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The first tree is an abbreviated two generation chart. Links are to further generations on this page
    **Murdoch Kempt Born East Ross
    1. Finlay Kempt b.Gairloch
      1. Kate Kempt m.Murdoch KEMPT (son of William **-4.5)
    2. John Kempt Chr.Gairloch
      1. William Kempt m.Margaret Isabella MELDRUM b.1793 d.1882 Bridgewater,NS
      2. Donald Kempt b.c1776 d.Richmond Co,NS m.Mary McLENNON
    3. Catriona Kempt
    4. William Kempt b.Gairloch m.___FRASER
      1. Margaret Kempt b.1791 m.___FRASER
      2. Alexander Kempt b.1793 Gairloch d.30 Mar 1876 Matakana m.Annabella FRASER b.1803 Scotland d.11 Mar 1876 Bur.Leigh,NZ
      3. Gregor Kempt b.1798 Gairloch d.09 Jan 1861 Bur.Waipu,NZ m.Mary McGREGOR b.2 Jul 1799 Nova Scotia d.10 Apr 1899 Bur.Waipu,NZ
      4. Duncan Kempt b.Gairloch Bur.Leigh,NZ m.Mary MORRISON b.Edinburgh Bur.Leigh,NZ
      5. Murdoch Kempt m.Kate KEMPT (dau of Findlay **-1.1)
      6. Ann Kempt m.___McKENZIE
      7. John Kempt Drowned on way to Glasgow after marrying in Skye

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  1. Finlay Kempt b.Gairloch m.___ (1st son of **Murdoch)
    1. Kate Kempt m.Murdoch KEMPT
      1. Annie Kempt m.Murdoch KEMP (Par:Donald KEMPT and Mary McLENNON **-2.2) b.c1811 d.1881
        1. Donald Kemp
        2. Murdoch Kemp m.Maggie MATHESON
        3. John Kemp m.Maggie McLEOD
        4. Kate Kemp
      2. Murdoch Kempt
      3. John Kempt
      4. William Kempt m.Mary McLENNAN
        1. Leslie Kempt m.Charles SNYDER CHILDREN:William, Alick
        2. Katie Kempt m.John McKAY CHILDREN:Murdoch, William
      5. Margaret Kempt m.Duncan McPHERSON
      6. Donald Kempt m.Hannah McFARLANE CHILDREN:Murdoch, Charles, John, Kate
      7. Annabella Kempt m.___JOHNSTON
      8. Katie Kempt m.Philip McKENZIE
      9. Elizabeth Kempt m.Donald CAMPBELL
      10. Mary Kempt m.___DAWSON
      11. Charles Kempt
  2. John Kempt Chr.Gairloch  (2nd son of **Murdoch)
    1. William Kempt m.Margaret Isabella MELDRUM b.19 Mar 1793
      1. Rose Ann Kempt b.21 Feb 1823
      2. William Kempt b.19 Feb 1826 d.10 Mar 1900
    2. Donald Kempt b.c1776 d.Richmond Co,NS m.Mary McLENNON B .SCT d.Richmond Co,NS
      1. Charlotte K Kemp b.c1800 SCT m.James HOWE
      2. Mary Kemp b.c1801 SCT d.1879 McNabbs Cove, Richmond Co,NS m.Robert McNABB b.1799 d.1866 McNabbs Cove?, Richmond Co,NS
        1. Charles McNABB b.29 Apr 1826 McNabbs Cove, Richmond Co,NS d.4 Nov 1860 McNabbs Cove, Richmond Co,NS m.Ann/Jane MATHESON b.17 Mar 1830 St Esprit, Richmond Co,NS d.1862 Bur.Grand River Cemetery
        2. Mary McNABB m.John PETERS CHILDREN:Charles
        3. Charlotte McNABB
        4. Fannie McNABB
        5. Jessie McNABB m.R G MORRISON CHILDREN:Robert, Charlotte, Charles
      3. Hector Downie Kemp b.1804 Loch Alshe, Ross Shire, SCT d.6 Sep 1880 L'Archeveque, Richmond Co,NS m.Mary MATHESON b.c1814 Loch Alshe, Ross Shire, SCT d.16 Jul 1886 L'Archeveque, Richmond Co,NS
        1. Christy Kemp b.14 Jan 1836 Richmond Co,NS d.7 Dec 1923 Provincetown, MA,USA m.Charles ATKINSON d.19 Sep 1835 Provincetown, MA,USA CHILDREN:Pauline Jane, Bertha Evelyn
