Te Uira Te Waaka Te Wake Te Whakaara Te Whare Te Whata Te Wiki Teague TeAhuru Teaka Teao TeArapo Teariki-Pakia Teat Teauai Tebbutt Teddy TeHaara Teiho Teinakore Teirney Teiti Teka Tekotia Teleaga Telfer Tema Temara Temese Temm Temperley Temple Templer Templeton TeNamu Tennant Tennent Tennock Tepania Teppett Tere Terei Teremataora Tereva Terlesk Termeulen Terore Terry Tester Tetley Tetzlaff Tewake Thackeray Therkleson Thessman Thevathason Thirkell Thode Thom Thomas Thomasen Thomassen Thompson Thompson-Milne Thoms Thomsen Thomson Thorborn Thorburn Thorn Thorne Thornley Thornton Thoroughgood Thorp Thorpe Thorrold Thrower Thrupp Thrush Thurlow Thurston Thwaites Tiahore Tibbles Tice Tichborne Tidmarsh Tidswell Tiera Tierney TikiTiki Tilby Tildesley Till Tiller Tilley Tillyer Timiiti Timiti Timmins Timms Timney Timoko Timu Tindall Tini Tinkler Tinling Tinney Tintinger Tioke Tipene Tiplady Tiplow Tipping Tisch Titchener Tither Tito Titore Tobin Tocker Todd Toetoe Tofa Togatala Togiamua Toi Toia Toki Toki-Pangari Toko Tolich Tollan Tollemache Tollenaar Tollison Tolmie Tolson Tomic Tomich Tomkins Tomlin Tomlinson Tompkins Tompkinson Tompsett Toms Tomsett Tong Tonga Tonge Tongue Tonkin Tooby Toohill Tooley Tooman Tootill Toovey Topia Topp Topping Torbitt Torrance Torrens Torwick Toth Toto Touganoff Tough Touna Tovia Towers Towl Town Townes Townhill Townley Towns Townsend Townson Tracey Tracy-Inglis Tracz Trafford Trail Traill Trainor Transom Travers Travis Treadaway Treanor Trebilock Treeby Treen Tregidga Tregonning Tregowith Treliving Tremain Trembath Tremeer Treneman Trenker Trenkner Tresham Trethowen Trevarton Trevena Trevethick Trevett Tribble Tribe Tringham Trotman Trotter Troughear Trounce Trow Trubshoe Trubuhovich Truesdale Truman Truscott Tuarau Tuari Tuavera Tubb Tubbs Tuck Tucker Tuckey Tudor Tugine Tuhimata Tuhimaterenga Tuhiwai Tuhoro Tukaki Tukaki-Johnson Tukaokao Tukua-Haimona Tukukino Tull Tulloch Tullock Tully Tumohe Tunbridge Tune Tunnicliffe Tunui Tupe Tupp Turahui Turia Turich Turnball Turnbull Turner Turney Turoa Turton Turu Turvey Tuscher Tutahi Tutchen Tutt Tuttle Tutty Tuwhangai Tvrdeich Tweedie Twining Twinn Twist Twose Tye Tyerman Tyler Tyree Tyson

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Ubyee Udy Uerata Uhrle Ujdur Ulyate Uncles Underwood Unsworth Upritchard Upson Upton Urlich Urquart Urry Urwin Ushaw Ushet Utanga Ututaonga

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Vakatini Valder Vale Valintine Vallett Vallyon Van Arkel Van Beek Van Boxel Van Bremen Van Dalen Van De Laar van den Bogaart Van der Coer van der Eeze Van Der Heydon Van Der Hulst Van Der Kaay Van der Straaten Van Der Woerd Van Deursen Van Diepen Van Doorne Van Dyk Van Erven Van Grafhorst Van Houtam-Wightma Van Houtte Van Lent Van Lieshout Van Meygaarden Van Omen Van Oosterom Van Os Van Rotterdam Van Weeden Van Wyngen VanBoxel VanDeerVoorn VanDerZouwe VanNistelrooy VanSyp VanWees Varcoe Varnham Vasey Vastre Vaudrey Vaughan Vause Vautier Vazey Veale Veart Vedder Vegar Veikune Vela Velvin Vendt Venetz Venn Venturi Vercoe Vermie Verna Verner Verran Verre Verry Versalko Vervoort Vial Vickers Vickery Viclich Vida Vidler Villard Vinall Vince Vincent Vine Vinnicombe Virgin Viriama Virtue Visick Viskovich Vitali Vitasovich Viti Vittle Vivian Vlahovich Voa Voice Voisey Vokaty Vokes Voller Von Huben Von Lubbe Vonlanthen VonZalinski Voordouw Voordow Voorend Vose Vosper vov Batenburg Vowles Voyce Voyle Voysey Vrabec Vranjes Vuglar Vujnovich Vuksich Vyle