        2. Mary Kemp b.8 Jan 1838 Richmond Co,NS d.8 Mar 1894 Provincetown, MA,USA m.John C HEIM
        3. Daniel Kemp b.Oct 1839 Richmond Co,NS d.1928, Provincetown, MA,USA m.Catherine Ann McKENZIE CHILDREN:Annie, Jane
        4. Alexandrina Kemp b.7 Feb 1842 Richmond Co,NS d.26 Feb 1920 Provincetown, MA,USA m.Edwin MOYO CHILDREN:Ella May, Carrie, Myrtle
        5. Jane Kemp b.1845 Richmond Co,NS d.12 Jun 1877 Provincetown, MA,USA
        6. Margaret Kemp b.1 Jul 1845 St Esprit, Richmond Co,NS d.2 Nov 1927 Provincetown, MA,USA m.Daniel DOWLING CHILDREN:Daniel, Albert
        7. John Kemp b.11 Aug 1848 L'Archevque, Richmond Co,NS d.1940 St Peters, Richmond Co,NS m.Sarah Ann ROSS CHILDREN:Hector Downie, Annie
        8. William Kemp b.26 Sep 1850 L'Archevque, Richmond Co,NS d.28 Sep 1929 L'Archevque, Richmond Co,NS m.Annie MATHESON b.17 Jan 1863 Strome, Lochalshe, Ross Shire, SCT d.28 Oct 1949 Grand River Falls, Richmond Co,NS CHILDREN:Hector Francis, Douglas, Mary Heim, Dora, Donald, Christina, William
        9. Frances Kemp b.8 Apr 1852 d.6 May 1883
      4. Jessie Kemp b.c1807 d.12 May 1870 Richmond County,NS m.1) Alexander MATHESON b.SCT d.c1830 poss drowned NS Par:Farquhar MATHESON and Christy McRAE
        1. Charlotte Matheson b.1 Nov 1827 Cape Breton,NS d.12 Jan 1897 Akd,NZ m.Cpt Alexander McGREGOR b.1 Nov 1827 Malagawatch,Cape Breton d.11 Jan 1901 Akd. Par:Alexander McGREGOR & Mary nee McKINNON CHILDREN:Christina Lexy, William Alexander, Malcolm Godfrey, Jessie
        2. William Matheson b.2 Jun 1828 d.Mar 1896 m.Mary MATHESON b.c1833 St Esprit, Richmond Co,NS d.06 Jan 1926 Provincetown, MA,USA Par:John MATHESON and Elizabeth __ CHILDREN:Charlotte Bell, Georgie Dyer, Mary, Jessie, John, Lizzie
        3. Alexandria Matheson b.1830 m.McLEAN
        m.2) John McAULAY
        1. Donald McAULAY b.1842 d.7 Mar 1912 m.Mary McLEAN CHILDREN:Jessie, Catherine, Mary, Georgie, Alexandrina, Lauchlin, Zolina
        2. Mary McAULAY b.7 Mar 1847 Richmond County,N
        3. S
        4. Robert McAULAY b.c1847 d.24 Mar 1948
        5. Charlotte McAULAY b.24 Oct 1852 Richmond County,NS d.22 Jun 1873
      5. Murdoch Kemp b.c1811 d.1881 m.Annie KEMPT
      6. Catherine Kemp b.c1814 d.1 Jun 1891 m.Donald MATHESON
        1. Mary Matheson m.1) William MATHESON m.2) Kenneth McPHEE
        2. Frank Matheson m.Maggie McKENZIE CHILDREN:Katie Ann, Roderick, Donald, Maggie
        3. Dan Matheson
        4. John Matheson m.Isabella McNIVEN CHILDREN:Katie Bell, Frank, Elsie, John, Kenneth, Donald, Maude, Joe Gillies
        5. Alexander Matheson m.Catherine J SMITH CHILDREN:Donald, John, Ethel Maud, Duncan E, Christine, Alex
        6. Maggie Ann Matheson m.Alexander MATHESON CHILDREN:Josephine, Murdie, Jane, Mary Millie
      7. John Kemp b.c1816 d.8 Oct 1862 m.Catherine MATHESON `Katie Ann'
        1. Donald Kemp m.Mary CAMPBELL CHILDREN:Jessie, Katherine
        2. Alex Kemp m.Maggie Bell McKAY
        3. Joseph Kemp
        4. Mary Ann Kemp
        5. John Kemp
    3. Catriona Kempt  (3rd child of **Murdoch)
    4. William Kempt b.Gairloch  (4th child of **Murdoch) m.___FRASER
      1. Margaret Kempt b.1791 m.___FRASER
      2. Alexander Kempt b.1793 Gairloch d.30 Mar 1876 Matakana m.Annabella FRASER b.1803 Scotland d.11 Mar 1876 Bur.Leigh,NZ
        1. Jessie Kempt b.1831 Nova Scotia d.19 Nov 1889 Bur.Leigh,NZ
        2. Alexander Kempt b.1831 Nova Scotia d.17 Dec 1907 Bur.Leigh,NZ m.Margaret Ellen ROBERTSON b.1834 Nova Scotia d.29 May 1915 Bur.Leigh,NZ
          1. Florence Ann Kempt m.Frank HEYWOOD d.12 Mar 1917 Akd, NZ CHILDREN: Cyril, Florence Helen Muriel, Edna, Clarice
          2. Mary Ann Kempt m.Isaac MILLS
          3. Daniel Murdoch Kempt b.1866 d.5 Sep 1945
          4. Alexander Duncan Kempt b.10 Jul 1869 d.10 Nov 1892 Bur.Leigh,NZ
          5. Johanna Isabella Kempt b.10 Dec 1872 m.Rowland AMBLER
          6. Ellen Marjory Margaret Agnes Kempt b.c1875 d.6 Nov 1937 Warkworth m.Capt Duncan Alexander MATHESON d.27 May 1956 Bur.Leigh,NZ Par:Alexander MATHESON & Jessie nee MATHESON CHILDREN:Duncan, Ella Alexandra, Roy Cameron, Colin Robertson, Rowena Matheson, Allan Gordon
        3. Donald Kempt d.9 Jan 1861
        4. Duncan D Kempt d.9 Jan 1861
        5. Angus Kempt
      3. Gregor Kempt b.1798 Gairloch d.9 Jan 1861 Bur.Waipu,NZ  (3rd child of **4 William) m.Mary McGREGOR b.2 Jul 1799 Nova Scotia d.10 Apr 1899 Bur.Waipu,NZ
        1. Ann Kempt b.c1832 Nova Scotia d.30 Nov 1919 Waipu,NZ m.Kenneth McKENZIE Par:Murdoch McKENZIE & Barbara nee McKENZIE b.c1839 SCT d.21 Nov 1898 Waipu,NZ
          1. Gregor McKENZIE m.Hannah Jane FLEET
          2. Barbara McKENZIE m.Frances YOUNG
          3. Catherine McKENZIE m.John Henry CORBETT
          4. Murdoch McKENZIE
          5. Mary Jessie McKENZIE m.Charles CORBETT
          6. Alexander John McKENZIE
          7. Duncan Donald McKENZIE m.Amy Emma LOMAS
        2. Alexander D Kempt b.18 Feb 1834 d.20 Jul 1927 Bur.Waipu,NZ m.Janet McDONALD Par:Norman McDONALD & Annie b.9 Feb 1834 d.16 Nov 1920
          1. Ann Catherine Kempt b.1865 d.Aug 1865 Bur.Waipu,NZ
          2. Anne Catherine Kempt b.25 Feb 1867 d.6 Jul 1948 m.William THOMPSON
          3. Gregor Kempt b.9 Jul 1868 d.27 Nov 1970 m.Georgina FLEET b.28 Jul 1873 Waipu,NZ d.11 Nov 1926 Whangarei CHILDREN: Norman, Sheila, Fraser, Jessie
          4. Mary Jessie Kempt b.11 Apr 1870 d.bef.Nov 1964 m.Alexander McKENZIE
          5. Norman Duncan Kempt b.1 Nov 1872 d.12 Dec 1891
          6. William Donald Kempt b.4 Nov 1874 d.30 May 1966 m.Helen DURHAM b.c1880 d.1959 CHILDREN: Ailsa Enid, Norma Mary
          7. Margaret Jane Kempt b.4 May 1876 d.6 Nov 1964
        3. Mary Kempt b.1838 m.1) Jamie CLYDESDALE m.2) James POULTER
          1. Louise Poulter m.___BECROFT
          2. Clara Poulter m.___NATHAN
          3. Mary Poulter
        4. Jessie Kempt b.1840 d.6 Mar 1894 m.Robert Paul HODGE b.9 Aug 1842 d.17 May 1917
          1. Andrew Gordon Hodge b.17 Jul 1872 d.23 Sep 1950 m.Janet/Jessie HENDERSON b.4 May 1877 Parnell, Akd,NZ d.19 Oct 1948 Thames, NZ Par:Robert Aitken HENDERSON & Catherine nee COWAN CHILDREN: Kathleen Jessie, Gordon Robert, Isabella
          2. Gregor Alexander Hodge b.27 Jan 1874 d.6 Jul 1960 m.Sharon Ann KENWORTHY b.5 Nov 1881 d.01 Jul 1953 CHILDREN: Jessie Kempt, Robert Paul, Harold Gregor, George Roderick