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Waahi Waaka Waapu Waara Waata Wackrow Wadams Waddel Waddell Waddington Wade Wadsworth Waenga Waerea Waetford Waghorn Wagner Wahren Wahrlich Waiari Waiariki Waihape Waihi Waihitapu Waines Waiomio Waite Waitere Waith Waitoa Wakefield Wakelin Wakeling Wakeman Wakenell Walden Walder Walding Waldman Waldron Wales Walker Wall Wallace Wallbank Wallen Waller Wallingford Wallis Walmsley Walsh Walshe Walshw Walter Walters Walton Walton-Tubb Wanhill Wannan Wanstall Warbrick Warburton Ward Wardell Wardill Wardlaw Wardle Wareing Warena Waretini Warin Waring Warkowski Warlow Warman Warne Warner Warnock Warren Warriner Warring Warrington Waru Warwick Wasey Wastney Waswo Watch Watene Waterhouse Waterman Waters Waterworth Watford Wathan Watkin Watkins Watkinson Watling Watson Watt Wattam Watts Watty Waugh Way Waye Waymouth Wayper Wealleans Wearn Wearne Weatherall Weatherley Weaver Weavers Webb Webb-Elliot Webber Webby Webley Webster Wech Weck Wederill Weeks Weggery Weir Welch Welcome Weldon Wellborne Welleans Weller Wellington Wellman Wells Wells-Green Welsh Wendt Wengdal Wenham Wenman Wenski Wenslick Wenzel Wereta Werner Wesche Wesley Wesney Wesseling West Westall Westbury Westerlund Westerman Weston Westren Wetherell Wethey Weti Whaanga Whaiapu Whakatihi Whale Whaley Whalley Whare Whareaua Wharepouri Wharerau Wharry Wharton Whatford Whatton Whatu Whatuira Wheatcroft Wheatley Wheaton Wheeler Whelan Whelon Whenua Whetton Whibley Whiley Whinney Whippy Whiston Whitaker Whitburn Whitcombe White Whitefield Whitehead Whitehira Whitehouse Whitelaw Whiteley Whiteman Whiteside Whitfield Whitford Whiting Whitiora Whitley Whitlock Whitmore Whittaker Whitten Whittia Whittington Whittle Whittleston Whitwell Whitwell/Swift Whitworth Whiu Whyman Whyte Wi Repa Wiari Wichers Wickenden Wickham Wickliffe Wickman Wiechern Wiersma Wigg Wight Wightman Wigmore Wihapi Wijohn Wikaira Wikaire Wiki Wikitera Wilby Wilcock Wilcox Wild Wilde Wilden Wildermoth Wilding Wildy Wilford Wilkening Wilkes Wilkes (Jantke) Wilkins Wilkinson Wilks Willemer Willemsen Willetts Willey William Williams Williamson Willis Willoughby Wills Wilo Wilsher Wilshier Wilson Wilson-Grant Wilson-Minimita Wilton Wiltshire Wimsett Winchcombe Windelburn Winder Windle Windley Windmill Windross Windsor Wing Wingate Winger Winiata Winikerei Winikeria Winkle Winter Winterbottom Winterson Wirangi Wiremu Wirepa Wirihana Wise Wish Wishart Wishnowski Wiskenden Wisnesky Wisnewski Wisse Witehira Withers Withey Witika Witten Witteveen Witty Wix Wlicock Wojtowiez Wolf Wolfe Wolfenden Wolfgramm Wolfsbauer Wolland Wolsey Wolting Wong Wong Lam Wonnacott Wood Woodcock Wooderson Woodfield Woodford Woodham Woodhead Woodhouse Woodman Woodmas Woods Woodsworth Woodward Woodwood Woodworth Wooley Woolford Woolgar Woollams Wooller Woolly Woolston Woonton Wooster Wooten Wootten Wootton Worboys Wordsworth Workman Worms Worner Worrall Worsnop Worth Worthington Wotherspoon Wraith Wrath Wrathall Wratt Wren Wright Wright-Hedges Wright-Taylor Wroblenski Wronski Wyatt Wyke Wykes Wylde Wylie Wyllie Wymer Wynd Wyndham Wyness Wynker Wynn Wynne Wynwood Wynyard

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Yagmich Yandall Yarnton Yates Yearbury Yeates Yelas Yelavich Yeomans York Yorke Yorston Young Younge Younger Younghusband Yovich Yule Yurak

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Zainey Zaloum Zambucka Zanders Zant Zarnich Zein Zender Zielinska Zimmer Zimmerman Zinslie Zmarzly Zuill Zurcher
Last updated 9 May 99