          3. John Kempt Hodge b.23 Mar 1878 d.03 Sep 1962 Thames
          4. Roderick McGregor Hodge b.5 Dec 1880 d.26 Nov 1943 Hamilton m.Annie Eliza RODDA b.1882 d.27 Jul 1962 Thames CHILDREN: Andrew William, Owen Stewart, Hughie Joyce, Gregor Kempt
        5. Johanna Kempt b.1842 d.19 Oct 1934 m.James WALLACE d.bef.Oct 1934
          1. Catherine Wallace m.Frank GOUGH CHILDREN: Daniel, Eileen, Johanna
        6. Katherine Kempt b.1844 d.9 Jan 1861 lost with "William Pope"
        7. Jane Kempt b.1845 d.12 Apr 1924 Whangarei m.Roderick McGREGOR b.1818 Prince Edward Is d.27 Aug 1919 Waipu,NZ
          1. Gregor Kempt McGREGOR b.1867 d.6 Mar 1943 m.Dolina McGREGOR b.1883 d.9 Nov 1971 CHILDREN:Rod.Alexander, Cath.Annie, Janey Kate, Donald, Gregor Kempt, William
          2. Annie McGREGOR m.Richard MARDEN
      4. Duncan Kempt b.Gairloch Bur.Leigh,NZ  (4th child of **4 William) m.Mary MORRISON b.Edinburgh Bur.Leigh,NZ
        1. Margaret Kempt b.c1825 Nova Scotia d.07 Feb 1911 Omaha,NZ m.Thomas Wilson KNAGGS b.4 Oct 1838 Gt.Driffield,E.Ykshire d.22 Feb 1913 Akd,NZ Par:Richard KNAGGS & Elizabeth nee WILSON
        2. John Kempt b.1828 d.9 Oct 1907 Bur.Waipu,NZ m.Annie McPHERSON b.1829 d.5 Sep 1902 Bur.Waipu,NZ
        3. Isabella Kempt b.1 Feb 1829 Nova Scotia d.07 Oct 1915 Omaha,NZ m.George William KNAGGS b.24 Mar 1841 Kilham,Ykshire,ENG d.11 Dec 1914 Leigh,NZ Par:Richard KNAGGS & Elizabeth nee WILSON
          1. Mary Cath.Kempt b.8 Apr 1856 d.1 Feb 1944 m.John McKINNON b.c1854 d.8 Jul 1891 CHILDREN: Roderick, Isabella Mary, John Malcolm
          2. Duncan William Knaggs b.c1868 d.08 May 1947 Bur.Warkworth m.1)Eva Clara ROLLINSON b.c1872 d.17 Jun 1912 Bur.Leigh,NZ CHILDREN:George Harold, William Duncan, Grace Isabella, Constance Rosa, John Blythe, Leonard Gilbert, Winifred Eva, Julia Clara
            m.2) Sarah BIRDSALL b.c1868 d.30 Jun 1939 Warkworth
          3. Richard John Knaggs b.17 Jun 1870 Omaha,NZ d.26 Aug 1933 Akd,NZ m.Anna Wilhelmina Caroline ZANDERS b.18 Dec 1875 Berlin,GER d.29 Sep 1912 Akd,NZ Par:John Emil Oscar ZANDER & Caroline Friedericke Wilhelmina nee GESERICK CHILDREN:Anna Isabella, George Oscar, Rich.Thomas, Charles Harman, Mary Kate, Robert Henry
          4. Thomas Wilson Knaggs b.10 Dec 1872 d.31 May 1950 William St,Mt Albert m.Drucilla Charlotte Leonore DARROCH b.27 Feb 1881 d.23 Mar 1970 Akd,NZ Par:David McKay DARROCH & Drucilla Francis Vida MEIKLEJOHN CHILDREN:Cordelia Isabella, Alan Darsie, Marion Lenore, Ian Wilson
        4. Mary Kempt m.John FRASER
        5. Catherine Kempt b.c1833 d.14 Aug 1904 m.Alexander McKENZIE
          1. Duncan McKENZIE
          2. Daniel McKENZIE b.26 Jun 1874 Omaha,NZ d.18 Jul 1919 Omaha,NZ m.Rosamond May GRANTHAM b.1881 CHILDREN:Rona May, Alex.Huia, Athol Catherine, Rhoda Iona, Daniel Murrell
          3. Johanna McKENZIE b.12 May 1870 Omaha,NZ
          4. Mary Liley McKENZIE b.11 May 1868 Omaha,NZ d.28 Feb 1924 Te Kopuru m.M C WALPOLE CHILDREN: Kate
      5. Murdoch Kempt m.Kate KEMPT (dau of Findlay **-1.1)
      6. Ann Kempt m.___McKENZIE
      7. John Kempt Drowned on way to Glasgow after marrying in Skye

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